Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to, Underground Resistance’s Mark Flash launches new label, Detroit Techno Funk Association, These are this week’s Bandcamp essentials (6th November), Auntie Flo announces new 24-hour radio station, Ambient Flo, Detroit artist Waajeed shares plans for Underground Music Academy, Techno club events in Germany to be officially recognised as concerts by supreme courts. Of the younger artists coming through, slowthai was nominated for the Mercury Prize for his acerbic debut full-length proper, ‘Nothing Great About Britain’, yet another testament to the engaged and unwavering energy that defined electronic music across the board in 2019. Ben Murphy, One of the most beautiful leftfield electronic records of recent times, ‘Severance’ is the work of Cork, Ireland-based brothers Michael and Ciaran Corcoran, and finds them exploring the emotional landscapes previously mapped by artists like Reload and Boards Of Canada. Kristan J Caryl, On ‘Lifetime’, Klein’s music oozes with confidence. Smooth R&B melodies and lyrics are contrasted with abrasive textures, weaving through video game sonics and pop rhythms. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Largely written during his sister’s terminal illness, it’s an introspective record of delicate notes and arrangements. Ben Hindle, ‘No Geography’ is testament to what’s at the very core of The Chemical Brothers. Martin Guttridge-Hewitt, Croydon’s Yip Wong walks the line between halftime club belters and more experimental concepts, but his debut album combines these to dramatic effect. Colourful motifs drift between the beats throughout, making for the most satisfying hour of dub-infused house and techno we’ve heard in a long time. Grizzly, distorted drums, roaring industrial bass and chopped up vocals make for an intense, but always fun, listen. With ambitious arrangements, the melodic structures and dub-chords of ‘Utility’ work beautifully with the rhythms, bringing a refreshingly different thought process to contemporary club music. ‘Flamagra’ totals 27 tracks and covers seriously varied ground, yet almost always rooted in the LA beat scene he helped to pioneer. His ‘Vortex’ album is an all-encompassing round-up of the tropes that have defined rave as we know it. ‘Information’ sounds like the dying embers of the afters, and lingers long in the mind. Just when hip-hop-inspired halftime seemed played out, Dolenz injected a fresh burst of unearthly low-end and squelchy sonics into the style, all coated in a rustic hiss and pushed with the uncompromising attitude that made hip-hop’s golden era so impossible to ignore. Reiss De Bruin, In a world where the term ‘concept album’ has become eye-rollingly commonplace, to be presented with a record as animated and accomplished as ‘Dolos’ is life-affirming. This is presented not as an absence, but as an opportunity for something spectacular. In looking at house and techno from this multidisciplinary viewpoint, rRoxymore fills ‘Face To Phase’ with delightful, original ideas. Here we list our top 20 reissues of the past ten years. Personal, honest and bold, it introduced the artist to a global audience, and shows exactly where UK rap is at at the end of the decade. Martin Guttridge-Hewitt, On ‘Song Feel’, Girl Unit captures late night vibes, hopeless romanticism and luxurious atmospherics. Below, you’ll find DJ Mag’s Top 50 albums of the year. Damn - no love for Ansome? We had to wait until November to get what might be 2019's best techno album, a heavy-duty double-pack from Blawan and Pariah. Encompassing everything that’s fun and free about jungle, it’s a beautiful, psychedelic — sometimes whimsical — album, showcasing the Dutch producer’s talent for writing dreamy tracks that can turn the dancefloor into a throng of enchanted limbs. From its luminous ambient prelude to the fast-paced, trance-like colour of ‘Good Winds’, Efdemin plucks from contemporary experimental and club trends while staying committed to deep, rolling techno. Boasting beatific new age ambient (‘Sun Notification’) and rapid-fire M1 breakbeat (‘Want’), it proves her versatility and considerable studio skills. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source. … RA staff look back on the definitive albums of the 2010s. Chart friendly, specialist stuff. While 2019 had no shortage of those, this year will be more easily remembered for its albums. Simple but effective, staccato vocal loops, screaming 303s and rough drums abound, with the bonus of appearances from Arthur Baker, Mutado Pintado and the sorely missed Suicide vocalist Alan Vega. Rob McCallum, Many years in the making, Violet’s debut album tells her musical history in disparate chapters. The Best Electronic Albums of 2019. ‘IGOR’ proved everybody wrong. Following a slew of singles, features, and EPs, and years spent on the grime circuit, ‘AJ TRACEY’ dropped in February. The Best Techno Albums of All Time. Melancholic and thoughtful, at times run through with the kind of confused anger that only grief can bring, it demands full listening. These LPs not only defined the past year in electronic and dance music, but will continue to inspire and invigorate as a new decade begins. Reflecting the quiet poise of a veteran at his creative peak, ‘Hoodies All Summer’ might be the most thought-provoking grime release since ‘Boy In Da Corner’ — which, considering the strength of some of the albums released between then and now, is high praise indeed. Through sublime, experimental electronics, ‘For You And I’ served as a personal exploration of self and surroundings, infused with youthful adventurousness and earnest intimacy. An unapologetically personal work that is at times confusing, and always compelling. DJ Mag Staff . With shades of light and dark, of resolution and melancholy, Bored Lord’s portrait of life as a transgender woman deserves to be heard far and wide. With a debut this like this, expect a very bright future for Hyperdub’s newest star. On ‘Loom Dream’, Leif’s first “fully” ambient album, he blends pastoral field recordings and dusty chimes into soothing ambient beds, while muted, sporadic percussion keeps things upright and stirring. ‘Move Your Body’ is a ravey New York house piece with vocal samples, stabs and sub bass, and ‘Ecstatic Beat’ finds her chopping an Amen break into a million shards. Ben Murphy, 2019 saw Jacques Greene return to Hudson Mohawke’s LuckyMe with a sugar-sweet rendering of early mornings and after parties. That's my biggest gripe with Rod's vinyl releases, they always sound like dog shit in that format. Riding a reinforced backbone of thumping drum work and overdriven bass, and juxtaposed with soulful backing vocals, Simz’s forceful delivery of personal lyrics around making sense of her twenties, alongside fiery political commentary, leaves listeners in no doubt that, in her own words, she’s “a boss in a fucking dress”. Ben Hindle, ‘Grey Area’ is Little Simz most thrilling and direct album to date. Not so much mixing genres as creating new ones that somehow sound familiar, it’s stadium-filling but smart, fun and political, filled with myriad ideas while remaining accessible. Drawing on his early days with the Rephlex label (under different aliases) and his increasingly spiritual interpretation of Colundi, Perälä released ‘Sunshine 3’ this year: the final release of the Sunshine trilogy, its sparkling cascades of techno, ambience and IDM-hinting beats showcase of his original, developing sound. Tristan Parker, Veering between nostalgia-tipped dancefloor stuff and eclecticism, Lisbon’s Photonz made ‘Nuit’ with the intention of being remembered. Progressive House Electro House Minimal / Deep Tech Electronica Leftfield R&B / Hip Hop STEMS Sounds, Samples & Loops DJ Tools Accapella Beats Efx. 49. Its club sounds are as fractured as they are danceable. Ben Hindle, The fourth album of Moor Mother’s brutally acerbic spoken word, ‘Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes’ landed on Don Giovanni Records in November. Press J to jump to the feed. The album embodies where club music is at in East Africa right now: a devastating delivery of bass-heavy soundsystem music. Ash Lauryn on women in dance music, then and now. Accompanied by an 36-page graphic novel, also written and drawn by Murlo, every element of this project bursts with colour. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. The tracks on the New York producer's latest album gallop along with crisp, punchy beats and sizzling electric echoes. Tel: +44(0)7940488008, Moor Mother 'Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes', Copyright Thrust Publishing Ltd. Some stuff I missed, will dive deep into it in the weekend. Ben Murphy, AJ Tracey’s debut album details his journey from underground MC to megastar. Might want to get your vision checked lol, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Psychotropic takes on trap and hazy house, and tracks like the gorgeous ‘Paris 5am’, make this a real treat. The radical experimentalism and passion for genre-bending compositions imbued in jazz has stayed with her every since. Martin Guttridge-Hewitt, There’s an earthy glow to Leif’s music. Amy Fielding, The result of a union between Blawan and Pariah, Karenn, started life as a live techno project. Temple’s devastating and dramatic style of techno evokes dystopian landscapes with blistering drum programming and scintillating percussive sounds. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.


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