The recipes for GUINNESS® Draught and GUINNESS® Extra Stout are very similar in all aspects. Look to the horizon. McGargles Stout Keg + Tap From €225 Order Now! These kegerators are designed to pour Guinness and other nitro beers right out of the box. This will save you the trouble of dealing with glass after glass of foam, which leads to a longer process of cleaning your beer lines. $17.91 shipping. If attached with a screw clamp, use a flathead screwdriver or a nut driver to loosen the screw clamp before removing the air line from its connection with the keg coupler. Beer How To's & Guides. … {{ (item.bow && item.bow!='no')? It can take a keg three or four times as long to chill as it does to warm up. What is the widget - and how does it work? Was: Previous Price C $40.00. Draft Beer 101: Guide to Draft Beer Systems. Guinness draught is poured using a U-system coupler. Use a hex nut wrench to unscrew the beer line connection from the top of the keg coupler. Arthur's legacy and his brewing process are still followed by GUINNESS® brewers today. SUB Kegs - 2 litre capacity - use with The SUB; Draught Kegs - 5 litre capacity - use without a machine; BLADE Kegs - 8 litre capacity - use with BLADE; SUB Kegs. Both are beautifully complemented by the characteristic flavour of their Guinness roasted barley. It’s that mixed Nitrogen gas that gives Guinness its tell-tale creamy, tight head. $132.99 $ 132. Other options New and used from $72.92. Non-alcoholic spirits and mixers just as good as the real thing, but without the buzz. 1 Tap + 20L Keg N/A | 1 Tap + 30L Keg From €225 | 1 Tap + 50L Keg From €330 Note: Additional Kegs will not come with equipment Extra 20L Keg N/A | Extra 30L Keg €150 | Extra 50L Keg €250 It’s that mixed Nitrogen gas that gives Guinness its tell-tale creamy, tight head. While most beers are served at approximately 38, the ideal Guinness draught temperature is 42, Guinness and Murphy's Kegerator Conversion Kits, Guide to Kegerators: Ready-To-Go Kegerators As A Convenient Option. A Nitro faucet will screw directly into a beer tower using a standard beer faucet wrench. Typically sold in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia. Here at Party Keg Hire have the perfect way to get the perfectly chilled Guinness for your event and this is via our mini keg chiller. These kegerators have been designed with the unique requirements for dispensing Guinness® in mind. The 9,000 year lease signed in 1759 was for a 4 acre brewery site. Whether you’re converting an existing system or installing new, you’ll also need a filled Nitrogen gas tank. Push the tap away from you to fill the remainder of the glass and top off your Guinness with a perfect foamy head. Guinness has been as successful as it has because it has perfected its recipe over a 215 year period. The 0-3000 high-pressure gauge will not be moving as you move the pressure adjuster, as this measures the amount of air remaining in the tank. Some malted barley is roasted, in a similar way to coffee beans, which is what gives GUINNESS® beer its distinctive color. It was developed to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing the 9,000 year St. James’s gate brewery lease. GUINNESS® Extra Stout/Original - available in bottles and cans. GUINNESS® Foreign Extra Stout - stronger in taste and bitterer than GUINNESS® Draught. GUINNESS® Extra Stout/Original - available in bottles and cans. Privacy Policy FREE Shipping by Amazon. The toucan was the most popular of all the animals used in the GUINNESS® ad campaign and also the longest lived. © 2020 Party Keg Hire. This table top dispenser simply connects to the keg via a beer line and coupler fitting, then just plug the chiller into the mains and you’re ready to pour! Continued cleaning of your system will prevent off-tasting beer in the future. 99. , to unscrew the standard CO2 faucet from its perch on the draft beer tower. 40. $151.00 $ 151. It can take a keg three or four times as long to chill as it does to warm up. Attach one end of the air line to a Nitrogen regulator. Here at Party Keg Hire we are proud to bring you this outstanding product. For homebrewing the mini keg can be used as the ideal storage for secondary fermentation as well as serving that perfect pint. Kegerator fridges typically include an air tank cylinder to secure the tank in place. 