Wish you happiness >^. hi welcome c: ive suspected that the people who hate on lilys voice are children [middle schoolers/ high schoolers]. Apparently there are a LOT of people who don't like WolfyChu. He gets so nervous and he streamed 6 hours!! Many hugs and I hope you find your peaceful routine and place. LilyPichu has carved out her niche in the […] Thank yiu so much, and I hope you realise what an amazing human being and person you are. @Mel Denis he asked what games he should stream for us to watch, im just recommending a game i like, My fav thing is corpse’s cursor during meetings :)), 6:33:14 you know ppl listen to it more than 10 times, Idk why I cackled when he said “alright everyone shut up” , The way corinna deadass just ignored corpse several times kinda makes me sad. Take care of you first. can’t believe he went on for 6 whole hours lol, i'm anxious about every fucking little thing, i can't do anything without overthinking... corpse is actually very inspiring and i feel so much better since i found his channel but his words about how life is short made me cry almost. Also isnt Sykkuno just adorable "Is this lady bothering you, Corpse?" That's so awesome :), 5:52:16 ok but that was so pure and inspiring, There's an add that wont load and it broke my YT send help, I live for sykunno and corpses friendship, could not stand that Princess F person at times, jesus christ. Or am I hallucinating, No it says “bad read” I literally thought the same for a second but then I paused the video and read it. I wish that I had those 'boring' wasted moments back. By the standards of those who have called her out, they are also saying that theodd1sout is ALSO not an animator when he in fact is by definition. Just because a style is more of an animatic with minimal movement and shifting doesn't mean that the illusion of movement isn't there. And live as well as you can. It makes me so upset that there are people who can be so vocal about these things without giving any sort of empathy or room for doubt. I have an art project coming up and I'm going to draw you! @xx_Itz_Skylar_xx you were still being rude, @sukkipara it's not that I hate her she just kind of blew my mood, At 3:49:17 did the card swipe thing say “bro read”???? You make my day brighter when I listen to or watch you. ohh this stream is unlisted thats explain why i cannot find it yesterday, Me: *watching this livestream while doing math homework* Lmao my answers. Pewds has a very large audience. So I was looking through a friend's YouTube account because I help upload videos for them and came across a peculiar video. Fuck the rest. I would like to add that art is subjective and what defines an animator has broadened itself to animatics. I want to request that we can have just a 2 minute FItop video of corpse saying speed run with no background noise. It's so fun to watch your streams. You have to come first. 916.4k Followers, 236 Following, 889 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from lily (@lilypichu) It could be in fifty years or the next five minutes. Its so enjoyable to watch you have fun just playing with friends, so I hope you dont stress out about it too much, for some reason you gave of the vibe like you felt much more comfortable in this stream! But it is what it is. I like among us, and Corpse is a great player, but I am really looking forward to him playing some other stuff too. I used to love Pewdiepie's videos too although not anymore, and i do see that Felix himself is a very nice person. i had joined that stream when he had only just started. I can't wait for you to see it!!! I even watch Nyanners. I went and subbed right away, she's actually so hilarious. 5:56:54 - 5:59:26 Amazed by pink Sykkuno bold action I will add more if I rewatch it :), “I don’t think today’s stream is going to be long I just wanted to do something” *proceeds to stream for six hours* LMAO I LOVE HIM. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the people being rude about her (super cute) voice are literal 9 year olds. LILY ... - YouTube The pink sykkuno game and last game was really fucking amazing to watch. Please do drunk among us in either VR or PC. 5:56:08 I'm sorry corpse but like, you're incorrect on that. i actually haven't done 1% of what i should've done because i was so afraid to be seen... so... for real gals and pals, if you want to do something and you think of doing it later just remember that tomorrow can never happen and do the fucking thing, Anyone else hyped for the merch or just me, CORPSE, you have such a great personality. He could totally make some really cool, edgy unisex jewelry like he already got some really nice rings ! Love yourself, like we love you ❤, I love how