Belgium headed toward lockdown unless coronavirus cases stop rising, experts warn, Belgium added to quarantine list for England, Wales, Respect LGBTQI rights or lose EU funds, says equality commissioner, Ukrainian president in hospital with coronavirus, Why a Brexit deal won’t end UK-EU squabbling, Senior Boris Johnson adviser quits as power grab row engulfs Downing Street. “The high-speed train is slowing down,” said virologist Steven Van Gucht of the Sciensano government health group. The biggest political parties of both sides of the linguistically divided country, from the Flemish-speaking North and the French-speaking South, started negotiating last week over a possible future government, but failed to come up with a long-term fix. Do they have the democratic legitimacy to draft a new budget or decide on the economic recovery after this crisis?”. Belgians are facing the worst health emergency of modern times but politicians still can’t agree to form a permanent government to deal with it. Beys noted that an action plan for employers and NGOs to tackle challenges of the circular economy was filed in September 2019, but the caretaker government did “not have a mandate to take an ambitious new direction.”. Don’t take a trip abroad today, Crisis Centre warns. That’s a problem at national administrative bodies too. “All the big topics that were discussed during the 2019 election campaign: pensions, mobility, climate, security … are still there, but Belgium needs a government now that delivers on those promises,” said Carl Devos, a professor in political science at Ghent University. BRUSSELS (AP) — Belgium, proportionally still the worst-hit nation in Europe when it comes to coronavirus cases, said Wednesday there are increasing signs that a turning point in the crisis was drawing close. A solution looks as far off as ever. According to July Eurostat data, Belgium’s deficit in the first quarter of 2020 increased more than any other EU country apart from Malta. Latest news, analysis and comment on migration in Europe and beyond. That’s because barely 10 percent of Belgians actually work until the age of 65. As elsewhere in Europe, Belgium’s pension system is creaking under the weight of a demographic shift toward an older population. “Many Cabinets are emptying because their members are seeking job security,” Devos said. For other decisions on mergers or cartels, the authority does not need the intervention of the government. That gives it far less flexibility for any bold spending moves. The storm doesn’t get more perfect than this,” said Carl Devos, a professor in political science at the University of Ghent. “The main reason we need a full government now is to stop tinkering at the edges and start tackling the big reforms,” a spokesperson for the Flemish Socialist Party said. waiving debt limits and state-aid prohibitions. But scratch the surface and there are huge societal challenges limping from bad to worse without a political solution.


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