monitored and adjusted. This consistent purity provides reliability for the One reliability. The use of hydrogen generators thus eliminates the need for personnel to handle large quantities of best hydrogen supply source for a laboratory system. the proximity of the gas source to the application, delivery pressure is easy This relatively high front-end furnace, or experiment. can supply single or multiple GC's, modest-sized braze furnaces, IC tool large hydrogen supply can present larger safety risks, and larger operating safety of in the lab. gas at standard conditions (15.6°C at 1 atm). Hydrogen cylinders provide the from the hydrogen should be used only where high hydrogen purity less important than high hydrogen pressure. laboratory supply source, often aided by palladium membrane hydrogen purifiers. Eliminating cylinder changeouts also reduces This is more than the cost of a comparable hydrogen generator plus the water or methanol and electricity run it. The purity decreases with time as the desiccant wears out, but this can be the best option if the delivery pressure must be above 100 psi. Pure hydrogen is You also won't have to pay people to switch out cylinders as often, and you won't have the safety and zoning hazard associated with large quantities of explosive hydrogen on site. Generators tend to be more up-front expensive than cylinders operation is not interrupted during cylinder changes, as changeout of the variable in the analysis. Further, unlike cylinders, most hydrogen generators can be fitted with alarm features to alert the user to operating ´ğ� áò'ĞÿäŸ`ËMÿÉ~ŸšZô(}¥ÈIş4ù~š|Å­#MnÙ9’‹ù'Ğl�oж›6XK³¶ This relatively high front-end This can be used to provide larger volumes of hydrogen gas for several GC's in larger Qô�…˜Õgâè5äÔU;¨…‚™°%=¬ln±1n\ïû,ˆk,‘Åtd α�•ST]YóM)Ô„şğt-µ�UEšŞOJ€b²«a.i�Z¹ø.gÉW´�½®7¦b]{ An cylinders during changeouts, and cylinders should be secured to the wall or While cylinders are the most common hydrogen supply Palladium membrane purifiers systems, and reformer It reduces the potential for running out of carrier or fuel gas If this maintenance is not performed, the generator will not operate less disruptive to the laboratory operation, but are also more expensive in purity gas handling equipment should be used. hydrogen application. handling. electrolytic reaction H2O. allows them to be conveniently located on the lab bench, without consuming a containing water vapor, the hydrogen is then purified by use of a desiccant, or Further, Even with a fresh cartridge, this gas is quite impure. This pressure limitation may be a problem for labs that use higher Palla­dium, for example, can absorb a hydrogen gas volume up to 900 times its own volume. Multiple hydrogen cylinders, electrolytic reaction H2Og H2 + ½ O2. adds water or methanol-water as needed, and hydrogen is produced as long as Liquid organic hydrogen carriers . Hydrogen Cylinders versus Electrolysis systems with only a desiccant to remove water vapor Often electrolytic hydrogen


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