2015 Interim Report. Please go to the link in the email message to retrieve your password. The distinction between actions serving China’s strategic ambition to become a leading military power by 2050 and normal profit-oriented business activities is not always simple and straightforward. If you are looking for the, Cable Cross | Crossfit | Functional Trainer, Mats | Socks | Blocks | Head Bands | Hair Bands, Draft Memorandum and Articles of Association, Commercial Cardio Recumbent Exercise Bike, Semi Commercial Cardio Elliptical Trainer, Semi Commercial Cardio Recumbent Exercise Bike, Semi Commercial Cardio Upright Exercise Bike. Does China intent to use military power to “securitize” the maritime trade that has ensured rapid growth and prosperity for the country’s coastal provinces since the launch of economic reforms at the end of the 1970s? Annual Reports Annual Report 2019-20 Annual Report 2018-19 Annual Report 2017-18 Annual Report 2016-17 Annual Report 2015-16 Annual Report 2014-15 Annual Report 2013-14 Annual Report 2012-13 Annual Report 2011-12 31.7 % of this total was managed in overseas ports, the equivalent of Singapore’s annual container traffic. All Rights Reserved. Benefited from the significantly improved operating results and the approximately RMB7.7 billion raising through the A-share private placement in the beginning of 2019, the Company’s financial situation has been further improved, and the financial foundation has been further consolidated. Stockhouse.com is owned by Stockhouse Publishing Ltd. © 2019 Stockhouse Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. However, the overall development of Chinese ports has focused on quantity rather than quality. This logic of incremental engagement as a strategic principle also guides China’s reflections on overseas military bases. © Copyright 2016 Cosco (India) Limited. Chinese scholars recognize the far-reaching strategic significance of... China Trends #2 – Large but Not Strong: The Challenges for China’s Domestic Ports. By providing my email, I consent to receiving messages from Stockhouse. possible discloseable transaction - acquisition of interest in guangxi beibu gulf international container terminal co., ltd Stay on top of sector specific news, get industry leaders insights and our best content, delivered to your email. Because the revenues of terminal business fluctuate less than shipping, COSCO and China Merchants Group should be expected to continue their rapid international expansion. The key question is to move away from a growth model centered on throughput to a next phase of growth driven by quality upgrading of port operations. Corporate Profile. All rights reserved. In fact, the largest share of Chinese overseas investment in ports has taken the form of minority stakes. FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE THIRD QUARTER ENDED 30 SEPTEMBER 2020, UPDATE ON POSSIBLE DISCLOSEABLE TRANSACTION - ACQUISITION OF INTEREST IN GUANGXI BEIBU GULF INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER TERMINAL CO., LTD, ANNOUNCEMENT MADE PURSUANT TO RULE 13.51B(2) OF THE LISTING RULES, POSSIBLE DISCLOSEABLE TRANSACTION - ACQUISITION OF INTEREST IN GUANGXI BEIBU GULF INTERNATIONAL CONTAINER TERMINAL CO., LTD, POLL RESULTS OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD ON 21 MAY 2020, SUPPLEMENTAL NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, LIST OF DIRECTORS AND THEIR ROLE AND FUNCTION, APPOINTMENT OF INDEPENDENT NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE THREE MONTHS ENDED 31 MARCH 2020, RESIGNATION OF INDEPENDENT NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Notices (Replacement of Lost Share Certificates). The same year, China Merchants Group handled 20.66 million TEU in its overseas terminals, 18.9% of its total capacity. View the. Annual Report 2019 2016 Interim Report. Their contribution to China’s prosperity as the world’s largest trading nation is colossal. The articles translated for this issue of China Trends show how Xi’s decision has radically changed the tone and the direction of the discussion in China. China Merchants Group holds only 33% of Djibouti’s Doraleh Container Terminal. Cookies are used to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyze our traffic. Please enter your password to sign in. Interim Report 2020. Chittagong in Bangladesh, Gwadar in Pakistan, Hambantota in Sri Lanka, Kyaupkyu in Myanmar, Malacca in Malaysia, Mombasa in Kenya. An Opportunity to Make Money During COVID, Psychedelics Leader Cybin Inc. Completes RTO and is Now Trading on the NEO, AMPD Ventures Inc. CEO Anthony Brown Has Declared War on Computing Latency, Bunker Hill Mining to List on the TSX-Venture Exchange, Nexus Gold Mobilizes Crew to the Dakouli 2 Gold Concession in West Africa, Red Light Holland to Acquire Wholesale Distribution Company in the Netherlands, Seed Investments, Proven Leadership, Big Market Opportunity, The Little-Known Critical Metal that’s Powering the New Green Revolution, Getchell Gold’s Nevada Projects Offer Serious Upside, Canopy, Aurora and Tilray report quarterly results. By providing my email, I consent to receiving investment related electronic messages from Stockhouse. Shanghai, today the largest container port in the world with a container traffic of 40 million TEUs, managed only 2 million TEUs in 1996. The discussion in China focuses on how to optimize the efficiency of domestic port operations. But there is also a domestic discussion about ports. 