What this brand might be has been the subject of speculation since the Book of Revelation was written. We must be OBEDIENT to our LORD even unto death, if that is what He requires of us! Schreiner says the second beast is a “kingdom rising out of the sea” which “is not humane, civil, or supportive of its citizens.” The sea “was a place of chaos, danger, and evil for the Hebrews.” We are watching for a time of chaos to sweep the globe, bringing widespread political upheaval, censorship, despotic legalism, and terrorism. God clearly explains in His Word what this mark actually is. In other words, worshiping another god is the same thing as saying “yes” to Satan. We aren’t scared that we will be taken advantage of.”. Remember the Disciples of Jesus Christ with all who have chosen to follow Him did not love this life unto death. These are given to prepare His people so that none may be deceived during the closing days of earths history. One writer has commented that technology exists to mark every person on the earth using a microchip, so marking everyone who does not pledge allegiance to Satan (or reject Christ) is technically possible. And I saw A GREAT WHITE THRONE, and HIM THAT SAT ON IT, from those whose FACE the EARTH, and the HEAVEN FLED AWAY; and there was FOUND NO PLACE FOR THEM. It is forbidden by God Almighty and the wages of this sin, is eternal damnation in the lake, which burned with fire, and brimstone. First, when biohackers chip themselves, they typically put the RFID chip into the palm of one hand because it’s easy to wave that at sensors to open doors or process payments, and the scripture specifically mentions the mark on a person’s hand. God never leaves His followers in the dark about matters He wants them to understand. and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast ... vs 15 ...and cause that as many as would not worship God forbid any of us do this! The same goes for any other physical mark. After an exhausting 18 hours in labor, a mother delivers a healthy baby. What Is The Mark Of The Beast According To The Bible. 2020: Have We Reached the “Beginning of Sorrows”? To find the mark of the beast in the scriptures we have to read Revelation Chapter Thirteen. Do not be deceived just because people are willingly getting chipped in their left hand. WE do not Save any Kind of Personal Data such as Password , Username or any other Personal Credentials. “With A.I. Many have left the word of God, and no longer want to hear the truth, because they love their sin, their wickedness more then, being saved in Jesus Christ. (Note. (Note.


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