Subscribe to our monthly digest so you never miss an article.Sign Me Up. People can distinguish roughly 7 million different colors, so it might seem like long odds for finding just the right tone for your site. Also, don’t forget about people with color blindness. The backgrounds here can be white or pastel, but the key here is that they don’t act as the actual colors. Whether for your house or your website, it’s always a good idea to make sure the structure is sound before you start slapping new paint on the walls. And again if you choose to use too much colour on your website, you are risking making your website look tacky. Here’s what one of the blog posts looks like: It’s a simple color scheme, but it’s incredibly effective because of that simplicity. At first, I found that stat to be amazing. Do you want people to stay to read through your longer posts? In other words, are you looking to give off a friendly, local farmer’s market vibe with a cornucopia of warm hues — or something sleeker and more polished, like a skyscraper on Wall Street? Recent research indicates that up to 90 percent of today’s consumers purchase products based on color. It is crystal clear that colours have a significant impact when it comes to digital marketing. This is the reason they go for very simple grids with white backgrounds that make the goods most visible. , in 2013, Bing, a search engine by Microsoft, ran a set of experiments with the colors of their titles, links, and captions. It’s that friend you can rely on to help paint your living room without dripping paint on the baseboards or leaving accidental blotches at the edges of the ceiling. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are five main color combinations: complementary, split complementary, triads and tetradic, analogous, and monochromatic. So I think it’s fair to say that color scheme is pretty important. For instance, if you own a website that sells kids bouncy jumps, using black colour, in this case, is a wrong choice. You might be seeing a tint (a color with white added to it), a shade (a color with black added to it), or a tone (a color with grey added to it). Complete our simple request form and an Emerge team member will contact you personally. If a website is designed well and meets the users needs they more likely to stay on your website and contribute not only to increased sales, but a higher ranking. Now I’d like you to think about your target demographic. There are three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. It is quite simple with the help of colour wheels. Go with the bold colors for impressive, eye-catching solutions. Any ideas where it could help in your funnel? Think of the website as your shop window —. Who is it you’re trying to reach and sell to? the image, login button, and even hyperlinks are all green. Choosing color schemes can feel overwhelming, especially when delving into more complex combinations like split-complementary and tetradic schemes — so perhaps the easiest thing to keep in mind when starting out is that some of the most visually-pleasing and effective color schemes keep it simple.


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