Statement of Beliefs. The power Elisha experienced was that of the Holy Spirit, not of his own. are copyright protected and should not be reproduced, copied or sold in Rate: Featured Quiz . You are Moses! Glitter is her favorite color, 2nd only to pink, and 3rd only to pink glitter. How much do you know about the main Jewish figures and events, from the Bible to the dawn of modernity? Was killed by his brother. Or are you bearing false witness in service of the Lord or your own ego (same thing)? The first man on earth. Bible Characters DRAFT. TO RETURN TO C-O-O-L GAMES ARCADE MALL. The son of God. When I'd talk to Saudis about these subjects and they discovered I knew more about them than they did, they would often assume this meant I really loved Islam. only missed 3 i think! CLICK THE BIBLE CHARACTER QUIZ TEST WITH WEBSITE FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY, FELLOWSHIP AND FUN, CHRISTIANITY OASIS PATH TO FAITH, /* GamesSkyscraper */ Then again, I'm an atheist so I've read the bible more thoroughly than most. Got Hagar. update=copyright.getFullYear(); Find the US States - No Outlines Minefield, Son of Adam, ancestor of Noah and later Jesus, Oldest man who ever lived, died at the age of 969, God promised him as many ancestors as there were stars in the sky, Saved Egypt from famine, father of Ephraim and Manasseh, The son of Jacob of which the descendants didn't get a piece of the promised land, The father of Er, Onan, Sela, Zerah and Perez, One of the two men who scouted the promised land and was allowed to enter it again, son of Jephunneh, The leader of the Israelites after Moses died, Calebs nephew, who married Calebs daughter, first judge of Israel, Woman who moved to Judea with her mother-in-law and was married with Boaz, First king of Judaea who later became king of Israel, ancestor of Joseph and Mary, Jewish woman who was married to the king of Persia, Ahasueros, Man in the time of Ahasueros who wanted to kill all Jews, The successor of David, said to be the wisest and richest man ever, Led the rebuilding of Jerusalem after the Israelites were freed from Babylon, Abrahams nephew whose wife turned into a pillar of salt, Strong man who wasn't allowed to cut his hair, King of Judaea that reigned during the birth of Jesus, Apostle of Jesus, former tax collector, wrote a gospel, 'The rock' on which Jesus built his church, Writer of the epistles, formerly named Saul, joined ^ on one of his journeys, writer of the book of acts, Said to be the first woman to see Jesus after his resurrection, The apostle who didn't believe in Jesus resurrection, Author of a gospel and the book of revelation, Was imprisoned together with Paul in Philippi, Man whose dying daughter was cured by Jesus, This man was a tax gatherer who climbed in a tree to see Jesus. Bible Character Quiz test challenge, Bible Character Quiz test no download, this Bible Character Quiz test is a Bible Character Quiz test on various Bible characters. Kelsey is an editor at Outreach. Got the last one with :30 left. 2 years ago. I was impressed that so many got them all right. From Jesus to Pharaoh, Which Bible Character Are You Most Like? C-O-O-L BIBLE CHARACTER QUIZ That people know something about the Bible is neither amazing nor an indication that they love it. What is Lot's Wife's name?..." From Adam to Zechariah, Haggai to Haman, the Bible is full of interesting personalities. Bible Characters Quiz #2. Edit. This is good to hear - whenever I have extra-marital sex and someone complains, I'll just let them know it's OK, it's Biblical :). Keturah was Abraham's second wife. About Us | You folks really know the bible! Son of Eve who killed his brother. 7.7 … Eunuch's not likely to be anyone's ancestor, is he? succeeded the above," really needs to be changed. Hagar was Sarah's servant that Abraham had sex with to produce a male heir (Ishmael). Who told Job in his troubles to "curse God and die"? Good quiz though. It's possible that I have never made such poor attempts at spelling as my multiple tries at Nebuchadnezzar. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN THIS 50 QUESTION BIBLE QUIZ. Her Husband’s Response Is Totally Perfect. THE LINK BELOW IF AFTER YOU COMPLETE


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