This is a temporary stitch that is replaced by a tight machine stitch or a more sophisticated hand stitch. Once your piece of fabric is the right size (or gathered enough!) Too short an elastic will result in a very tight waistband and a long elastic will not give you the right fit. You can create fine gathers by using smaller stitches. This is important because the elastic will stretch and fit on your waist. Much easier than doing it by hand with a running stitch, and also easier to control. Now, sew the elastic at the edge of the fabric, you can sew using your hands or by machine. The fabric has to be bigger than the elastic. Running stitches are easy to cut and redo. Your fabric will automatically shrink according to the elastic, and create a neat gathered stitch. @HollyMann do you still do the double row? I usually to do to a 8-9 depending on how much I want it gathered and it tends to gather it for me so I don't have to do as much manipulating with the threads. I just have one question - do you increase the tension? SINGER 7258 Computerized Free Arm Sewing Machine Review, Best High End Sewing Machine for Advanced Sewers in 2020, Best Sewing Machine For Making Clothes in 2020, How To Sew A Blanket Stitch On A Sewing Machine, How To Fix The Reverse Button On A Sewing Machine, Best Sewing Machine for Free Motion Quilting in 2020, How to Embroider Letters with a Sewing Machine. How to Gather Fabric Step 1: What You'll Need:. You will have to first ready the fabric on which you have to attach the elastic. Sew similar to the first thread. Fold the seam neatly and stitch it around the elastic. Also, make sure to leave 2 inches extra in length so that you can hide your elastic once it is attached. You just have to ensure that your stitches fall in line and your fabric doesn’t get stitched wrongly. How To Use A Walking Foot On Sewing Machine? i LOVE mine....ok, i'm don'e being weird, thanx! Thinner fabrics result in beautiful gathers while thick fabrics create bulky gathers that do not look neat. You can create finer gathers by using a stitch length of 1/8 inch. Am I doing something wrong? Cover both the top and the bottom. Step 2: Sewing. Your skirt is ready. Hand gathering works with small cloth projects and is also ideal for extremely heavy fabrics like burlap or canvas. :), This technique can be used in so many ways! Share it with us! Working with elastics is generally tricky, but here is a simple method that you can use to apply elastic to different types of fabrics. I usually just wander around for a while and put the stuff I like in my cart... Ha, just kidding. After it's tied securely, feel free to cut off the ends. Want to sew an elastic to a cloth? I share this, although it will appear to be at odds with the image my gruff demeanor and bushy mustache project.


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