It's kind of like the old saying about being able to load twice the weight capacity of a truck with birds so long as half of them are flying all the time. I had to power cycle the router. Update: It turns out that these internet outages are caused by the G3100 router that I am renting from Verizon! I don't know what to do. I have no problem getting close to gigabit speed anywhere in my house on G1100 with Cat5e wiring. Why is my Gigabit service blocked at ~400-450 Mbps Down and 850-900 Mbps up? I am directly wired to the the g3100 … New 1Gbps Internet Install - Slower Downstream. Changed from Comcast to At&t fiber 1gb internet yet only getting half. It does not have to be a Verizon router. if you are using cat 5/cat5e cables, it will be better to upgrade it to cat 6. Uplinks never saturates and slowdown unless you share with peer to peer users. I even got a few CAT8s from amazon. Also this morning the lights behind the g3100 were off and there was no Internet connectivity. 1 gig connections should yield you at least 800Mbps. New SL customer - several items - please help, [Outages] Outages Kitchener Waterloo- cable. Half of that and there's an issue. Showing results for Search instead for Did you mean: New G3100 Router SOLVED Reply. I have my fingers crossed. There is a limit to how many 1 Gig customers on a single fiber. what cables are you using? PIXMA G3100 default setting. Checked for NIC card updates, no updates were needed (I try to keep everything updated and check once a month). kmwoolls2377 join:2020-10-20 … Let us know what they find out. I tried a lot of things this weekend; changed out all my wires no more CAT5. That is the level of performance I get on hardwired CAT6. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I rebooted the router and the ONT box, but it remains solid blue. So, your problem doesn't seems to be with the routers (although the lose of internet is a problem). How do the bad guys know whatever I am doing on this computer. Sharing fiber with multiple users make service practical. uniqs 22: Share « [Networking] IPv6 working! Topic Options. I was experiencing (at first, literally after installing my new Fios G3100 router yesterday) an issue where my wifi adapter would connect to the router, but no internet was accessed; after diagnostic tests, I was being told that the gateway was unreachable. It seems like there are folks out there that get 1gbps form the router. I am able to understand 40% of what you said, but I have been paying for 1gig connection (for 2 years now).


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