Enter an email address below and click 'Subscribe' to receive future newsletters and marketing communications. No matter the occasion, a yard sign greeting from Yard Card Fun is sure to be a hit! We've got all the information you need to identify which business is right for you. GALLERY. The list goes on and on. By clicking SUBMIT you consent to sending the details on this form to the franchises The term “Net Proceeds” shall mean the total amount paid by your customers, calculated on a weekly basis, less (i) your applicable royalty fees, Marketing Fund contributions (if applicable), and other fees or amounts owed to Card My Yard under the Agreement, (ii) amounts paid by your customers for sales taxes, and (iii) any other amounts you may otherwise owe to Card My Yard or its affiliates. 8. Card My Yard has not done so, but it has the right to designate any geographic area in which two or more company-owned or franchised Card My Yard businesses are located as a region for purposes of establishing an advertising cooperative (“Cooperative”). Enter an email address to be removed from future mailing and marketing communications. Please try again later. Indemnification:  varies according to loss. Balloons, presents, and much more included in our Starter Package! The Yard Milkshake Bar is an original concept that combines extreme milkshakes, ice cream, waffle sundaes and edible cookie dough all in one. 7. You don’t need to consent as a condition of any purchase, and you can revoke consent Your email address will not be published. Royalty Fee:  25% of your Gross Sales. Card My Yard has the right, in its sole discretion, to approve or disapprove your request to add an additional zip code(s) to your Protected Area. If Card My Yard does, it will charge you a fee equal to its actual expenses for obtaining and maintaining the required coverages. Based upon your level of commitment and time, our home-based Yard Card Fun™ business provides you the opportunity for a great return on investment. In addition, we can provide you with examples of coupon ads to advertise your new Yard Greeting® rental business in your area. What could be better? If Card My Yard approves your request, you must pay it the additional zip code fee prior to acquiring the right to serve such zip code(s). BOOK NOW. and businesses you selected may call/text you about your inquiry, which may involve the use of On-site Remedial Training:  the then-current per diem fee for remedial training, plus all of Card My Yard’s costs and expenses related to providing such training. The website then calculates and distributes the “Net Proceeds” of those funds to you weekly. Liquidated Damages:  an amount equal to the greater of: (a) $4,800 or (b) the total royalties paid by you during the previous 12 months multiplied by two. You have reached the maximum number of franchises than can be submitted at one time. We also do not Pin now and build your own package! Franchising generally requires an initial fee just to get started. In order to renew your Franchise Agreement, you must, among other things, pay Card My Yard the renewal fee in a lump sum payment. No problem! Complete the form below to get FREE Info. Our Yard Card Fun™ licensing business model starts at $7,900. Expenses considered to be local marketing include, but are not limited to, Internet/social media ads, sponsorships, and/or PTA/PTO events. Additional Training at Card My Yard’s Offices:  at Card My Yard’s option, a per diem rate of $150 a day for each trainer. 5. Tom Kaiser; Franchise News. With Yard Card Fun™, we provide you with a toolbox full of support to help you be successful. Transfer Fee:  an amount equal to the greater of: (a) $3,000 or (b) 50% of Card My Yard’s then-current initial franchise fee, 11. Saved … Any amounts you contribute to your Cooperative will be applied to satisfy a portion of your local advertising requirements. automated means. at any time. An unexpected error occurred. Let Yard Card Fun provide some clever ideas. Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved. If Card My Yard establishes a Cooperative that includes your Card My Yard business, you will be required to contribute a minimum of 1%, and maximum of 2%, of your Gross Sales to the Cooperative. AKT Fitness Franchise Gets a Workout During COVID. Interest and Late Fees:  interest of 18% per annum or the maximum rate allowed by applicable law, or, at Card My Yard’s option, $100 for each failure to timely pay an amount owed under the Franchise Agreement, 6. Card My Yard may charge interest or a late fee for any delinquent amounts due under the Franchise Agreement. Posh Yard Greetings is a unique and fun way to celebrate a special event for your special someone. This business is FUN. Yard Card Fun™ is a way to have your very own business without the trial and error most business start-ups go through. Celebration yard signs are more popular than ever and our business model is a perfect way to start your own business! That may come as a surprise if you have researched franchising. Yard Decoration Business Starter Kits. 5-7 days to be processed. In return, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. In addition to Card My Yard’s fees, you must also pay all of the costs and expenses of your personnel attending training. Then there are ongoing fees for marketing and/or advertising. 3. ABOUT. This fee compensates Card My Yard for your unauthorized closure of the Card My Yard business or any termination of the Franchise Agreement in connection with a breach by you. You get be the boss running your own yard sign business – making money, having fun and making people smile! The item you just added is unavailable. Yard Card Decoration Fillers & Pathways Markers, Fourth of July / Memorial Day Yard Decorations, Yard Greeting Rental Business Opportunity, Yard Greeting Business Opportunity Starter Kits. Q&A with Lori Merrall, Director of Franchise Development for Sola Salon Studios. You also agree to our. Card My Yard’s system is designed so that your customers pay all fees directly to Card My Yard through its website. FranchiseClique.com connects entrepreneurs with their perfect franchise fit. This is known as the up-front entry fee. Check out these other industries related to Yard Card Fun. GREETINGS. Yard Card Fun™ is a great home-based business opportunity for part-time or full-time work. Unlike a franchise which is expensive, restrictive and requires monthly royalties on all your sales, we do things differently. This exciting concept includes serving high quality, over the top desserts at many price points. You must pay Card My Yard’s costs of enforcement (including attorney’s fees and costs) if you do not comply with the Franchise Agreement. Why buy the card when you can create one in your yard?


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