Hunger and disease were widespread. In terms of the geographical area of Bihar, the South Bihar is spread over 40,070km2. This made her land extremely fertile. North Bihar districts are vulnerable to at least five major flood-causing rivers during monsoon – Mahananda River, Koshi River, Bagmati River, Burhi Gandak River and Gandak – which originate in Nepal. After reading this article on Bihar Geography, you will easily understand some of the basic information about Bihar, which is very important for the exam perspective like BPSC and BSSC. [1], Maithili is the mother tongue of most of the people from North Bihar. Recent Alluvium Soil- Khadar and Bhangar. It spreads over an area of 32km in length and 6-8km in width. 1. Sapta Koshi High Dam . Darbhanga (Laheria Sarai)-Samastipur Road. [23] The flood affected over 2.3 million people in North Bihar. Also, this region has been drained by the rivers of north Bihar. at. Geographically, Bihar is bounded by the Himalayan foothills, the Indo-Gangetic plains, the Vindhyan plateau and the Gondwana Basin. Which is the largest district of Bihar in terms of area? Share on North-East zone, covering 8 districts having annual rainfall of 1200mm to 1700mm and loam or clay-loam soil. Which is the smallest district of Bihar in terms of area? In this article, I will discuss the geography of Bihar along with its administrative zones, climate, soils types river, etc. Required fields are marked *. Average altitude- 52.73m above the mean sea level. Find Bihar river map, showing rivers which flows in and oust side of the state Bihar and highlights district and state boundaries. Other potential capitals include Muzaffarpur, Purnia and Begusarai.[18]. The plains of Bihar have come into existence by the sediments deposited by the rivers. The following are the agro-climatic zones of Bihar. In Bihar, the north of the Ganga river lies the alluvial plains namely the north Bihar plains. Major mineral resources of India with maps. Which are the districts having least rainfall in Southern Bihar in 2019? Flood waters used to enter the agricultural land, leave their quite fertile silt and recede to the river. [25] More than 300,000 houses were destroyed and at least 340,000 hectares (840,000 acres) of crops were damaged. This is the reason these rivers bring more frequent floods now. Agriculture is the main economic activity of the region. Your email address will not be published. They are spread on an area of 45000km2. However, sometimes government sponsored floods causes loss of thousands of lives. [21] All these rivers receive water from the Himalaya. Find a place Browse the old maps. In terms of percentage, it accounts for 42.7% of the total area of Bihar. The south plains of Bihar are wider in the west and narrower in the east. Geologically, Bihar consists of both the younger and older formation of rocks ranges from the Tertiary Period to Pre-Cambrian Period. The Supaul district was the worst-hit; surging waters swamped 1,000 square kilometres (247,000 acres) of farmlands, destroying crops. The above industries have generated considerable employment and have also been helpful in establishing a number of small industries including a few cottage industries. Generally, the slope of north Bihar is from north-west to south-east. Vaishali, Saran, Bhojpur, Arwal, Jehanabad. Jet streams and how they affect the climate? Geography4u » Blogs » Bihar Geography » Geography of Bihar. While the Kharagpur range has an elevation of 300m above the mean sea level. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Ganga river flows from west to east in Bihar, dividing the state into two unequal halves namely North Bihar plains and South Bihar plains. In terms of the geographical area of Bihar, the South Bihar is spread over 40,070km2. Demographically, it supports 36.5% of the state’s population. [26], The Kosi before it flooded in August 2008, Satellite image of flood waters in Bihar as of 31 August 2008; Image:UNOSAT, 2017 Floods affected 19 districts of North Bihar causing death of 514 people. The south Hilly regions of Bihar is marked by hills and ridges. Bandhs caused deposition of silts in the bottom of rivers, because of which, depth of rivers decreased, and so their water holding capacity also decreased. Bihar Maps, showing the major geographical features, mountains, rivers, cities of Bihar You can read a complete article on rivers of Bihar at the link below. Find Bihar river map, showing rivers which flows in and oust side of the state Bihar and highlights district and state boundaries. 