More complex than Everyman's Drink, make your way south to Demiurgi Fort, use Ikaros to locate the wine in a building on the left side and interact with the basket for a small cutscene. Addresses various issues with world lighting. Depending on the options you chose in the story depends on how this scene plays out. Sign up now to get the latest news, deals & more from Windows Central! This is the last of several adventures added to the game as a part of the series Lost tales from Greece. After a short, slightly sad, cutscene, the quest will end, unlocking; On the south-eastern side of the Forest of Soron region, you'll find Anais outside a small building on a grain farm. Easy! Go straight ahead at the fork and into a room with a hole in the middle, cross the room to the other side then break the pots and slide under the wall, turning around to find the first symbol. Travel back into the Port of Kechries and to the family house to speak to Lykinos, then head north-west into the hills and kill a couple of deer, before returning to Lykinos who'll now be at the top of a mountain to the south side of the Port. Go down the stairs until you reach a room with a helmet on an altar. Travel south to Hera's Watch in Argolis and to the east coast to talk to the village leader on the beach. Follow her out of the camp and talk to her, then return to Magistrate Periktione. Called Shadow Heritage, it continues the story arc from the first episode, Hunted. In our guide, you will also find other lost tales, such as the show must go on, old flames burn brighter and the image of Faith. I’m finally tapping into these extracurricular quests — did you know there’s a trophy for completing each one? You’ll discover a group of stranded citizens whose lives are being “threatened by a fierce naval commander,” who is in charge of the blockade. Continue south to the coastline to find some small spiky shells to pick up, two in the water to the left as you approach, and one  in the sand at the tip. The next section of our walkthrough for Assassin's Creed Odyssey contains a list of all the missions that have been added to the game along with the adventure called Socrates' Trial. The third option provides the best reward if that's of interest. Travel to the brothers house again, and once inside, interact with the body on the right, the table on the left, then talk with Lykinos in the corner. These quests are called the Lost Tales of Greece and, to be clear, I didn’t put them there. After another short scene, grab a horse and follow Anais to a small altar overlooking the sea on the west coast. In ancient Greece, when so much of the world is a great question mark, why shouldn’t the gods feel a little bit closer to reality? [5], In this new Lost Tales of Greece, you will be confronted with choices for the survival of a village that has been left defenseless and preparing them for incoming danger. Speak to her, then climb up to the top of the nearby waterfall a dive off the tree branch overhanging it. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough. Ubisoft has strong post-launch plans for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and the first piece of content just dropped. This story kicks off with Kassandra rescuing a man from bandits. Travel first to Atoll Point on the south-west side of the isle of Paros, and use Ikaros to locate the witch on the small island. If you blow up the four silos located on Leda's farm, a cutscene will play out, and if you choose "It was the Gods", Leda will join Barnabas on your ship as part of your crew. Afterwards, head to the tree on the western side to pick up a stick that Arion can use as a sword, then return and give it to him. For it to be added to your journal, you need to have started Episode 5 … Speak to Menalkas lying on the floor next to the tallest silo on the farm about his crops. And he really fucked everything up. Swim in a straight line from the fishing net out to sea a dive down to find the seashell on a small rocky outcrop, then return back to Anais and talk to her. Speak to Princess Hexione again, and she'll introduce you to Chalkippe who's brother you'll need to find. Travel to the west side of the Isle of Salamis and speak to Timotheos on the rocky outcrop, who'll eventually end up taking you on in a fist fight. Each of them is located in the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia. To start Episode 2 you need to complete the first episode, Hunted, complete the Naxos questline in Chapter 7 of the main story, and be at least level 28. ""Second are the shining stars and the face of the moon. Plus, why did these bandits keep causing trouble? Go a short way north of Thespis to the Stable of Ares and enter the large building at the back. ANSWER: The Heir of Memories quest chain of Lost Tales of Greece starts with a quest of the same name. If you choose to buy one of the armors or both, you'll have to pick up the fathers armor from the roof of the building next to you. And even later this month, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Athena Pack. The story is funny, unexpected, and totally bananas in the best way. Return back to Anais's house and speak to her again. I thought. 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Assassin's Creed Odyssey launched on October 5, 2018. "Tomorrow is a day the world will remember.". } Travel back north, this time to the beach to the east of Megara to speak to the Captain there. Pick it up and return to Hedone who will be at the top of the waterfall. Travel west to the Ruined Temple of Zeus and eliminate the bandits there. Subscribe to the VG247 newsletter! There's one piece inside a triangle of three trees, with the other two bits either side of it (north and south). Afterwards a short cutscene will play out introducing Theodoros and Mestor. Interact with a small rocky outcrop on the north side, a basket on the large rocks nearby, the blood near the peak of the hill, and the goat body on the peak. He also claims to be the Eagle-Bearer, which is Kassandra’s title. Barnabas will throw all the items overboard, and you can end the quest now, but for the best ending, choose the other answers to continue the questline. If you want to end the quest now, choose the following answers; It wasn't a real cyclops.This is someone else's bracelet.There's no such thing as sirens.Your wife is gone. I take joy in checking things off my to-do list, and I was trying to mainline the narrative. After the cutscene, fight off the Followers of Ares, then go a short way east to the Sacred Statue of Hera and speak to Theodoros. margin-top: 10px; He knows how to make a gal feel good about her decisions. Alcibiades is at a poetry festival which he swears gets real horny every year. If you choose to work off the debt, you'll need to go a short way east to the Stable of Augeias to find his good luck charm. First things first, you'll need to grab some wolf intestines, there's a wolf den a short way south west you can clear out to get hold of them easily. Fortunately, the Adrestia will be placed at the dock nearby for convenience in this quest. There are three scouts to take care of, all located in the Bay of Xerxes region in Malis. If you want the best ending choose; ""The most beautiful thing I leave is the light of the sun. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Speak to Praxilla again, then follow here through the Port of Kreusis and speak to her again when you arrive. Depending on who you choose as the most dangerous God will change the next set of missions. When you do, you will complete the mission which is the last of the missing Greek stories. The witch is nearby, marked by the waypoint marker, kill her, then return to the actor. The next section of our Guide to Assassin's Creed Odyssey contains a list of all the missions that have been added to the game along with the adventure of One really, really Bad Day. By Stephany Nunneley, Group: The Lost Tales of Greece Category: One Really, Really Bad Day. Talk with the witch and choose whichever option you wish. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Ubisoft or Ubisoft. Finally, travel to the northern side of Oropos Heights and enter the Tomb of Orion, and speak to Aletheia again. Speak to the hunters on the south-east side of the village, then follow them on horse back until they dismount. It doesn't matter which option you pick, then go down the path to the right. Follow Herodotos up the nearby hill and talk to him upon arriving at the grave. Go north towards Megara and investigate the area just south-east of the Militarized Temple of Megara. Family is what Assassin’s Creed has always done best. Follow the main pathway through, and kill the siren in the room at the end. Return back to the area south-east of the Militarized Temple of Megara and speak with the hermit, then grab the Adrestia and sail to the Ariabignes Shipwreck off the east coast of the Isle of Salamis. [10], Promo image for One Really, Really Bad Day, An all-new Lost Tale of Greece - One Really, Really Bad Day - is available now! Hopefully a future patch will improve upon that. If you choose to kill the lions, they can be found in the nearby Abandoned Camp to the south, and once dealt with, return to the village leader, then back to the mysterious woman.If you choose to help Brother Lion, go the the large tree on the west side of the island and interact with the branch underneath it. After doing so, travel to the east side of the island to the Pirate Coast, take out the guards, then free Theodoros and head up the cliff to speak to Herodotos. Return to Polykleitos, then grab a horse and follow him to Linou Farm and talk to him again when you arrive. The game was already huge, but these smaller chunks of story and character only make the package more attractive and complete. Don't fight any of the wolves as you enter, and a cutscene will play once inside. They’re right here, Here are the best Nintendo Switch deals for Black Friday 2020. Once defeated leave via the southern door and up the stairs, then return to Circe and kill her. She's an easy kill, but after doing so the animals will now be hostile to you. Travel south from the Port to reach Mycenae, use Ikaros to locate Timotheos once you arrive, then in either order kill the bandits in the camp and free Timotheos. [4], In this all-new Lost Tale of Greece you’ll face a fight you cannot chicken out of and be confronted with a choice that might change the beliefs of an entire village! To get there, you need to kill the surrounding soldiers. Kassandra vows to clean up the mess, and, true to the quest’s name, everything goes horribly wrong. Choose which of the two armors you want to give to him, then Lykinos will interrupt. This is one of several adventures added to the game from the series The Lost Tales of Greece. Travel to the Foundry of Hephaistos and dive into the hole at its peak. After the cutscene, kill the bandits that attack, then talk to Praxilla one last time to end the quest. They will all be walking around with a bodyguard and an animal for protection, either a bear, lynx, or wolf. Go right at the first fork, then carry on straight ahead and climb up some stairs off to the left (you'll know it's the right way as there will be a lot of pillars lying in the pathway).


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