If you have any chronic/severe health conditions, consult a doctor before using frankincense oil. Enjoy or give as a special gift. Resist the urge to rub your wrists, and instead just apply on each wrist and let it dry. Photo credits: Depositphotos.com and Bigstockphoto.com. Don’t forget to rate it and comment below to let me know how it went. Lemon is one of the most versatile of the oils and may be use in creams, lotions, vapors, and burners, massage oils, in the bath, mouthwash recipes and hair products. Room fragrances, such as potpourri or air fresheners, have a calming, relaxing effect and are often used when we entertain guests to create an inviting ambiance. Glad to have the recipes to make my own! Get glowing skin and learn how to make your own DIY beauty products with simple ingredients from your kitchen. Good job and voted up :-). I just launched my "Pure Essentials Aromatherapy" Line of matching pillow and body sprays. As with any homemade beauty recipe, the very best ingredients will produce as near perfect a product as possible. So great to hear from you on the ranch! Not liking fragrance goes against our instincts and biology; we are attracted to some smells and repelled by others. So happy for you. Please e-mail web@getty.edu with comments or questions. If we did, we should indeed have our hands slapped. I just need to establish what scent I want. I love your tips here and I should sharing this hub to my sister and my mom. Can anyone tell me the amount of CIVET CAT MUSK is added to how much essential oil and how much alcohol These scents are strong and can overpower your final perfume. Solid Perfume, Frankincense & Myrrh Solid Perfume, Perfume, Fragrance, Frankincense Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, Gift, Natural Perfume,Handmade WildBeeSoapCompany. Please let me know. Remember the 3 wise men brought them both to the baby Jesus. To make a larger diffuser, double the recipe. Appreciate you interest! I used quite a bit more essential oil in it than the recipe calls for. Lovely to receive your comment! It is quite frightening at some of the nasties lurking in our products that get through and deemed "safe" in some countries and not so in others. Add the oils into your diffuser, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Disclosure . Delighted you decided to check this out, I love looking at different ways to reduce the amount of chemicals, synthetic fragrance and toxins we are exposed to daily in cosmetic products. Instead they put perfume on their skin and wiped it off with linen towels. I am very intrested to learn how to make my own perfume. Regards One of the most relaxing oils it is useful for anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, shock, depression and neuralgia to name a few benefits. A perfume is made by layering scents according to how volatile they are, that is, how easily they evaporate. One of the most popular fragrances, neroli is also known as orange flower, orange blossom and neroli bigarade. An easy one to make and you may use it with alcohol or oil. This helps the scent last longer on your skin. Delighted you enjoyed this enough to leave me a few words and that you are a fan of DIY beauty products!! Let it set in the refrigerator until hardened. I am a beginner on making my own perfume if anyone can help I would most appreciate it Many thanks for checking this out, much appreciate it! One by one, add your essential oils. Labdanum resin, rumored to be a main ingredient in Julius Caesar’s favorite cologne. coconut oil is better although thicker but very moisturizing for the skin as is almond oil. Styrax, also known as benzoin, is still a major ingredient in perfumes. Thanks for asking appreciate your comment! However, we are human and despite every effort, we may occasionally make an error. oz. Interesting and voted up. Add the coconut oil to the glass jar followed by the drops of essential oils. Marcy J. Miller from Arizona on June 13, 2013: Terrific formulas -- and the best part is I have most of those essential oils on hand, so I can go wild! Frankincense oil is among the most ancient oils in the world. For instance, citrus/exotic or floral/spicy. Many thanks for stopping by. Tangerines are also deeper in color and seedless, whereas mandarins are more yellow than orange and have small pips. Many thanks for your congratulations, it was wonderful to be acknowledged! Wow Suzie :) Such a great hub and I love it! Oz.Majestic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Premium Quality, 4 fl. I used to wear store bought perfumes all of the time, but when I smell them now, I want to gag! H.G. Congrats! I’m working on it and will post shortly. Must pop over for some tips and ideas! Do you have perfume recipes as a spray rather than a roll -on?!? Living a more natural lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. We advised visitors to use liberal amounts of these lighter scents so they would not get lost under the power of the heartier middle and base notes. Aromatic Blending of Essential Oils, AromaWeb. In lab tests commissioned by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found 38 secret chemicals in 17 name brand fragrances, such as Coco Chanel (18 chemicals not listed), Britney Spears Curious (17 chemicals not listed) and Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio (17 chemicals not listed).1, The secret chemicals found in these name brand fragrances include those associated with endocrine disruption and allergic reactions. Vespa Woolf from Peru, South America on June 13, 2013: Congratulations on Hub of the Day!!


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