'No' : item.color)+' bow)': '' }} At Beerwulf we have a large selection of SUB Kegs, formerly known as TORPS, to draught with your SUB. Ireland: 087 920 0799 |   Total. A Guinness draught kegerator includes all necessary components. to ensure you have the right coupler to match the beer you want to pour. A keg of Guinness requires a U System Keg Coupler. Attach the washer before connecting the line. The Guinness family is still a shareholder in the company but no family member holds an executive role in the company or works within the Diageo organisation. The Guinness Import Company goes to great lengths to make sure that gas dealers are properly blending mixed gas. GUINNESS® is now part of DIAGEO. Repeat the same cleaning steps, this time pumping water through the beer lines into the basin. It has become known all across the world for its velvety smooth texture and unique bitter sweet flavour. Beer should enter the vinyl line at this point. Guinness draught is poured using a U-system coupler. 'No' : item.color)+' pad)': '' }}, Collective Arts Stranger Than Fiction - 20L Keg, Product Regardless of the option you choose, there are four basic differences between a standard draft beer system and a Guinness draft system that you’ll want to keep in mind: Guinness uses a nitrogen/CO2 blend of gas to push the beer through the lines rather than just CO2 like a traditional draft beer system. Customize a kegerator that's as unique as your bar. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 10. 50L = 88 pints This was when St. James’s gate Brewery first produced a brew called West Indian Porter. If starting from scratch, skip ahead to the “Setting up a New Guinness Draught System” section. Enjoy your Guinness. For complete installation, the following parts are necessary: If you already have a standard CO2 draft system setup, follow these steps to disconnect your system prior to installing the Guinness components. Use a standard flathead screwdriver or a nut driver to attach the screw clamp securely. Hold the glass on the bottom with your pointer finger on the golden harp logo. Continued cleaning of your system will prevent off-tasting beer in the future. Attach one end of the air line to a Nitrogen regulator. The shut off valve should still be turned to the OFF position, which is perpendicular to the air line. A stronger GUINNESS® beer variant called Foreign Extra Stout is also brewed in Africa and other places. FREE Shipping by Amazon. '('+((item.color=='None')? Give the gift of cheers with our curated list of kick-ass products. or Best Offer +C $24.00 shipping; New listing NEW Guinness Irish Draught Ceramic 11" Beer Keg Tap Handle Mancave Pub … Modern brewing methods enable GUINNESS® to deliver the highest quality products that we are proud to put Arthur's name to today. Pull the spout toward you and fill the glass until it is three-quarters full. So if you’re looking for a refreshing pint of Guinness look no further than our Guinness Keg Hire service! And as GUINNESS® Draught Extra Cold - available in keg. To find a mixed gas dealer in your area, it’s a good idea to ask your local Guinness distributor whom he or she recommends. The Guinness Import Company goes to great lengths to make sure that gas dealers are properly blending mixed gas. or Best Offer +C $24.00 shipping; Beer Tap Handle Guinness Draught Beer Keg Tap Handle ( Read Add ) C $94.05. Turn the hand wheel counterclockwise to engage the air tank, and move the shut-off valve at the bottom of the regulator to the ON position, which will mean it is facing downwards, or parallel to the regulator output barb and the air line attached to it. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The draft beer equipment that you already have and your budget will determine which route you choose to get Guinness on tap at home. 'No' : item.color)+' pad)' }}, £ Especially when changing beers in your system, regular cleaning is a necessity. How To's & Guides Or, you can convert an existing kegerator for Guinness use with a, . The delivery process can lead to the beer becoming over-carbonated and foamy. Attach the opposite end of the air line to the hose barb, which is the opening on the side of the keg coupler. Each option includes a stout faucet, Nitrogen regulator, U-system keg coupler, and all adapters needed for a proper connection. We are all about enjoying good drinks with good friends. GUINNESS® beer is not actually black but rather dark ruby red because of the way the ingredients are prepared. Call us at (646) 712-9759 9:00am to 5:00pm EST Monday - Friday. Use care to place the Nitrogen air tank in a spot either inside or outside keg fridge where it is secured and will not tip over. