We run our own shop based studios and understand the pressures involved in maintaining a fun, creative and profitable business. These pieces are unique in the world of bisqued forms -- because they are made of high-fire stoneware, they can be glazed with hearty cone 6 glazes for fully functional use. Finished work producers who require the best possible utility ware can test fire up to 1080˚C with a 50 minute soak. Here at Bisque Direct we have two main kilns. It is plain white and looks similar to an unpainted plaster or clay shape or model. Ceramic Bisque Large Mermaid Riding a Dolphin Unpainted Bisque Ceramic You Paint Your Own Pottery U Paint Ceramic Bisque Ready to Paint MagicalMud. The recommended glaze firing temperature range is 1000˚C to 1060˚C - Cone 06 to Cone 05. If you're a Paint Your Own Pottery Business, then we know what you'll need, and if you're just starting up, we can help in many ways, we'd love you to come and see us - shall we put the kettle on? Ceramic clay, tools, colours and equipment from a family-run firm in Stoke-on-Trent with over 85 years experience Enquiries call us on T. +44(0)1782 219816 | Apply for a trade account Exc. £6.00 postage. Ready to Paint Ceramic Bisque Unpainted Ceramic Fox Figurine for Kid's DIY Gift Set of 2. From shop MagicalMud. Important Notice: COVID-19 - NON-CONTACT COLLECTIONS AVAILABLE, SHOP REMAINS CLOSED. Bisque Direct take pride in our products and love discussing bussiness issues with our customers. You get our best Trade Price as soon as you're registered as a TRADE customer, simple! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. All bisque items can be purchased to paint at home. We have enabled cookies to ensure that we give you the very best experience on our website. Passing on any knowledge to assist in running your business is a fun part of our job. Bisque is unglazed, white ceramic ware, often refered to as a ceramicists blank canvas. ​Global Bisque is a family run business owned by Mark Garwood based in Stoke on Trent where we produce Bisque for the Pottery Industry supplying Wholesale and Trade Customers. Hand personalized ceramics are fun for schools, first time potters and experienced alike! Gare Ceramics designs and manufactures ceramic bisque, glazes, fired color, pottery glazes, and acrylic paints for the Paint Your Own Pottery and DIY markets. $4.49 shipping. Top ^ ... Telephone: 01189 88 68 48 Email: order@hobbyceramicraft.co.uk Hobby Ceramicraft Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 5155219. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Click & Collect. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Passing on any knowledge to assist in running your business is a fun part of our job. FULL INFO ON CONTACT US PAGE. Worldwide. See this link for the Paint At Home service  - http://www.ceramicscafe.com/paint-at-home/. The new home for BisqueUK Limited. From 7cm to 70cm wide. £20.00. Currently fully open and operating Monday to Saturday 9am till 5.30pm. Business owners please create an account and log in to see our amazing range of products. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Unpainted, white ceramic bisque bowls of all shapes and sizes. I've been in the ceramics business for over 17 years now, after falling into it completely by accident! Please Note: Moulds are generally "made to order" with a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks. see all. We have a small showroom that contains one of each product that we can currently produce,  feel free to visit, just give us a ring to let us know you are coming. This is known as ceramic bisque. mini plastic pottery modelling tool set of 12 (1789) vulcan black stoneware clay fine 164 vuf p5891 (1304) Recent Searches ... Bisque Ware; Bisque Ware. Release your creativity with our Paint a Pot Workshop. If you have any questions or queries feel free to call on 00 44 (0)1256 477 144, or drop us an email at, Businesses large and small are welcome to apply for a trade account. Ceramic Pottery Bisque Ware flower pots, two cows and one funny face with feet ... UK Only. By continuing to use this website, your consent to our use of these cookies. One the UK's largest and most established craft wholesaler and distributor for craft supplies to craft businesses, ceramic studios and clay cafes. Hello, thanks for landing on our lovely little website. Bisque can be produced in Low Fire Earthenware, High Fire Earthenware, Stoneware, Porcelain and Fine Bone China form, depending on your needs and preferences. We recommend firing to the tableware temperature for all items. Our moulds are manufactured in Stoke-On-Trent using high quality plasters which give a long life and very fine detail to your ware. F: +44(0)1782 746000 To make life easy we sell everything individually - yes you can have just 1 of something, and we have no minimum order, so you can try us out with a tiny order if you like. E: sales@potterycrafts.co.uk, P4133 Potterycrafts Red Stain Brown Stain, P4140 Potterycrafts Canary/Golden Yellow Stain, P4146 Potterycrafts Rosso Orange/Red Stain, P4148 Potterycrafts Mandarin Yellow Stain, P4179 Potterycrafts Orange (Egg Yellow) Stain, P4182 Potterycrafts Lilac/Deep Purple Stain, P4186 Potterycrafts Rose/Blush Pink Stain, P2004 "Clearly Brilliant" Leadfree, EasyDip Glaze, HC004 Potterycrafts Transparent, Gloss Dipping Glaze, 26398 Duncan Pure Brillance, Transparent Dipping Glaze, Potterycrafts Earthenware LowSol Crystallite 980-1080°C, Potterycrafts Raku / Crackle Glazes 850-1000°C, Potterycrafts Earthenware Imagine Range 1000-1050°C, Potterycrafts Earthenware Transparent & White 980-1180°C, Potterycrafts Earthenware Leadless Coloured 980-1080°C, Potterycrafts Once Fired Earthenware Leadless 1120-1160°C, AMACO Potter's Choice (Powder) 1180-1240°C, Potterycrafts Imagine Speciality Stoneware Glazes, Potterycrafts - Oxidising Stoneware Powder, Potterycrafts Transparent & White 1180-1300°C, Select On-Glaze Leaded Powder (25,100&500g), Potterycrafts Liquid Lead Free Colours 15ml, Duncan Colour Burst - Crystal Chips Cone 06 to 6, Potterycrafts Speciality Porcelain Glazes, Potterycrafts - Porcelain Oxidising Powder Glazes, Potterycrafts Raku / Crackle Powdered Glazes, AMACO High Fire Sahara/Celebrations 1180-1240°C, Earthenware/Transparent and White Opaque 980-1180°C, Potterycrafts Liquid Leaded Colours - 15ml, Potterycrafts Liquid Lead Free Colours -15ml, P1983 Potterycrafts YELLOW Powder Dec Slip, P1984 Potterycrafts LILAC Powder Dec Slip, P1987 Potterycrafts ORANGE Powder Dec Slip, P1986 Potterycrafts BLACK Powder Dec Slip, P1980 Potterycrafts WHITE Powder Dec Slip, Duncan Colour Burst Crystal Chips Cone 06/6, Ceraglass Leaded - NOT FOOD SAFE - 560-600°C, P1940 Potterycrafts White Decorating Slip, P1945 Potterycrafts Light Blue Decorating Slip, P1950 Potterycrafts Dark Blue Decorating Slip, P1955 Potterycrafts Green Decorating Slip, P1960 Potterycrafts Black Decorating Slip, P1970 Potterycrafts Yellow Decorating Slip, P59240-ECO COMET-ECO 60lt Top Loading Kiln, P5901/A Genesis-ECO 40lt 3kW (13A) 1260°C, P5910/A Fireworker-ECO 50lt 3kW (13A) 1200°C, P5942 Heatworker 135lt 7.5kW (40A) 1320°C, P5118 Lightmaster 150lt 7.5kW (40A) 1300°C, P5120 Lightmaster 210lt 11kW (50A) 1300°C, P5121 Lightmaster 250lt 13kW (63A) 1300°C, P59220 MERCURY 30lt 1300°C Top Loading Kiln, P59230 AURORA 40lt 1260°C Top Loading Kiln, P59230HT AURORA HT 40lt 4kW 1300°C Top Loading Kiln, P59240 COMET 60lt 1300°C Top Loading Kiln, P59240-ECO COMET-ECO 60lt 1200°C Top Loading Kiln, P59750 TOPWORKER 80lt 1300°C Top Loading Kiln, P59760 TOPWORKER 120lt 1300°C Top Loading Kiln, P59940 TOPWORKER 150lt 1300°C Top Loading Kiln, P59590 TOPWORKER 190lt 1300°C Top Loading Kiln, P59770 TOPWORKER 225lt 1300°C Top Loading Kiln, P59950 OVAL TOPWORKER 300lt 1300°C Top Loading Kiln, P59960 OVAL TOPWORKER 450lt 1300°C Top Loading Kiln, P5233 Ceramaster 505lt 26.5kW (3ph) 1320°C, P5236B Ceramaster 800lt 45kW (3ph) 1320°C, P5237 Ceramaster 1060lt 55kW (3ph) 1320°C, P5238 Ceramaster 1200lt 63kW (3ph) 1320°C, P5226-5SE CeramasterPLUS 