You can increase the eyelashes, but be cautious about the direction in which you draw them. – Easy step by step guide, How to draw lips? Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Simply make the area below the outline darker. Draw symmetrical eyes. Pupils shouldn't be too big. When you draw the eyebrows along with the eye, don’t forget to shade the surroundings based on the location of the light source. We have discussed the step by step procedure to draw an eyebrow. See the below figure on how I shade the border of the eyebrows to make it not to see as pasted on the face. Of course, you won't find such eyes in real world. Experiment your best priority by picking out a brown, a green, and both shades of blue, and test which looks better in how you do the colour inside. Now, we move on to shading the eyeball. Then connect the ends with a smooth line. How do I do the shading for the pupil when drawing human eyes? The left end of the eye must be at the level of the bottom of the cornea. See the following figure that shows some eyebrows. Now let’s read the step by step guide to draw a realistic eyebrow, Following are the easy steps to follow to draw an eyebrow. We've created informative articles that you can come back to again and again when you have questions or want to learn more! These lashes are, on the contrary, become shorter at the center. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. First, we must draw two ovals in shape of lemons with circles in the middle for pupils. With a smudge stick, soften the curved line. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. With a smudge stick, shade the area around the lower eyelid. How would be the placement of hairs on eyebrows? Keep it dark initially, and as you move towards the pupil, lessen the darkening. When we are supposed to draw eyes, we often end up creating almonds with eyeballs. Draw a semicircle above the central line of the rectangle, which stretches to the sides of the figure. Sketching an eye is easy. ArtHearty gives easy step-by-step instructions, explaining the details of drawing human eyes. Learn to draw the New Year in stages together with a child (+ coloring), Learn to draw an illustration “Christmas Eve” in stages together with the child (+ coloring), Learn to draw a child on a sledge step by step (+ coloring). They end near the iris. With a 4B pencil draw spokes going outward from the pupil. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Carefully erase the centre line, leaving only the outlines of the eyes. Don’t lose interest if it doesn’t seem perfect at first. Here we use a 2B pencil for shading. We also have an online coloring of the eyes for children. To make the eye look realistic, we need a blob of light or two, and a good place to put it is above and below the pupil. Remember that the second contour is not a square but a rectangle. If you look at the eye under a microscope, you can see the pattern on the iris. Effective eye illustration requires both personal practice and a thorough education about the eye. The complete step by step guide, How to draw an eye on paper? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. 3. Draw a smaller circle inside the iris in the upper part. The eyelashes and the pupil are black. Now your drawing is almost ready. However, these geometric shapes will help you to All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. draw the Eyes easy and correctly. As with most things, this will be hard until you've practiced enough to get better at it. The eyebrow is drawn on a face where the brow bone is slightly projected outward. You start of by drawing... 3. Drawing eyes that are looking down can be very easy, and at the same time, a bit difficult. Focus on shapes and outlines, initially. Start by making an outline of the eyebrow and the eye. ✦ 2B Pencil✦ Kneaded Eraser✦ Smudge Stick✦ Color Blender✦ Loads of Patience✦ A Little Creativity. These are shorter and scarce in number. Use a 2B pencil to shade the background of the eyebrow. So, we shade the skin first to avoid the shading in later stages. Or if you’re lazy like me, just go ahead and clone that motherf****er! The eyes should be very big with long lashes. We wanna make it look like the eye just blinked down. Keep in mind that we are not going to erase the borderlines. Let’s see how this goes. Get your pencil and notebook. Here is step by step guide to draw an eye. The inner circle should be smaller. Draw a curved line above the eye, which starts from the line of the iris and ends near the outer corner. Draw two ovals shaped like lemons. Have you already gone through the following posts? Also shade the fold below the eyebrow and over the eyelashes. Use mechanical pencil to outline the area that you have shaded. Refer to our image, and add specks, strokes, and dots carefully. It doesn't have to be too detailed or shaded... 2. Make sure you get the shape that you want before you start adding details though. You also have take into account the shape and the size of the eye. Start by drawing the basic top eyelid line. The hairs are straight lines in the second figure. Sorry, you must be logged in to post a comment. In order to do that, draw two contours instead of one (see my example). The eyebrows grow on the brow bone which is just above the eyes. Leave some areas untouched as they will be filled in later. The step by step guide. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Following are the easy steps to follow to draw an eyebrow. Once the inner eye is finished, come back out and shade in some lashes on the top and bottom of the eye. 2. Next, draw a circle inside these 2 lines, making sure the circle touches the top and bottom of the arc. Again, the spacing between the eye and eyebrow is an important factor here. But now you should erase them. Draw the auxiliary rectangle to get correct eye. No need to rush when it comes to sketching. Hey, those are some nice looking peepers! 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. If you do shade too darkly, simply erase some away to make it look lighter but not too light. The following are the tools that we are going to use in this tutorial. The other parts of the series include the tutorials to draw. Now, make a slightly triangular shape, showing the corner of the eye. To create this article, 26 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. So the line should be as light as possible. Yes. The anime in your drawing can be a little bit exaggerated but very spectacular. Drawing human eyes is always the most difficult process. Now that you have all these details down, you can start working on your ideas and use these techniques to create great images of the human eye. This tutorial covers simple human eyes and cartoon eyes for your practice. Check the size of the hairs in the figure shown above. The eyelashes at the end are the biggest. Auxiliary figure. Practice! Using the mechanical pencil, add some darkness to the shadows surrounding the iris. Draw light lines and use your finger to sort of "blend it". It's a difficult step, so pay attention to it. Usually, people don’t highlight the top portion of eye, which makes it look incomplete and unreal. The other end of the brow should be sharp and pointed, while the starting part can be smudged. These have to be a tad lighter. Then move to making the lower eyelid; add individual eyelashes at the eye edge. There is the pupil which is the dark area in the center of the eyeball. Check the following figure to understand the direction of eyebrows to draw. The borders of the eyebrow should blend to the skin. The pencil should be sharp enough to keep the quality of each hair. Use the pencil to fill out the pupil while taking care not to apply too much pressure. Basic Top Eyelash Line. Did you see the above figure were we drew different types of eyebrows? Pupil is the smaller, inner hole in the middle of the eye. The first and the last lines are meant for the edges the face; the second and fourth lines are for the eyes. Erase the part of the iris, which is located beyond the eye’s border. The left eye is drawn in exactly the same way, only the rectangle is tilted to the right eye. Draw the auxiliary rectangle to get correct eye. Draw the lower lashes, starting from the outer corner of the eye.They are not as long as the upper ones. Can I just use a single color pen for drawing? Line the contour of the eye and the iris. Things you will require: A sheet to draw For the time being, let's draw only one eye in order to make the drawing process easier on you. Now add the lower part of the eyelashes. Now darken the iris and tack on some reflections of the eyelashes. Each hair will be thick at the root and thin at the end. Eyebrow hairs are thin and short. In general, eyebrows grow in an outward direction from the joint of eyebrows. Below posts might help you out. We’re gonna tell you how to span the steps from the basic sketch of an eye to the dramatic eyelashes, creating eyes that don’t look fake. A step-by-step guide to drawing realistic eyes. That can be done with a few simple steps: To draw human eyes, start by drawing the upper and lower eye with an arc in the middle of each line. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. How to draw a nose side view in easy 7 steps? This article has been viewed 108,376 times. You can use the mechanical pencil to do this while ensuring that the outline is not too dark. Learn more... Have you ever wanted to draw human eyes? Take the eraser and use it pull some highlight from the area outside the pupil. Make the basic outline of the eyebrow above the eye. The addition of more hairs helps to vanish the border lines that we have drawn in the second step. How do I do perfect shading for the pupil? Practice! Now draw out an outline based on the eye shape, taking care to keep the outline light. Blend the area from the inner place to outwards. This tutorial is exclusively to learn how to draw an eyebrow. were discussed in this tutorial. To get an idea about how complex it can be to draw the picture of an eye that is as near as possible to the real thing, you need to take a look at a close up of an eye. This will make the eye look more interesting. when we draw an eyebrow, the background will be the skin on the brow bone. Pay attention that the iris is not in the center, but a little bit over the top. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The hairs at the right corner in the figure are shorter than that in the middle. Draw lightly because you might have to erase. The random placement of hairs would make the eyebrow looks natural. We are often known to produce a rather primitive drawing of an eye, which will have the combination oval shape with fishtail like edges with the pupil and iris in the middle. Be careful, for if you darken it at this moment, it might look fake. Now concentrate on the area just outside the iris and add shadows to provide depth. We present the tutorial as a step by step procedure to follow to draw an eye using pencils. You can darken it by using a layering technique. Never outline darkly until you are all the way done. This is just a rough shape, so don’t worry about getting it exactly the same, as shown in the sample.


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