Keep in mind that even though this room spray is not meant to go on the skin, to be on the safe side, use a skin safe fragrance – not a candle or potpourri fragrance. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive more helpful and interesting tips on staying clean, smelling good and living a happier life! It has water, doesn’t that mean it will have lesser life? This is the perfect way to smell great, and know that you are using non-toxic ingredients on your skin! I never thought about trying to make my own body spray but I think I'm gamed to do it now! Can you use bath oil in place of the vegetable oil or glycerine? It's very nice to see the recipe and easy to make perfume at home. These oils can be toxic and may offer little value. Would adding a good preservative help? });
. Another option instead of alcohol or vodka would be to use witch hazel. In a separate container mix glycerin and water. What's a girl to do?!) I've since switched to washing my hair with baking soda (same ACV rinse) and am MUCH happier with that, but having ditched perfumes and any hair care products that made my hair smell good, so I'd still like to find an essential oil combination that I'm happy with to spray on my hair. If you’d like to purchase a recommended product, please use the links to support this blog. Aloe & Silk Body Spray This lightweight spray is perfect for those days after you've overdosed on the sunshine and have a UV hangover (also known as a sunburn). One of the units of measurement is missing in your recipe though. Going to try some of them. So I'm hoping making my own body spray will alleviate that. Tag Archives: homemade body spray. Deborah Ward October 16, 2015 ... We’ve also got a cute Cow Pie Bath Bomb Recipe made using Hayride Fragrance Oil. You can find fragrance oils in every craft store, online, soap making source, etc. Related: Checkout an essential oils for beginners kit here! They can rob the oil of its scent and properties, so make sure you protect your DIY project by protecting it from light in a dark glass container. Learn more about essential oil safety. Very well done. So there you have it. vasantha T k from Bangalore on May 27, 2015: Interesting voted up. Making your own body mist at home is fun, simple and also a money-saver. Get your order pushed to the front of the line with the chance to get your order shipped the same day as ordered. However, the scent doesn’t last long. (I find olive oil's smell a bit strong for this project, but many people like it. I hope this helps!ReplyCancel, hi, I've not done very well with blending and it's very frustrating ;-( And it seems that most of the manufactured blends I've smelled have lavender in them. Spray and enjoy a new refreshing scent! I've been searching for a good perfume recipe for two days and this is by far the best I've seen. Like perfumes, you can apply it to your skin. Can I neglect alcohol or witch hazel??.. I'll look it up. Leave us a reply and let us know how it worked out! Here are more ways to use essential oils. Thank you for sharing so ready to make my own signature spray thank you I am so grateful. Kindly send me the combinations of essential oils.then I make spray perfume. Shoot!!! This new fragrance oil has a sweet and evocative scent, captivating and sensuous with a tropical touch. All the essential oil body spray recipes and resources I talk about can be made using these materials below. I want to know what the shelf life for the spray is. I use all my sprays within about 3 months of making ReplyCancel. I was shocked by how easy it was to make my own fragrances at home by using essential oils and other ingredients. I use it separately for its effects, but not my favorite and I find it overpowering in blends, even at a small amount.


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