Monchie’s is the place to go if flavor is your priority. Filipinos don't like anything go to waste, especially when it comes to food. selling native lechon. Even now, you and your loved ones can still get your hands on this oh-so-yummy favorite from these 10 places that now offer lechon delivery within the Metro. Teresita, Quezon City(02) 8732-2565; (02) 8731-7551; (02) 8731-7552; (02) 8732-2565; (02) 8732-4116. Now hear that beautiful crackle as you take your first bite. For more information, contact 508-4093. You get a satisfyingly loud crunch with every single bite. Then check out Pepita’s Kitchen, a brand that specializes in Native Lechon De Leches with a wide selection of stuffing from local to international. They are more heavily salted, making the lechon flavorful enough to stand on its own. Lydia’s lechon is a household name that’s been in the industry since 1965 serving up traditional lechon with their stellar sarsa! Simply saying, a Filipino celebration just wouldn’t be complete without a Lechon! They also offer up a variety of Filipino favorite viands such as dinuguan, paksiw, ensalada, and more. One taste of the crisp skin and the tender meat and he readily declared that the lechon is the “best pig ever.” Adam Richman, of Man vs Food fame, declared in amazement that the lechon skin is “just like candy.”. These do not go to waste either. Elar's is at 151 Quezon Avenue corner Speaker Perez, Sta. Choose from water, inland, to hi... Visit the bustling metropolitan center of the Philippines, Manila! Some parts of the dark-brown skin are slightly burnt but not completely charred, so if you’re a fan of tutong, this is the lechon for you. Mila's Lechon is at 63 Calavite Street, Paang Bundok, Quezon City. Last updated: September 10, 2020, 4:15 PM. Elar’s Lechon (P6,000 to P9,000 for whole) The best thing about this lechon is the succulent meat that melts in your mouth, without making you clutch at your chest for fear of an impending heart attack. View menuView their Facebook pageView their Instagram accountView branches. For more information, visit Leonardo's Lechon's website. They cook their Bacolod-style lechon right in their backyard, ensuring every order is as fresh as it can be. Despite its black color, it is a local favorite served over rice or with a steamed cake called puto. To usher in the holidays, we’ve done a survey in search of the tastiest lechon in Metro Manila. For more information, visit Gatchalian Lechon's Facebook page. Want something indulgent and different from your traditional lechon? Want a more Asian take on Lechon? The pork is lean but it isn’t tough to chew and has a surprising juiciness to it despite the barely visible fat. Rub the mixture of pepper, salt and MSG (optional) onto the skin of the pig. Loring’s Native Lechon (P900 for one kilo; P6,000 to P12,000 for whole). No reservations acceptedView menuView their Facebook pageView their Instagram account#4 1st St. cor. Mila’s Special Lechon (P700 for one kilo; P4,400 to P11,500 for whole). Not everyone has the time or the facilities to spit roast over charcoal and these two are the home cook’s alternatives. View menuView their websiteView their Facebook pageView their Instagram accountView their branches. so you’ll get skin that isn’t fatty but isn’t too lean. View their Facebook pageView their Instagram account(0917) 866 0662. Besides the lechon's crisp skin, they’ve also figured out how to make the flavor of the succulent meat their own, making it herby and garlicky without being too overpowering.


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