80lt 6kW(32A) 1320°C, P5227-5SE CeramasterPLUS 120lt 7kW(40A) 1320°C, P5228-5SE CeramasterPLUS 165lt 9kW (40A) 1320°C, P5229-5SE CeramasterPLUS 220lt 13kW(63A) 1320°C, P5230-5SE CeramasterPLUS 260lt 15kW(3ph) 1320°C, P5231-5SE CeramasterPLUS 305lt 18kW(3ph) 1320°C, P5232-5SE CeramasterPLUS 415lt 22kW(3ph) 1320°C, P5233-5SE CeramasterPLUS 480lt 26kW(3ph) 1320°C, P5234-5SE CeramasterPLUS 570lt 30kW(3ph) 1320°C, P5236-5SE CeramasterPLUS 700lt 40kW(3ph) 1320°C, P5236B-5SE CeramasterPLUS 770lt 45kW(3ph) 1320°C, P5237-5SE CeramasterPLUS 1020lt 55kW (3ph) 1320°C, P5237-5SE CeramasterPLUS 1160lt 63kW (3ph) 1320°C, Millefiori Canes Slice 'n Bake Polymer Clay Designs, Volumetric Calculations for Designers & Craftspeople, CLEARANCE MATERIALS & GLAZES UP TO 60% Off, Select On-Glaze Leaded Powder (25/100/500g), 40% Off - Amaco Lead Free Water Based VERSA COLOURS, 40% Off - Amaco Lead Free Oil Based VERSA COLOURS. All kilns vary, to be safe set your firing to a minimum of 1030˚C to ensure you reach maturity thoughout the entire kiln. 6 Items All orders are displayed on the collection tables along with your invoice paperwork. © 2020 PotterycraftsAll Rights Reserved $24.50 $ 24. Can’t find what you’re looking for or need some help and advice? Bisque that is ready to paint or glaze at your home or studio If you run a Ceramics business we'd love to help - we can supply you with earthenware bisque, great advice and lots of support. Close this message if you are happy to receive all cookies on our website or find out more here. Keep in mind every kiln fires slightly differently. Minkstone Works Unit 12, Normacot Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent ST3 1PR, United Kingdom. Once glazed items are fired in a kiln to achieve a usable finish. These outlets stock a range of bisque that will mostly include plates, cups, mugs, bowls, pots, vases, and seasonal items for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Please Note: Moulds are generally "made to order" with a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks. Collection in person from our studio / foyer. Just In Bisque Color Supplies Resources. It allows the potter to do much more decorative work with stains, underglazes, and glazes with a greatly reduced risk of the pot being damaged. Oh and the two factory dogs would like a pat or a treat please! 4 Sets DIY Ceramic Owls Figurines Paint Craft Kit Unpainted Bisque Ceramics Paintable Owls Ceramics Ready to Paint for Kids Fall Autumn Season Halloween Holiday at-Home Classroom DIY Craft Project. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Duncan distributor. Take a look at our catalogue pages, to see what we stock, or come to visit us and browse round our stock room - yes you CAN pick your own order. DELIVERIES UP TO 14 WORKING DAYS, COLLECTIONS UNAVAILABLE, SHOWROOMS TEMPORARILY CLOSED. FULL INFORMATION ON NEWS PAGE. Please Note: Moulds are generally "made to order" with a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks. If you have any questions or queries feel free to call on 00 44 (0)1256 477 144, or drop us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to help. Duncan® Oh Four™ Bisque; Country Love Crafts is one of the UK's largest wholesalers of bisque for use in Paint Your Own Pottery shops or Clay Cafes. moulds & bisque Our moulds are manufactured in Stoke-On-Trent using high quality plasters which give a long life and very fine detail to your ware. Just give us a call on 0115 972 6602 to see how we can help. PYOP Shops. Ceramics Cafe Home Page : www.ceramicscafe.com. Earthenware Clays 1100-1150 degrees Celsius, Stoneware Clays 1180-1300 degrees Celsius, Porcelain Clays 1220-1300 degrees Celsius, Air Drying Clays 1000-1280 degrees Celsius, Spectrum 700 Series Opaque Gloss Cone 04-06, Spectrum 800 Series Semi Trans. Happy browsing though our catalogue, we hope to hear from you soon. Hand personalized ceramics are fun for schools, first time potters and experienced alike!


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