I'm pretty sure the brewmaster didn't intend for their beer to be shaken up and poured terribly before reaching someone's mouth. Whether this increases their chances of getting a deal remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: we know the Sharks love beer ! Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Sometimes the sharks in the Shark Tank get it wrong. In fact, you can even see the denser, sonically-enhanced bubbles settle underneath the fizz from the initial pour. But you do mind, don't you? I tried out the Fizzics Waytap and it definitely made a difference and typically flat bottled beers were bubblier and had a far superior head without adding gases. Copyright © 2008-2020 BroBible. Side note: If anyone wants to pay me $130 to be their personal beer-pourer, I work flexible hours and I'm very good at furiously shaking cans and bottles. Look no further than the original Kickstarter page for the Fizzics system: By leveraging sound waves, Fizzics Waytap converts the beer’s natural carbonation into densely compacted, uniform Micro-Foam™ bubbles unlocking the true taste of any beer, delivering the freshest, fullest flavor like the brewmaster intended. An added bonus is that the Fizzics Waytap comes in a stylish design and in several different colors such as white, black, copper, and slate grey. Hey, um... guys? Just don't believe the hype about it objectively improving the beer itself and/or recreating the draft experience. That's why this product is marketed towards you, and that's also why you (or a loved one) bought this contraption in the first place. We tested the Waytap with three different beers: Guinness (stout, from a bottle), Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (pale ale, from a bottle), and Narragansett (lager, from a 25oz can). Problem #1: It takes a fair amount of work to pour your beer. Such is the way of life. Be prepared to get a golf ball washer for Mother's Day or Father's Day. Will Barbara Corcoran Love Samson Martin? You're a certified Beer Geek! It turns out that the Fizzics Waytap continues to sap its four AA batteries even when the device isn't in use. Cleaning the Fizzics Waytap is a matter of going through the whole process over again, but with warm water instead of beer. If the slimmer Waytap is too small for you, the larger Fizzics system can house 32- and 64-ounce growlers in addition to standard-sized cans and bottles, but it'll set you back somewhere between $150 and $180, depending on where you buy it. So make your bottled beer better with a foamy heavenly head. You can check out a nifty, animated demonstration of how the Waytap works here, but here's the gist of it: 1. Problem #4: The Fizzics Waytap doesn't really have a target demographic. In the process, it'll most likely do the opposite of what it promises to do—it will leave you with nothing more than a flat, aggressively-foamy beer and a mess to clean up. Sign up for our newsletter to get real advice from real experts. , The Surprise Cake – Jack in the Box Cake Stand, The Mighty Carver – Chainsaw Carving Knife. Credit: Reviewed.com / Jackson Ruckar. 6. Sometimes the sharks in the Shark Tank get it wrong. The Fizzics Waytap system utilizes Micro-Foam technology by enriching the texture, taste, and aroma of cans and bottles of beer. Plus it does not require CO2 or Nitro cartridges, so you can keep making a bubbly brew. Phil Petracca and David McDonald introduce the world to their Fizzics Beer System in the season 8 premier of Shark Tank. Have a nice, cold pint and wait for all this to blow over. Just use warm water! But the product didn’t stop with the entrepreneurial TV show, Fizzics continued to become a success story.


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