Arm yourself with this refreshing fragrance for women and turn heads as you saunter into the room. 79.00 AED 40.00 AED. Generally speaking, makeup YES, dry earthy dustiness BIG FAT NO. Der Duft ist fruchtig-süß. During the first 45 minutes, it’s a full sandwich that has one thick, piece of bread on top being the slathered fruity mix of cassis and apricot jammy preserves; a thin layer of wholly generic, indistinct, vaguely creamy white petals; and an even thinner, weaker, bottom slab of bread being the cade. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! } Der FlakonDieser helle und positive Duft wird in Amouages legendärem Glaskristallflakon präsentiert mit dem messingartigen, irisierenden Glanz des Sonnenscheins. I loved Lyric Woman (and am worried it’s been Messed With, as my 15ml decant is half gone and I’d hoped to buy a bottle next year) and Memoir Woman. Terms of Service apply. All in all, it sounds just plain “icky” and I’d rather spend the cost of a sample on Hegoa instead. Haha, hilarious. Argh, I have sooo many to sample yet, to buy etc.. Feel like your walking on sunshine when adding the captivating aroma of Amouage Sunshine to your fragrance collection. Und was soll ich sagen, das Parfum spiegelt mich (zumindest gefühlt)... Hach ja. One person calls it “GORGEOUS” (in all caps), two others say it is “delicious.” To wit. It’s harsh, raw, and pungent. Fortunately it’s just for 5ml, and was based on a recent desire for sunny florals, but sounds like this one won’t even meet that limited brief. Appropriately enough, the bottle is in a faded chrome yellow that clashes with the sad pale blue of the box. Top Notes: Blackcurrant Liquor, Almond, Davana. […]. On Fragrantica, the comments are mixed but tend towards the positive. Heart Notes: Osmanthus Absolute, Jasmine, Vanilla, Magnolia. Von ihm habe ich auch zum ersten Mal eine Probe dieses wunderbaren Dufts bekommen, mit dem Kommentar: “Das bist du, als Parfüm!”. “synthetic generic floral spittle dribble” and an “abhorrence” — Was it at all dark or smoky on you during the drydown, Sultan? Off topic, I’m still working on my notes list…I’ve actually created 5 Excel spreadsheets, and am shifting notes back and forth from category to category!!! Base Notes: Cade, Patchouli, Blond Tobacco, Papyrus. It’s a shame this new special collection is both subpar and over-priced thus far. It merely devolves after that, as if a solar eclipse had swept over the sky, leaving only the thick base layer of the sandwich. It occasionally reminds me more of blackberries than black currants, but then green and earthy nuances pop up. Amouage - Sunshine Woman Unter Leitung des Kreativdirektors von Amouage, Christopher Chong, kreierte Parfümeurin Sidonie Lancesseur ein opulentes Eau de … Alle Bestellungen werden per Hand und mit Liebe verpackt. Jasmin, Magnolie, ein wenig Patchouli. The only Amouage I’ve smelled is Jubilation XV which I loved. This floral fragrance was launched in 2014 and boasts mesmerizing notes of jasmine and almond that spotlight your sweet side. Apricot accord, almond, vanilla and a bit tart and “dirty”. Fragrantica has a completely incorrect note list up with things like “juniper” listed (???) Amouage was always one of the houses that I loved and respected the most, but if this is the company’s new direction, if they’re leaving their Middle Eastern roots to adopt safe, bland conventionality in the Western style for profit reasons, then they’re going to lose me. And the fruity floral opening was so banal/generic that “perky” is the last word that would come to my mind. Journey Woman was a prime example of that, and might as well have been a Chanel Exclusif.”. is an independent retailer carrying genuine brand name fragrances, skincare, haircare, candles and makeup. It also reminds me enormously of another fragrance, though I can’t pinpoint which one despite 2 days of pondering the matter, perhaps because Sunshine is so damn indistinct and prosaic in feel. Inventive and evocative, the various collections of the House of Amouage are synonymous with a lifestyle sought after by the most discerning international patrons. Once in a blue moon, the florals try to creep back in, but they’re largely unsuccessful and hover in the distant background as a heavily muffled, muted suggestion more than anything else. Something with either cade or cypriol may come closer to recreating that perfect “Oudh” scent that you’ve been looking for. Sponsored Listings. Thanks Kafka again. And no attars anymore to play with creativity. Thanks for the great review! Then, things switch in size and order, with the floral layer sinking to the bottom, growing weaker in the face of smokiness that has become the middle layer and emits the first wisps of something harsh and chemical. in den Duftnoten aufgeführt und hatte ich mir erhofft. Journey. Iris or that dry powdery violet thing, very iffy. Embrace the freshness because that is a part of all of this. On March 2nd, it became available in America and worldwide. Mine does, which perhaps explains the preponderance of the cade. Admittedly, I haven’t tried many of the “men’s” versions at all, and that might make a difference. Sale! The fragrance house said that Journey has fast become one of its bestselling fragrances. Beloved was overpriced too when it first came out, but I managed to snag a reasonably priced bottle on Fragrancenet last year. I just don’t understand why it is OK to release bad perfume? . Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. For the most part, though, Sunshine opens as a pleasant fruity floral with only a glimmer of darkness. Hopefully, they’ll come up with something that will restore your faith in the scents and they’ll keep their regular line at a more … er.. “normal” Amouage pricing. Yet, even when I did experience the white flowers in the opening phase, I thought Sunshine was a generic fruity floral that was incredibly boring and reductive. I breathe and relax and let it be what it is. We use cookies on our websites. Sunshine is strike two for me. Amouage bedeutet also im weiteren Sinne „die Wellen der Emotionen“. A lot of what people think is “oud” is actually cypriol mixed with only a drop of synthetic oud, but a number of brands use cypriol as a general note to amplify woody and smoky accords. I really enjoyed reading this, except that just a few hours earlier I had committed to a Sunshine split. Very disappointing. I’ve enjoyed most Amouages I’ve tried to this point, but I’ve not yet had a chance to sample their women’s scents to compare and contrast. All of it smells fully chemical in nature. It’s delicious but in a non food-y way. As for Cade, it is one of the ways in which a leather note is recreated (similar to birch tar), and often has a lovely smokiness that is redolent of campfires and singed woods. “Black Butterflies,” painting by Ben Banks at I’ve only tried 1 Amouage, Epic Woman, and that’s because it was part of the Olfactif set. Product Title Amouage Gold Woman Eau De Parfum Spray, Perfume for ... Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings Current Price $184.74 $ 184 . „Sunshine“ beginnt mit jugendlichen Kopfnoten aus Schwarzem Johannisbeerlikör und Davana, zusammen mit einer leuchtenden gourmandigen Mandelnote. There are plenty of Western brands that make “pleasant” or “pretty” perfumes for less. Journey. $(".mobile_block").empty(); Sunshine is now basically a mix of raw smoke, burnt woods, and pitch tar lightly infused with generic white flowers, and generic, liqueured fruitiness. 74 List List Price $325.00 $ 325 . This one is different. Verfasse ich mal wieder einen Eintrag für einen Exclusiven, der Dank Frau LiLaLinchen bei mir einziehen durfte, in Form einer sehr großzügigen Beigabe. Occasionally, the creamy, white bouquet has flickers of something vaguely humid and tropical about it, but that’s as far as the magnolia’s presence is visible on my skin. More Buying Choices $340.00 (3 new offers) Powder bomb – and I don’t automatically hate powder, either. I hadn’t thought about trying the for “Woman” Amouage parfums. Urgh. I feel as though we’re talking about two completely different perfumes. $14.99. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Amouage Sunshine Woman 2,3,5,10 ml Glass Decant Sample . Aber kommen wir mal... Ich bin jemand der viel lacht, oft glücklich ist und viel Optimismus und Lebensfreude an den Tag legt. It’s not Amouage Sunshine’s fault that it’s perky and happy and joyous. Heart Notes: Osmanthus Absolute, Jasmine, Vanilla, Magnolia. Add to Wishlist. Durch die herausnehmbaren Einsätze ist die Box so konzipiert, dass man sie wiederverwenden kann, um Schmuck oder Erinnerungsstücke darin sicher aufzubewahren.© Aus Liebe zum Duft (hb)., Inc. Privacy Policy | CA Privacy Notice. Im Jahr 2016 wurde eine starke Allianz mit dem Unternehmen Nägele & Strubell geschmiedet, zu dem – neben 12 weiteren stationären Geschäften in Österreich – die bekannten Boutiquen Le Parfum und Kussmund in Wien gehören. It’s really like night and day. The wierd floral fruit chemical thing with what I call Oudh at the far drydown actually fascinates me in this one! When it’s present, it feels quite synthetic and has a subtle chemical nuance underneath. You may also want to look into fragrances that have cypriol or nagarmotha since that is how many Western perfume houses attempt to pass off an ostensible, purported “oud” note without actually using the real stuff. Der erster Sprüher setzte sich auf meine Haut und schon durchströmte ein warmes Gefühl in meinem Körper und ließ mich in einen Tagtraum gleiten! (Or did you wash it off before you got to that point? You may also enjoy the smokiness of scents like Olivier Durbano’s Promethee. I don’t mean that as a compliment, by the way. Amouage has always been hit-or-miss with me, and the ones that were failures were generally horrific, like a 16-car pileup on the interstate. Sunshine opens as a fruity, osmanthus floral with cade smoke and tiny streaks of tobacco. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Fate Woman is one to try, though. Yeah, there, I said it, the part that I want to hate. it has posted ‘very positive’ sales results for its Journey masculine and feminine fragrances which launched last August. I feel that the (woman versions of) Ciel, Reflection, Honour are all approachable fragrances Ciel was released about 12 years ago-and I find it more so “Chanel Exclusif” like then say Journey Woman, which I found less approachable then the 3 previously mentioned. I haaaaaate fresh perfumes. Ubar! Der einzigartige Name spiegelt den Geist der Düfte wider, ihre Anmut, ihren Glanz und ihr Gefühl – ein ganz besonderes Geschenk für all diejenigen, die man liebt!© Aus Liebe zum Duft (p/hb).


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