Developed economies like Germany and China are anchored on the pillar of vocational skills training and we can see the dividends these countries are reaping from a mindset shift. Their plight also has major implications for national companies and global businesses seeking to expand or invest in frontier markets that hold economic promise. Chronic youth unemployment puts a brake on national economies, and the lack of a literate and skilled young workforce limits businesses’ ability to generate higher growth, better profits and more jobs. One way of increasing our country’s manufacturing capacities is by popularizing vocational skills training. We should all agree in unison that vocational skills training is the  best remedy so far to youth unemployment and if Germany and China succeeded in implementing it, I do not see why Kenya cannot. In return, the Kenyan economy will improve its production capacity that will later on translate to more exports of finished goods abroad. Some people argue that education is the answer to some of the big current problems the U.S. economy faces. Lawrence Mishel of the Economics Policy Institute makes this argument in a new paper. Guardians and instructors need to be advised that up-skilling is the only viable valve youth can use to escape the unforgiving shackles of unemployment. For reasons explained in the post on structural unemployment linked above, however, construction does look different. The good news is that we know what it will take to get more of these students into school. However, we all need to appreciate the fact that not all students can find jobs from the three prestigious disciplines of Medicine, Law and Business Management. This section of FORBES features articles, news, opinions and trend-spotting by leading thinkers and doers across the worlds of education and academia, entrepreneurship…. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. But, in spite of good progress over the last decade and a half, there are still about 61 million girls not in primary or lower-secondary school and two thirds of the world’s illiterates are women. unemployment problem is only a little bit structural. In fact, in some ways it resembles a post here a few weeks earlier, which argued that the unemployment problem is only a little bit structural. Global businesses and other major private sector institutions have a big stake in helping turn it around. These cookies do not store any personal information. But the two do not appear to be correlated. Without work experience and income, these young people are vulnerable to a lifetime of continued poverty. Much of the wage inequality the U.S. has been experiencing has occurred because a small handful of people are able to become very, very rich thanks to modern communications, marketing, and technology. We do not have enough jobs in our economy and a mindset shift is urgently needed.


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