Goa is a small state with a fascinating combination of Indian and Portuguese cultures. Armed with this information, Jason Bourne is able to check out ‘Alliance Securite Maritime’ at the gigantic hollow cube of La Grande Arche de la Défense. Aria, which opened in 2009, was previously featured in 2013’s Las Vegas, with Robert de Niro and Morgan Freeman, and in Louis Leterrier's surprise hit Now You See Me. With – spoiler! The spectacular landscape was, though, really used for Hammer Films' One Million Years BC back in 1966 and for the 2010 version of Clash of the Titans. Company Credits It was here that courts-martial were established by Reinhard Heydrich, a main architect of the Holocaust, and where members of the Czech resistance were interrogated and tortured. I don’t know why (I can only assume maintenance costs must have been a nightmare), but it no longer performs its spectacular party trick. So it’s little surprise that it was the location of Bourne’s escape and eventual fight with Desh, another assassin. In fact, the city in which he arrives is Prague, and the snowy street on which he he finds himself is 17.listopadu, the road running alongside the Rudolfinum northwest of the Old Town, and which stood in for 'Whitehall, London' in The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian. You won’t be surprised to learn that one of them (I won’t say which) survives and disappears into the crowd. With the promise of $20,000, Bourne persuades Marie to drive him to Paris and the address on the 'Jason Bourne' passport. Here he tries to piece together who he is while constantly looking over his shoulder for assassins. The modern steel and glass structure opened in 2006 on the site of the old Lehrter Bahnhof, demolished after severe damage during WWII. The movie opens along the beautiful coast of Goa, India. The first Kodak factory outside the USA, it was opened in 1891, on a huge triangular site alongside the rail line on Harrow View at Headstone Gardens, northwest of Harrow & Wealdstone Station. Just leave your phone number, our representative will call you back! Bourne and Parsons push through the crowds and cross in front of Plaza de la Candelaria, splitting up at the corner of General Gutierrez and Plaza del Cabildo when Bourne realises they're being tailed. Bourne, found unconscious and wounded in the ocean by a fishing boat, awakens with an incredible set of skills but no memory of who he is or how he got there. But that is the real Berlin as Bourne arrives at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the city’s main rail terminus. Revue de presse | The Bourne Supremacy depicts it as a small market town right by the beach, but it’s actually a bustling metropolis to the north of Goa. As a quick aside, ‘Athens Station’ is Woolwich Arsenal Station on the Docklands Light Railway in southeast London. Bourne finally tracks down Marie to the Greek island of Mykonos, where she’s running a scooter rental business at Sea Satin Market in Little Venice, beneath the island’s famous windmills. | The snowy road along which they drive is in the district called Ceska Sibir (Czech Siberia), south of Prague. | The ‘Treadstone’ safehouse, in which Nicky (Julia Stiles) receives her instructions, is 2 Place du Marché Sainte-Catherine, above Le Marché restaurant, in the green and usually relaxing 18th century square in the Marais district. The palatial mansion of dictator Wombosi (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), in which he's assassinated by The Professor (Clive Owen), is the former townhouse of Marie-Laure de Noailles, now made over by designer Philippe Starck as HQ of Baccarat (opened in 1764, one of Europe's leading purveyors of full-lead crystal.) La traque de Jason Bourne par les services secrets américains se poursuit. It’s absurdly impractical but spectacular fun (a couple of times a day). Also be sure to spend some time in the Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures and the Tangier American Legation Museum. If you’re a casual visitor, you could easily miss this arm of the Grand Union Canal which runs south from Little Venice to terminate in a large dock hidden away behind the stores of South Wharf Road. By the way, if you're a rock fan and you're visiting the area, the loft is just across from the Ramones Museum. The Basin, an open stretch of water at the time of filming, is now largely taken up by a floating grassy garden, with paths and benches providing a welcome respite for deskbound toilers. All Rights Reserved. We’re soon back in the UK. The CIA’s ‘Langley’ hub was recreated in the UK, inside Portland House, once headquarters of the Blue Circle cement company, in Aldermaston Park, near Reading in Berkshire. | Vegas is constantly renewing itself and there’s always one landmark building on the verge of demolition which is allowed to end its days in a blaze of on-screen glory. Bourne phones Smith with instructions to meet him at ‘Paddington Plaza’ (not a real name), which turns out to be the further end of the eastern section and involves Smith negotiating the whole length of the Basin, while pursued by hitmen as all sides betray and deceive each other. For anyone looking for a combination of exciting, historical, and beautiful, Tangiers, Morocco holds it all. You can spot it as The Asset (Vincent Cassel) chases frantically across the canal and again in the background as the increasingly panicky Smith waits for Bourne. “We got a bump coming up.” mumbles Bourne, before careering down the steep steps at the end of the passage, to rue des Couronnes. Recovering, but still with no memory of his past, it’s at the neighbouring harbour of Oneglia that Bourne is put ashore. © 2020 Jaya Travel & Tours. Qui sommes-nous | There are two separate sections and Bourne heads to the northwestern stretch, Paddington Central (which stands on the site of Paddington Station’s old goods yards), where he spies on Smith working in the 10-story glass office block at 2 Kingdom Street. Once a flagship store, this striking building is closed for the foreseeable future while structural problems are sorted out. Goa is a small state with a fascinating combination of Indian and Portuguese cultures. In DC itself, the restaurant in which Kalloor airs his doubts to Dewey is the branch of upscale dining chain Capital Grille, 601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW at 6th Street. document.write("This page was last updated on " +document.lastModified+ ""), The Bourne Identity location: the Parisian apartment of Jason Bourne: 104 avenue Kléber, Paris, The Bourne Identity location: Jason Bourne arrives in 'Zurich': 17.listopadu, Prague, The Bourne Identity location: Bourne is hassled in the 'Zurich' park: Kampa Park, Mala Strana, Prague, The Bourne Identity location: the 'Swiss' bank: Petschkův palác (Petschek Palace), Politickych veznu, Prague, The Bourne Identity location: the entrance to the 'US Embassy' in 'Zurich': Panska, Prague, The Bourne Identity location: Bourne escapes from the top floor of the 'embassy': Carlo IV Hotel, Senovazne nam, Prague, The Bourne Identity filming location: Jason Bourne arrives in Paris: Quai de la Tournelle, Paris, The Bourne Identity filming location: the ‘Treadstone’ safe house: 2 Place du Marché St Catherine, Paris, The Bourne Identity filming location: the mansion of Wombosi: 11 Place des États Unis, Paris, The Bourne Identity filming location: Bourne leaves his red bag at the rail station: Gare du Nord, Paris, The Bourne Identity filming location: Bourne tries to shake off the cop cars: Passage Plantin, Belleville, Paris, The Bourne Identity filming location: Bourne tries to shake off the bikes: Passage Plantin at rue des Couronnes, Belleville, Paris, The Bourne Identity filming location: Bourne and Marie hide out in the little hotel: Hotel de la Paix (now gone), rue Louis Bonnet, Belleville, Paris, The Bourne Identity filming location: Bourne traces his alter ego: Hotel Regina, Place des Pyramides, Paris, The Bourne Identity filming location: Marie tells Bourne she’s got Kane’s details: Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, The Bourne Identity location: Bourne follows a lead: La Défense Grande Arche, Paris, The Bourne Identity location: Bourne sets up a meeting with Conklin: Samaritaine building and the Pont Neuf, Paris, The Bourne Identity filming location: the Treadstone operation is closed down: rue de Jarente, Paris, The Bourne Identity filming location: Bourne walks away from Treadstone: Pont des Arts, Paris, The Bourne Identity filming location: Bourne tracks down Marie: Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece |, Petschkův palác (Petschek Palace), Politických vězňů 20. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Thankfully for those who want to take a more leisurely trip through Tangiers, there are many fascinating sites you can see without performing death-defying stunts. Tense, realistic, and exciting, they also often have fantastic backdrops and scenery that’s better enjoyed when you’re not running for your life. Téléchargez légalement et facilement "Jason Bourne" : location ou achat définitif, c'est à vous de choisir ! Bourne and Marie spend their first night in Paris in the car, parked on the Quai de la Tournelle, on the Left Bank opposite Ile Saint Louis (this is where Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy catch the boat in Richard Linklater’s Before Sunset). – Nicky suddenly out of the picture, Bourne needs a way to access those downloaded CIA files on her locked memory stick. Downstairs is a glittering boutique, upstairs the museum houses show-off pieces made for princes and maharajahs, a painted cabinet by Gérard Garouste, and the distressed-chic Cristal Room, where you can breakfast, lunch or dinner. Each post focuses on movies filmed in exciting places around the world. ‘Paddington Plaza’, which the ever-resourceful Bourne floods with office workers by simultaneously setting off fire alarms in every building, is the spacious terrace in front of the BrewDog pub at the eastern end of Merchant Square and the Basin proper. Filming Locations. For this task, he needs to journey from 'Athens' to Berlin in order to contact Nicky’s sometime tech collaborator, Christian Dassault (Vinzenz Kiefer). The highlight of this piece of paradise is the stunning Bacuit Archipelago, a series of limestone islands with hidden beaches, lagoons, coves, fish, and coral.


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