I usually get bored with the game soon after the story quests (my fav part of the game) are over, even Zero which I thought was the best class for me I quit after reaching lvl 180 and finishing the quests. Required Level: 200 You get 1 coin for every 1000 points you get during a spirit saviour run. @Orlando Gabriel: Thanks for noticing the discrepancy. Try to run it with guildies as Hard Muto is relatively difficult to clear if you just finished your ChuChu prequests. Black cubes are primarily used for tiering up potential, as they have a higher success rate than red cubes, however also have a higher cost because you can choose whether to keep the old potential or new potential. when you hit endgame, a 48/6% flame will be the same value as a 108 stat flame. 190-200 Foreign Excavation Site 2/3 Twilight Perion. 2. Before you go into a boss fight or are farming for a certain drop (e.g. Need advices badly! Same applies to flames: roll at your own discretion, however do keep in mind that flat stat is not always what you should aim for, because %all stat can be worth as much as 8-10 flat stat per 1%. Thinking of funding one because I kind of like the BaM’s mechanics after the black heaven patch. Actually that 1500 should be in miliseconds XD. if my kanna was level 160 and I was level 190 and the mob was level 162 we’d be all good. If the Grim Harvest kills a monster, the duration is increased by 0.2 sec per enemy. 2 (MAX) Damage Accessories come last,  because you’ll be using your drop gear 90% of the time unless you’re bossing or you need the bonus damage for grinding levels. Level 10: MP Cost: 40, Duration: 200 sec, Staff Mastery (Passive) Attacking during cooldown will strike a lightning to a single enemy at a chance of 2%, with damage of 104%. For example, I had a unique Utgard Claw that I transfer hammered to my Fafnir Risk Holder and this is what happened to its potential lines. If you’re deadset on getting everything maxed, go for Princess No or Maple Treasure but honestly you’re only losing a few wep atk so it’s absolutely fine to cube your normal secondary to 3L ATT. Be wary of the gp requirements/rules. With gloves, they take anywhere from 2 months to a whole year to get them, depending on how often you run invasion and kritias dailies, however most take 6 months-1 year to get them, so personally,  I would not bother trying to go past 5 stars on them because of the crazy amount of effort you need to put in to get them, however some endgame players will go for 8 stars if they’re feeling ballsy and some 10* if they wanna make bad life decisions. Armor pieces such as top/bottom can roll lines like ‘5% chance to ignore 40% damage’ and ‘Enables the use of Decent Hyper Body’- these kinds of lines are absolutely useless for most classes (except for Demon Avenger, see note below) and having them in the pool of possible lines makes it more costly to get a good %Main Stat potential. Dark Genesis’ cooldown is decreased by 40%. You trade 3 coins for 1 symbol, and you can only get a maximum of 30 coins per day. Bowman : Mercedes. @stitch Recent Posts; Recent Activity; Authors; Forums. Party Shield (Supportive) If you want full optimisation, get around ~200k ish range so you can ohko with the skill soul bomb and get any hilla soul which will boost your rates by helping you kill more quickly. Will be canceled if you use another type of aura. Is BaM skills neutral, isnt it? Get an offering by talking to the NPC and enter. › I also cannot stress enough the importance of a support class. Level 1: MP Cost: 110, Duration 10 sec, -1% damage when hit with fixed damage attack. Staff Boost (6) Every 500 levels after that you unlock the next outer part of the grid. This takes a fair amount of practice, and you need to practice and do it daily to get better. Inner ability is yet another RNG based game mechanic, you unlock one line at lv30, one at lv50 and the last at lv70. They can be added to equips using potential scrolls, and changed using cubes. If you get 3L Crit Damage go to the lottery or you’re a hacker. These are pretty much your fifth job skills. I was searching for this actually. Your level affects only up to Lv. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds. Both servers can require literally $0. Level 5: 40 INT. Staff Mastery (5) Guides Guides by the community, for the ... Latest: Rentorock, Oct 30, 2020. but then can you guide me on how to cube my eqs? High Wisdom (MAX) Art of Staff (MAX) There’s also the Tyrant belt, (which you’ll use once you get 2 Superior Gollux Pendants) that you want to get to 10 stars as well (12 for the hardcore). MapleStory Battle Mage Skill Build Guide V2 Also has the link skill benefit of 10% boss damage at level 2. Being in a discord channel or smth similar makes the run so much easier. A new KMST patch has been released with changes to the new 4th V skills that were released a few weeks ago. Hey Ayumi-chan there’s no free SP for the fourth job. For normal equipment (not tyrants, so your weapon), it essentially allows you to get an extra star of enhancement for free. Level 1: MP Cost: 30, Damage: +11%, Critical Rate: +11%, Min Critical Damage: +1%, Max Enemies Hit by Any Skill: 1 aside from the Death skill. If you’re keen on optimisation, you’re going to want to level your own kanna mule for nodefarming/grinding purposes. My range is around 1.1m only, crit rate is 73, min crit 81, max crit 84, ignore def 83, boss 160. Level 20: Extra MP Cost upon using Teleport: 15, Max Number of Hit Enemies between start and end point of teleporting: 8, Damage: 225%, Number of Attacks: 4. Hi Ayumi, I have two comments to make for the pros and cons section. Warrior : Aran. Each region, VJ, ChuChu, Lachelein, Arcana and Morass  each have their own Arcane Symbol, which supplies your character with Arcane Force. Once you get in, leave the party so you can do the boss solo. Spell Boost (Passive) This unlocks Blackhearted Curse (140), an aura that constantly damages any mobs within a small radius of your character, which makes telefarming possible. Uses deadly lightning to hit and temporarily stun a maximum of 15 enemies. Shouldn’t the Quad and Quintuple not be fully maxed, because the next blow skills required the previous one lvl 10+, why not just max dark chain and battle burst instead? 