King Arthur specialty flours are available in several of the flour pantry packages, but the one I bought is NYB King Arthur Bread FlourPantry, and consists of three 5 lb bags of: KA Sir Lancelot is also sold in their NYB High-Gluten FlourPantry offering. I found another place that has a $75 minimum that I may consider – but this would still be A LOT of flour, like 250 pounds!! If you bought King Arthur bread flour and King Arthur high-gluten flour, the difference in protein level is 12.7% for the bread flour, 14.2% for the Lancelot - significant. Thanks! I'd love to hear your feedback, and I'm always looking for knew ways to make better bread. Soft and fluffy. When I came back, it was ready to shape and proof for the final bake. Copyright text 2017 by Northwest Sourdough. Has anybody else heard the good bread is like a sponge? I doubt that it was because I over-kneaded the store-brand bread dough because I had kept a very close eye on it. With the CoVid19 rush on goods our local grocery store ran out of flour. Soooo, I forgot to take a picture immediately after shaping, so these rolls have already proofed for a little bit. If you have any comments to make on your experience using either King Arthur or Gold Medal, please feel free to do so. Especially if you're just baking for fun or just starting out, $1 for a 5 lb bag of bread flour is a pretty good deal. And waited. It seems reasonable to believe that no one flour will bake all types of bread best. Do you have any idea what the protein content of the store-brand flour is? First, you make a tangzhong by combining flour, milk and water, cooking it until it thickens. For these tests, I used Italian starter and my kitchen was very warm, in the 80 – 90’s F. If you wish to follow the formula listed on the first post which is linked at the top of this post, you may need to double the bulk ferment times. Only this time, it only took 45 minutes for it to become a smooth and elastic dough. Am I better off going with the Galahad or Lancelot? But I guess it's pretty objective. I am very interested in your findings. The "Sir Lancelot" flour is wonderful for chewy bagels and bialys….and for rye breads to give as much gluten structure as possible to a dough with only a small percentage of wheat flour. I let them try both the crust and the crumb, without knowing which bread was from which loaf. For Japanese milk bread, I like to make 3 rolls and put them side-by-side, so they look like 3 cute little mountains when they bake. At, you can buy an assortment of specialty flours in 5 lb bags that you can otherwise only buy in 50 lb bags. Many people reserve bread flour for bagels. My initial thoughts: It's bread, all right. Sourdough (KAF says "never bleached, never bromated." So I made 2 loaves of the same bread, but one with KA bread flour, one with cheap, store brand bread flour. 15 10 Joined Feb 27, 2016. Unfortunately my online source for it is out of stock and I'd have to pay at least $40 (if not more) in just shipping costs to get it elsewhere.I may have a local source for either King Arthur's Sir Galahad or Sir Lancelot I've been baking my way through a 50# bag of King Arthur's Special Patent flour (their bread flour), and I've had some great results with this so far. Join my baking classes at: The results I achieve with Morbread flour consistently beats every flour I’ve tested, hands down. I made the tangzhong and put all the ingredients into the stand mixer and began the kneading. However, the KA flour loaf was definitely softer and the crust was a little less tough. If you love using bread flour and have favorite ways to use it, we hope you’ll share your experiences in the comments, below. What I was guessing was that the longer the dough took to develop, the less protein-content it had. What we’ve been doing during Christmas week! The Fresh Loaf is not responsible for community member content. bags of KAF AP from my local Costco, and now see the same bags at my local grocery store at about $12.00 US per bag. I was able to get the store brand bread flour on sale for only $1 (score! All original site content copyright 2020 The Fresh Loaf unless stated otherwise. One thing I noticed was that the store-brand flour loaf (top) had a split where it rose in the oven. The first loaf of each batch didn’t turn out as well as the second loaf. A more tolerant flour will have a wider window, allowing various degrees of handling to develop the gluten before it gets over worked. Bob's Red Mills But eventually, it kneaded up into a nice and smooth dough that passed the windowpane test (I found it a bit difficult to take a picture of showing the windowpane test, so it's not perfect). There are other factors to besides protein percent. 15 minutes may not seem like a lot to some people, but it really is. In my case, the answer was no but LaFama is pretty good flour at $1.47 for a 5# bag. Still skeptical I emailed Mr. Hamelman directly and he confirmed what the rep said. Quality of the protein varies so it may be worth buying premium flours. After a lot of frustration I called KAF and the customer service rep said that it was the same flour as KAF AP, just packaged for large distribution. I've made this recipe several times before and the result is always the softest, fluffiest, almost melt-in-your mouth bread. gold medal flour My roommates have it stuffed with processed foods. I'll definitely be giving the Sir Galahad a shot. This site is powered by Drupal. With 50 lbs bags of whole wheat, I re-bag it into 5 lb portions and freeze most of it. Also, if you have any thoughts about my test procedure, or just the bread making process in general, please comment. In the last post, found here: Of the two tested so far, the King Arthur and Gold Medal, I prefer the Gold Medal slightly over the King Arthur flour. I'll definitely give it a shot. I think Alfonso is one such baker. So just looking at the bread, the crumb doesn't look TOO different, except the crumb for the KA loaf seemed very slightly airier. The Fresh Loaf is not responsible for community member content. When we looked online for flour it was difficult to find and expensive. Anyways, the results seemed pretty decent. I've been baking my way through a 50# bag of King Arthur's Special Patent flour (their bread flour), and I've had some great results with this so far. There don’t seem to be many places here to buy flour in bulk. Your kindness will help me support this site and my family. Especially since I've never tried using Morbread flour, though I've tried KA and Bob's Red Mill. I found King Arthur, Gold Medal and Bob’s Red Mill bread flours. while the KA loaf didn't. As a cottage baker I too worked overtime to try and source Sir Galahad, mainly because it was what Jeffrey Hamelman used to make baguettes for King Arthur Flour's bakery in Vermont.


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