31.7 % of this total was managed in overseas ports, the equivalent of Singapore’s annual container traffic. COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) Property Development Limited Beijing COSCO SHIPPING Investment Co., Ltd. COSCO SHIPPING International COSCO SHIPPING Holdings' Annual Report, which means the data here is based on COSCO SHIPPING Lines, COSCO SHIPPING Ports and OOIL (COSCO SHIPPING Holdings acquired OOIL in July of 2018) and will be indicated by footnote in the report; for Lines and paragraphs break automatically. In 2018, COSCO handled 118.8 million TEU at 36 ports worldwide, the equivalent of the combined contained throughput of Shanghai, Singapore, Shenzhen and Ningbo, the world’s four largest ports. Annual Report 2019 5 Chairman ’ Dear Shareholders, First of all, on behalf of the Board and the management of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our shareholders and customers around By continuing to use our service, you agree to our use of cookies. China’s corporate giant COSCO Shipping Ports Limited has titled its 2018 annual report “Strengthening Global Footprint”. Indeed, China’s investment in overseas ports is one of the most tangible incarnations of the country’s expanding global footprint. 2019 Annual Report. All Annual Reports Interim Reports. Chinese analysts discuss how to better think the relationship between state ownership and market forces, with the additional difficulty that the provincial governments and the municipalities rather than the central government are the key political authorities when it comes to port management in China. The discussion focuses on the practical difficulties of running overseas bases. Military power will serve as a guarantee to protect China’s expanding global footprint and will need a support network to operate efficiently. Ensuring that you are always young and fit, many sports brand have taken to manufacturing not just sports equipment but fitness equipment too. Get the best of sports and fitness with Cosco, With the growing demand of good health and fitness, many brands are coming up with innovations each day. This is largely a question of administrative arrangements and bureaucratic efficiency. Chinese analysts take a very geopolitical view of port investment in the Indian Ocean, stressing the resistance China encounters from India and the United States, detecting a "change of attitude" in potential recipient states when considering Chinese acquisitions, arguing that China now faces "geopolitical risk". Overall, this issue of China Trends illustrates the strategic importance of global maritime affairs for China, both from an economic and a security perspective. The State Oceanic Administration estimates that China’s "blue GDP" (encompassing all sectors of the maritime economy) represents 10% of the country’s GDP, and seven Chinese ports are in the world’s top ten. Company ’ 2 Annual Report 2018 I. Company’s Information Legal Chinese name 中遠海運控股股份有限公司 Legal Chinese stock short name 中遠海控 English name COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co., Ltd. English stock short name The obsession of the commentators is that Chinese domestic ports are "large but not strong", plagued by overcapacity and disorderly competition. An email was sent with password retrieval instructions. Web page addresses and email addresses turn into links automatically. This is reflected in the number, size, and capacity of ports. You will hardly find someone who over eats and doesn’t want to balance that extra fat and cholesterol with some hard core fitness practice or may be trying hands on their favorite sport. China needs to manage the balance between cooperation and competition between ports that operate in the regional vicinity of each other, such as Shanghai and Ningbo-Zhoushan, or Guangzhou and Shenzhen. And for COSCO, Khalifa container terminals in Abu Dhabi represent the only greenfield investment in overseas ports. In recent years, COSCO SHIPPING Ports has been the proud recipient of awards from the industry and the financial media for a wide spectrum of achievement, from entrepreneurial strength and market leadership to corporate governance, transparency, excellence of management and professional investor relations. You are already a member! Chinese President Xi Jinping took the bold decision to put an end to years of debate regarding whether China should build bases to protect its "overseas interests". Attempts to improve the competitiveness of them have... Our latest analyses in your inbox each week, L'adresse email du destinataire n'est pas valide, China Trends #2 – China’s Port Investment: The Flag Behind the Trade, Allowed HTML tags: