It also fosters a sense of … Jeff Nowak is a shareholder at Littler Mendelson P.C., the world’s largest employment and labor law practice representing management. If your employees aren’t worried about losing their job if they have a child, they are more likely to return to work after their leave is up. The Company also apparently provided  flexible return-to-work benefits to moms that were not offered to dads. Jeff Nowak is a shareholder at Littler Mendelson P.C., the world’s largest employment and labor law practice representing employers. Photo courtesy of iStock   NCECF, a nonprofit in Raleigh, has four employees. Maternity. You name it. Nearly three out of four workers taking unpaid time off under the federal FMLA do so to deal with their own serious health condition or to care for an ill child, spouse, or parent. . That’s a pretty fabulous parental leave policy, says me, the father four times over. D emographic and cultural shifts bring increased attention to family caregiving concerns in the workplace. According to the EEOC at the time, Estée Lauder provided eligible new mothers six weeks of paid parental leave for child bonding (in addition to leave for recovery for childbirth), but only offered new fathers two weeks of paid bonding leave. So, you can imagine my interest when, last year, the EEOC sued skin care/fragrance behemoth Estée Lauder, claiming that its parental leave policies discriminated against men. When Your Employee Cries Uncontrollably at Work, Is the Cry a Request for FMLA Leave? Following are three trends that highlight paid family leave as an increasingly pressing national issue. Without a paycheck to cover basic costs of living while caring for an ill family member, low-wage workers are particularly vulnerable. The ability to take time off to care for a family member or close friend without losing income—or, worse, a job—is a growing social, health, and economic issue facing an estimated 24 million family caregivers who work. and leave for purposes of bonding with a child and/or providing care for a child.”. This is the takeaway of the Estée Lauder case. And, to help new … Below is the North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation’s parental leave policy. In an announcement featuring White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, Spotify unveiled its parental leave program to provide six months of paid maternity and paternity leave for its full-time employees across the globe. Or sweetening benefits in a leave policy you currently offer your employees? Yet, with women working outside the home to make ends meet while also contributing to the economy, the competing demands of working families to balance work, caregiving and other family responsibilities have grown. Here are a few nuggets you might consider to ensure your parental leave policies are up to snuff: “for purposes of determining Title VII’s requirements, employers should carefully distinguish between leave related to any physical limitations imposed by pregnancy or childbirth . According to KUOW reporter David Hyde, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is cutting parental leave from one year of paid leave to six months due to the disruption in work caused by staff members who utilized the program. In defense of Estée Lauder, it’s important to note that the Company announced earlier this year that it would significantly sweeten its parental leave benefits for both women and men who regularly work 30 hours per week. Offer paid parental leave to women and men. Such dynamics are only the start. Lessons Learned from the Coronavirus Pandemic, Millions of Older Adults Are Skipping Flu Shots Every Year, Moving Forward: Reimagining How We Invest in Health, Wealth & Aging, A Landmark Patient-Safety Action Plan, and Family Caregiving as a Key Piece, Health Care Sector Projected to Lead in Job Growth in Coming Decade, Weathering the Storm: How Older Adults Will Help Drive States’ Economic Growth and Recovery, International Day of Older Persons in an Era of Pandemics, Greater Equity & New World Order. One place for. Half (51 percent) of employed caregivers are older workers themselves, ages 50 and older, in their prime working years. In the absence of national policy, states are leading the way to enact paid family leave programs. According to a Business Insider report (as reported by HR Dive), the Company now offers: The company reportedly will also continue to offer $20,000 toward fertility treatments and in-home child care and elder care at reduced rates. The current national conversation over paid family leave, and most private-sector paid family leave benefits already in place, often centers on maternity and paternity leave. Employment projections for the next decade show an aging population driving changes in labor force and occupational growth. Most workers in similar situations are not so fortunate. The purpose of paid parental leave is to enable the employee to care for and bond with a newborn or a … Workers should not have to choose between keeping their jobs and providing care to a seriously ill family member. The six-month leave will be available to all new parents at the company, including adoptive parents and same-sex couples, for the first three years of a child’s life. Paid family leave policies are a sound investment, from both the perspective of employers and  America’s working families. Back in 2015, Amazon launched an innovative addition to its policy: they allowed parents to share leave with their spouses. I am drafting more of these policies than ever before. So, I have no idea whether its policy effectively discriminated against men (as EEOC claims) with respect to bonding leave and other benefits. If you currently take this approach, change it now. Paternity. Almost three in four (73 percent) millennial family caregivers are employed, simultaneously working and providing care for an adult with a disability or an older adult with chronic care needs.


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