It was a cold, wet and dreary day, but we were going to have fun anyways! Take rent out of the equation, which is by far the highest expense wherever you live, and you’ve got around $1,000 (unless you choose to spend time at a pricy marina on one of the pricier islands, of course — more on that later). Provisioning the boat to your own tastes is of course essential, but you don’t need to go crazy on organic food and other luxuries if that’s not your thing. Have you voted in all of the awards? Fast forward to the January of 2011 when we attended the Seattle Boat Show, which included the floating show on Lake Union. When we returned home, we again attended the 2012 boat show and collected so much information ranging from toilets to electronics. - YouTube For a $30,000 boat loan paid over four years, you’d be spending $697.79 per month.⁵. When our journey finally starts, we’ll be referencing his blog. Admiralty Bay, Bequia Island, the Caribbean, As a rough guide, the marinas in the Eastern islands of the Caribbean have “medium” rates of around $1/foot per day.⁷, “Upscale” marinas may charge two or three times that much.⁷. But that can also simply be adding “salt to the wound”. I mean, you can certainly go sustainable and find ways to minimize this cost. Come along with Scott & Ally on their boating journey in the PNW. This trip will cover 3 very special islands and over ten different kite spots. if you are looking for something natural to get rid of the muscle pain, it may be time to consider essential oils. One of our favorite spots in the Caribbean, the Grenadines has so many un crowded kite bays and lagoons. Reading about their tropical adventures at sea and then looking at the 3″ of cold rain falling didn’t always make life better. Take a Flight to Princes Juliana, Saint Martin on the departure day. Total Cost. But you will probably need to spend at least some time at a marina. You could teach English…. Stunning views of Mount Rainier from Dege Peak! Fancy spending some time on English-speaking Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize? The author, Renee Petrillo has been so gracious answering all of my emails and answering our questions over the past two years. But the longer you stay, the less you pay per day.⁸, And if you just HAVE to go to St. Barts, but you’re on a budget, someone recently discovered that you can moor at the marine park for around just $2.40 per person per day.⁹, Why not explore and go for something to eat at the Chez Rose, Colombier and get a daily special for ~$12?⁷, Or you could head over to Les Gros Islets at 17°54.015’N 062°51.509’W and anchor your 39 foot boat for around €7.90 (~ $10).⁷, I soon found myself reading: The Motion of the Ocean  (a book about a local PNW couple), Sail Away: How to Escape the Rat Race and Live the Dream and A Trip to the Beach: Living on Island Time in the Caribbean. But it was still fun to look, touch and dream. Otherwise, you might end up needing to go home to work sooner than you hoped. #15    13/04/13                27/04/13                      14                   Cabin Available The voyage begins In Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe; the duration of the trip will be spent divided between four major Caribbean islands. We will provide you with a signed Yacht charter contract. F-ONE new movie is out today… WE ARE ONE… discover the new weapons for 2020 with a complete new range of foils and of course a new discipline with wingsurfing. So you’re talking $1,000–1,600 a month for a couple on a boat there. A 5 hours sail north will bring you to Antigua were there is an enormous coral reef that surrounds the windward northeastern part of Antigua. Suddenly, we were hooked and couldn’t stop thinking about that boat. During the week, we don’t get a ton of daytime shoppers, so I would pass the time following many of the sailing blogs down in the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean. The funny thing about me, is that I am not a reader. Stretched along this vast area are little islands and sand bars allowing us to anchor in sheltered bays or simply ride where the wind blows. Well, if they can do it, so could Scott and I and we both read that book fast! The cruisers’ biggest expense. More remote Barbuda has three perfect kite spots over crystal clear turquoise water and is located a 6 hours sail from Antigua. This was a great story about another couple, our age, who sold everything, bought a catamaran and sailed the Caribbean and with no sailing experience! Sailing and living on a Catamaran in the Caribbean! But think about it this way — if you want to make the most of your boat: sailing far away from land — wouldn’t that watermaker save you many thousands of times, as well as make it optional for you to go to a marina more often than not? #13    20/03/13                  30/03/13                     10                    Cabin Available, Guadeloupe To St Martin including Antigua & Barbuda, #10    22/02/13                08/03/13                    14                     Cabin Available, #      07/02/13               17/02/13                      10                   RESERVED Currently, I’m reading An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude, a story about a Toronto couple that heads down the ICW to the Caribbean. Living on a sailboat in the Caribbean seems like a dream. Congratulations, you have been entered into the competition, Good Luck. Marinas usually charge around 50c to $2 per foot. As Lisa told me, “Most people who are out cruising are not out working, so they will probably spend ten nights on the hook (on anchor), and then they’ll spend two nights at the marina: when they need water or laundry, internet, food, etc.”¹. Sail Away: How to Escape the Rat Race and Live the Dream, A Trip to the Beach: Living on Island Time in the Caribbean, An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude, Our Anacortes Yacht Charter to Roche Harbor. Quite a pretty penny. In the Dominican Republic, for example, you can find many a pensioner living on their $1,500 Social Security money — and they are paying rent. Getting a work permit can be a struggle in some countries. Contact us by email in advance to check availability and destinations. The crazy thing about this place is that on the same day you can find your own perfect wave and then crystal clear flat water just beside it. I wanted our kids to know the journey we had experienced, but we never had kids and after a few years I stopped updating it. I also started following blogs of other catamaran sailors and their adventures. But you don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive chart plotters, GPS, radar, fridge, and cushions! #20    23/06/13                03/07/13                      10                   Cabin Available, Price per person / mix group                 7 Nights             10 Nights             14 Nights, Private cabin 2 passenger                        €1400                   €2070                  €2400


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