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Today the range of GUINNESS® products available includes: GUINNESS® Draught - the creamy pint, available in keg, bottle and can formats. Partial Guinness Stout Conversion Kit - Chrome Faucet + U System Coupler + Tank Adapter . GUINNESS® Draught - the creamy pint, available in keg, bottle and can formats. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. What are the key ingredients in GUINNESS® ? 64. Or, you can convert an existing kegerator for Guinness use with a Guinness kegerator conversion kit. Clean beer lines will avoid the issue of old beer in your draft lines affecting the taste of the Guinness. Compare . If the air line connection is attached with a screw clamp, use a flathead screwdriver or a nut driver to remove or loosen the screw clamp connection before removing the CO2 keg regulator. As with other beer and air line connections, you may have to use some force as you attach the line to the hose barb for a secure seal. 00. Pump the line cleaning solution through the system to clean the beer lines. with one of these specialty faucets, all you need to do is remove the restrictor disc. : Bud, Miller, Coors etc.) Then, pull the coupler handle out while pushing the handle downwards, until the handle is lowered and in the engaged position. Guinness is poured between 30-35 PSI. Our key ingredients - other than inspiration - are roasted malted barley, hops, yeast and water. This is exactly the same as GUINNESS® Draught, but served a few degrees cooler. This is actually less than most lagers and spirits. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. The mini keg homebrew draught system is an enviable bit of kit for any enthusiast. Look closely. You did not add any gift products to the cart. The 1759 lease is no longer valid as the Company purchased the lands outright many years ago. The mini keg chiller is a versatile piece of equipment that only requires a mains output to both pull and chill the stout automatically as it has a built in all in one chilling system and air pump. FREE Shipping by Amazon. To dispense any other type of beer (i.e. DIY Kegerator Tap Handle, FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Small Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle, Mini kegerator Tap Handles, 6.5 Inch Tall Oak Wood, Stout Beer Faucet 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel - Nitrogen Draught and Nitro Coffee Faucet by Royal Brew…, EdgeStar KC1500SSOD 15" Built-In Outdoor Kegerator, Commercial Dual Tap Kegerator - KITMA 68 Inches Keg Beer Cooler Refrigerator with Digital Display, 4 Faucet, 33°F - 38°F, Chalkboard Tap Handle For The Draft Beer Lover's Kegerator or Bar (Dark), Kegco BF EBDCK-5T Conversion Kit, 1 Faucet with Tank, Deluxe, Taprite T752HP Two Product Dual Pressure Kegerator CO2 Regulator, Kegco KC KT85D-L Keg Coupler D System, 1, Black, Premium Double Gauge Nitrogen Keg Regulator, Kegco KC KTS97D-W D System Keg Tap, Stainless Steel, EdgeStar KC1500BL 15" Built-In Black Stainless Steel Kegerator, Fizzics FZ403 DraftPour Beer Dispenser - Converts Any Can or Bottle Into a Nitro-Style Draft, Awesome Gift for Beer Lover, Guinness Stout Beer Keg Beer Coupler - U System - Commercial Quality, Kegco Kegerator Full Size Keg Refrigerator - Single Faucet - D System, Stainless Steel, FERRODAY Dual Gauge CO2 Draft Beer Regulator Dual Stage Pressure Regulator CGA-320 CO2 Tank Beer Kegerator Regulator with Relief Valve Beer Keg Pressure Regulator for Homebrew 0-60 PSI 0-3000PSI, Kegco Black Stainless Kegerator Digital Beer Keg Cooler Refrigerator - Dual Faucet - D System, Keg Coupler, MRbrew Beer Coupler, Keg Coupler D System, Sankey Keg Coupler, All 304 Stainless Steel Keg Tap Coupler, For American Standard 5/16'' I.D Size Liquid & Gas Hose, Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle for Kegerator with Monogrammed M, Perfect For Home Bar, Laser Engraved Keg Tap Handles, Craft Beer Gift, 8 Inch Tall Walnut Wood, EdgeStar KC7000SSTWIN Full Size Dual Tap Tower Cooled Built-In Kegerator - Stainless Steel Black, EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler, EdgeStar KC7000SS Full Size Built-In Tower Cooled Kegerator - Black and Stainless Steel, Danby Single Tap 5.2 Cubic Ft. Spotless Steel Home Beer Kegerator Beer Dispenser, Homecraft Black Stainless Steel Easy-Dispensing Tap Mini Kegerator Cooling System, Includes Reusable Growler, CO2 Cartridges, Removable Drip Tray & Cleaning Kit, Beer Fresh For 30 Days, 5-liter, Stout Beer and Coffee Faucet 304 Grade Stainless Steel - Nitrogen Draught Faucet by MRbrew, Danby, DKC054A1BSL2DB, 5.4 Cu.Ft.


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