I should be doing lots of hws but I'm just here watching my fav ppl for 6 hours and a half playing among us , It's been 23 hours and I'm just on hour 4 and a half and I still have like 15 hws to do lmao. You will see clearly if you put your playback speed at 0.25x Edit, Memento Mori but also Memento Vivere. omg- it’s 2 am now uhhhh, As a now extreme corpse simp, all I would like to say is: TeNgO pRoBlEmAs MeNtAlEs, NeCeSiTo DoRmIr MaS :/ love ya corpse, Corpse is like such a sweet dude and I just , No one: Me clicking play again after the end of every round, Can I just say Rungrado 1st of May Stadium, the largest stadium in the world, can hold 110,000 people And more are watching Corpse playing Amoung us live, When he whispered “you guys are cute” I think I passed away and I’m not upset about it I’m at ✨PEACE✨ Edit: Peter said it but still same, 5:06:30 is anyone gonna talk about how Corpse wanted to tell cheery about the doors yet he didn't want to come off as rude- honestly made my heart go soft haha. Remember we all will die, but also, remember to live. Yup I found it 4:18:11, 5:02 "I don't think today's stream is gonna be long, I just wanted to do something" 6:33:30 oops. Finding Lily's voice to be annoying isn't a problem, but basing one's entire opinion from her around it is stupid. I promise I'll be here to support you. i just check this playlist and saw that my youtube said i’ve watched all 6hours i don’t remember doing that. But a portion of his fans can get very toxic which leads to flaming other creators that sometimes don't deserves it. don't be mean You never know when it is over. I'm very nervous... still STREAM AGORAPHOBIC: fitop.info/build/videot/opqPiKfXmLB8p4U Twitter: twitter.com/Corpse_Husband I’m hoping I get used to it. x, So...over 6 hrs..it’s close to midnight, and I gotta get up in 5 hrs to go to work, what do I do, Why i want corpse merch so much like patches and jewelry. I wish now that I made more memories without pain. /u/lilypichu has helped pay for 20.53 hours of reddit server time.. gifts on behalf of /u/lilypichu have helped pay for 7.83 hours of reddit server time. 4:17:00 (don't mind me i just left here...), 2:51:40 Corpse floated away like a damn balloon I REALLY needed the laugh today, I love your streams corpse!! Mrbeast comments on 6 hour videos: bet you didn’t watch the whole thing! Someone who has amassed such a humongous following like Felix would also have a lot more toxic people, this is just something inevitable that he himself can't control anymore cause he got waaaayyy too popular. its an easy pick **continues to watch this video**, Princess f gives me james charles vibes nd i like it lol, okay for merch literally just spill wine on a white tee and then like print corpse on it, holy crappppp, he streamed for 6 hours? I’d never put this on a YouTube comment in a video she’s in and I like that people are defending her and there’s people that love her voice. Lily voice is quite unique, some people find it irritating, others (like myself) find it beautiful and soothing. Oh man, i love the birds sound in the background! Even a small percent of it is a huge amount. Faye needs to stop screaming. Whether it comes through death or your body betraying you in infirmity, depression, anxiety and pain (my own demons), there is no set date. By YouTube's standards, she's more than qualified to be called an animator. I would buy that, 3:31:42 why do i find the way he was playing with the mouse in the ✅ so cute? Corpse fans: Yes!!! LILY PICHU LEAKED HER REAL VOICE??!?!?!!? :), No hate but faye screeching in the mic is just too much, 5:49:24 pinkkuno killed Faye hahha. @makayla omg thanks. As you already know, I have dealt with hate in the past where people accused my voice of being fake which is simply not true. I would really like to see h using his super intelligence in other games to be even more impressed. you know the type who make fun of people for what name they have or bully their peers and are just piece of shit asshole edge lords who think the hight of entertainment is making some one else upset. I had to get this off my chest. I also talk about how WolfyChu is a good animator, but that's not something I delve into too far. Anxiety, panic, depression, constant pain and health problems make for a hard hand to play. I would love to have my ears ITCHING out of so much low frequency in a stream. heres to 6+ hours of enjoyment. Also, I thought he was a hacker, because he only shows his parts as impostor in those. because, and here is a fact, it never is. Throw in rapidly rising fame and the public eye always seeking you out and you have a perfect storm waiting to happen.


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