3. This resulted in inhumane and destructive floods. km. Geologically, this region is made up of hard rocks of Genesis, Schist and Granite. But, natural floods are no more in North Bihar. [24], The flood killed 250 people and forced nearly 3 million people from their homes in North Bihar. [32] Araria district accounted for 95 deaths alone,[33] followed by Sitamarhi (34), West Champaran (29), Katihar (26), East Champaran (19) while 22 have died in Madhubani, Supaul(13) and Madhepura(15). 729 km. The north Bihar consists of the plains of alluvium north of Ganga, falling between the Ganga and Indo-Nepal border. What are Tropical Cyclones and their characteristics? Kishanganj (1581mm), Siwan (1403mm) and Araria (1310mm) (According to rainfall trends of Bihar in 2019). South Zone covering, 17 districts, having soil of sandy loam, loamy, clayey or clay-loam and rainfall of 990mm to 1300mm. Introduction. The climate of Bihar is characterised by humid and subtropical climate. Welcome to Old Maps Online, the easy-to-use gateway to historical maps in libraries around the world. A breach in the Kosi embankment near the Indo-Nepal border (at Kusha in Nepal) occurred on 18 August 2008. Soon after independence, the Congress Government of Bihar made several attempts to domesticate these rivers. Sheohar in the Tirhut Division is the smallest district of Bihar, having a total geographical area of 443 sq. Annual average temperature ranges between 8C in cold winters during December- February to 38C in the hot summer month during April- June. at Geography4u/Mountain Himalaya. With flood water, sand comes in force and gets deposited on the land. West Champaran in Tirhut Division is the largest district of Bihar, having a total geographical area of 5228 sq. Read more articles related to the geography of Bihar and India. The most important item that is manufactured in Muzaffarpur city is railway wagon. Darbhanga (Laheriasarai)-Samastipur Road. Which are the flood-prone districts of Bihar? The important hills of this region are Pretshila, Jethian, Ramshila etc. There are several rivers flowing through this region from north to south and merge in the Ganges river. Hajipur is also new emerging industrial area due to its proximity with Patna leading to development of industrial area. Sun Kosi. Geographically, Bihar is located in the eastern region of India. North Bihar has 7 major rivers and several tributaries to them., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Read a complete article on the Mountain Himalaya, its ranges etc. [19] These rivers along with floods bring every year fertile soil to the region. geography4u/rivers i n bihar The South Ganga Plains. India World Map India Map Geography Map Teaching Geography Gernal Knowledge General Knowledge Facts Indian River Map Study Motivation Quotes State Map. [17], There is an ongoing movement in the Maithili speaking region of Bihar for a separate Mithila state. Koshi River. Which are the districts having maximum rainfall in Northern Bihar in 2019? Bihar shares its border with Nepal in the north, Uttar Pradesh in the west, Jharkhand in the south and West Bengal in the south. View Location View Map. Biharsharif-Parwalpur-Ekangarsarai-Telhara Road. Ghaghara. Based on the local variations of topography, it can be further divided into the following parts. Most importantly, some of the rivers of north Bihar are Ghaghra, Gandak, Burhi Gandak, Kosi and Mahananda etc. While dudhia malda variety of mangoes. Read a complete article on the Mountain Himalaya, its ranges etc. Sitamarhi-Sheohar-Nasaurha- Belwaghat Road. [34][35][36][37], A report by the Department of disaster management, Government of Bihar, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, Last edited on 30 September 2020, at 15:33, "Central University at Motihari in Bihar, says govt", "A Dalit watch report on the flood camps in Bihar", "Half of Bihar under water, 30 lakh suffer", "Death toll rises from Indian floods - Just In (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)", "Bihar villagers desperate as floods spread", "Floods in state not man-made, says minister", "Flood Situation Improves In Bihar, Number Of Dead At 514", "Flood situation worsens in Bihar, death toll rises to 253", "Bihar floods: 119 dead; bridge collapse caught on camera", "Bihar floods: Death toll rises to 202 in 18 districts; thundershowers likely to continue today", "Death toll in Bihar floods mounts to 304; situation grim in UP", "Bihar Flood Deaths Rise To 440; Prime Minister Announces Rs.


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