Book your place at the reputed and urban neighborhoods. The people there live in fear of the army. These factors involve political violence posing threat to travelers (including insurgency, terrorism, war, and politically motivated unrest), social unrest (including ethnic violence, sectarian, and communal) petty and violent crimes. Chances are you already know that this country’s last decades are only reflected by war. Do you want to know about the most dangerous countries in Asia? But due to the threat to life there, it is the last place where you might want to travel. Unseen, unvisited, unique. Crimes like armed robbery, carjacking, assault, rape, and kidnapping are very common throughout the country. It’s a war zone, especially in Damascus, having a weapon or an armed partner can increase your chances of surviving this trip. Fail to do so can lead to prison time and other painstaking legal actions. There is a high murder rate in both of these cities plus other criminal cases such as rape, assaults, violent robberies, etc. But in this search of experiencing a new adventure people often opt for places that turn out to be dangerous. The tiny nation in Southeast Asia ... #2 – Japan. You could become the victim of untamed wilderness at any moment. Al Mukalla is one of the cities that you should avoid when visiting Yemen. You can easily get mugged, even in safe countries.
But the lack of secure living there brings it down from the list of the places you might want to visit. Police will find many mass graves with victims that show signs of being tortured before being killed. This country has a lot of cities where the level of crime is always high. Foreigners are a sure target for terrorist groups, so it’s best to avoid hot spots in Yemen and stick with cities that are peaceful.

According to The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) by the start of 1950, the number of tourists traveling each year was just 25 million which today has increased to 1.4 billion international tourists per year. Keep your appearance simple so that you won’t become a target. Bonus points if your friends know the language. According to the spectator index, it is one of the most dangerous countries to live in. The favelas are running loose mugging the tourist especially on the carnivals. Tourists can easily be kidnapped by Taliban or even a couple of criminals for financial gain. North Korea is not a dangerous country per say, but it is a very strict one. The tourists were from Spain and traveled in a convoy. Kuala Lumpur is a city in Malaysia that has a lot of appeal to many visitors. Safety Score: 8.58. The most dangerous countries in Asia are Afghanistan, India and Pakistan, while in the Middle East it is Iraq and Yemen. Most of the victims are the Iraqis, but foreigners are also targeted. #3 Qatar. Log in, The Pros and Cons of Self-Defense Classes, 20,000 Minutes Taught - A Digital Gypsy's Insider Look at Cambly Tutoring, Landing on My Butt: My Story of Learning Taekwondo, Top 14 Tips for Living Alone While Abroad. Your email address will not be published. No shopping centers, markets, malls, hotels, restaurants, places of worship, schools, bars, transportation hubs, government installations are safe. So, these 1.4 billion travelers are always looking for a new place to travel.

Pakistan can be a dynamic country when it comes to safety. In some zones of Pakistan car bombings and political assassinations happen on a weekly basis. This country is a hub for terrorism. In Karachi, murder and kidnapping are something common. They will know that you are a foreigner and you will be a sure target. Also, try your best not to get fooled by taxi drivers, it’s the oldest scam in the book, and many fall for it.


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