180 second CD *, Note: Only bother with this if you are a playing a class that doesn’t naturally get 100% stance from skills/passives, Resistance -> 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 seconds of invincibility after resurrection. Party Shield (MAX) Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points) Make sure you get all the auto-move skills to maximise the range that it can auto-move. 4. BATTLE MAGE OVERVIEW. Dark Genesis’ extra lightning attack’s damage while on cooldown is increased by 20%. Skill from Demon Slayer. For Liberty (Supportive) Hilla-30k Minimum, 200-300k to kill quickly. This is because your second and third lines can be rare/epic/unique tier, however your first line is always guaranteed to be legendary so you can guarantee a good second line and then use honour exp to get a decent first line, even if it isn’t perfect. You ‘flame’ your wings of fate cape for free, by continuously dropping it and reclaiming a new pair from the NPC, and this is a nice free way to get a well flamed cape. Teleport Ver. What class should I play?Play whatever looks fun to you. Here, you have a choice: You can either do the Mushroom Shrine Tales questline to get the Wings of Fate cape, which you can then star enhance to 8-10 stars which will be the best you can get until your tyrant cape, or you can try and aim to get a set of Nova cape and boots from running Normal Magnus. What are the main differences between reboot and normal servers? Available at level 140, starts through a quest from Grendel in Ellinia who will take you to Crimsonheart Castle. Again… I don’t get it, people are being so fast to shout nerf it is unbelievable. Most people settle for 1L Crit dmg with other suboptimal potentials, such as a DSE/DSE line or a Main Stat % line. There’s also some new AWAKE events. PRIMARY WEAPON: Staff (1-handed weapon) like what stats should i stay with and those hyper stats/ inner. ->Tot’s Know How is a quest from levels 20-60, and every 10 levels you get a new quest from Tot’s that will teach you about certain game mechanics. Dark Aura (MAX) If I’ve missed any sections or there is anything you’d like me to add to the guide, please comment below and let me know. There is a new PQ called Erda Spectrum from the NPC next to the 5 dailies quest which gives you 2 symbols per run up to 6 per day. Emblem-consuming attacks have 20% bonus damage when attacking a boss. I made this to hopefully stop the flood of “Returning player pls help!’ posts that always seem to flood the subreddit. Version 4 is for any MapleStory that has Black Heaven patch installed. Learn Dark Shock to get Darkness Emblem on Dark Chain and Battle Burst too, and the emblems on those skills will not be used up. Like can a battlemage hit 12 + 2 lines of dmg? Level 20: MP Cost per sec: 28, 10% of damage dealt by party member recovers to your HP. 7. Gloves- Gloves are a bit special, you can roll potential lines that enable you to use DSI and DSE which are decent and save you node slots, so you can use boost nodes/active nodes instead however for  late game damage you’ll want to roll for % Crit Damage lines. Level 1: MP Cost: 100, Duration: 31 sec, gain the effect of all your auras A new KMST patch has been released! Battle Master (Supportive) Note: These 3 pieces of gear are what constitute what is known as your ‘WSE’ (weapon, emblem, secondary) and are very important because they are the only pieces of gear that can roll %Att, IED and Boss lines (except for the emblem, which can’t roll %boss lines). 8. If you’re going for 8k legion and want faster grinding and have a 3rd access to maple (laptops/craptops) it’ll be beneficial to make a lv170 Bishop Mule for Holy Symbol. Magicians : Luminous, Evan. 3. Quality MapleStory Content and Guides. is a nerf. If you’re new to the bosses, such as Chaos Vellum/Lotus/Damien, at look up the mechanics of the boss/ watch videos so you don’t die 5x in 1 minute and waste time of the carrier. Nexon is taking away buffs to the point where only one or two auras will ever be used. © 2020 Games Meta | GamesMeta is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Grim Contract III (Passive) Level 1: MP Cost per sec: 8, Abnormal Status Resistance: +10%, Damage Absorption: +5%. It’s pretty much free bonus stats. Other than that amazing work as always!! 0. I get 3 SP when I reach Level 100 (4th job advancement). This skill will set all of your skills to only target 1 monster to deal more damage. I just want to ask. 10. Increasing your range: The best way to easily increase damage is by making Link Skill mules. Any mobs in Arcane River also drop nodestones, but at a low rate. 1.2.336 – MapleStory AWAKE: 4th V! This is the second patch of the MapleStory AWAKE update! @nick, no they cannot stack anymore as if the latest revamp, Hey Ayumi, a few things I noted. It is sad that they applied cooldown on sweeping staff D: @BeanieJackz: You will get both aura since they are different skills. MapleStory Battle Mage Skill Build Guide V1


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