Slice of ill fortune for clumsy burglar who trips up after pizza shop raids, The Russian provinces buckling under Covid-19. The ritual of leaving the house to rent a movie has all but disappeared, but we can still rewind our memories. We wore it with matching Civic Video name stickers. US results: How will this endless election end? Add Photo . I did not have a particularly great childhood, and I definitely watched an unhealthy amount of horror movies at a very young age, but walking through and looking at all those giant, clamshell VHS boxes, the feeling of independence it gave me to pick out what I wanted to watch is one of my fondest childhood memories. Offer subject to change without notice. Was it a happy ending for Innuendo Bingo? All rights reserved. Scheduled to reopen on December 1, 2020. Sign up for our newsletter and enter to win the second edition of our book. We loved our weekly trip to Blockbuster. They were a brilliant asset and always made a trip to the store worthwhile. My mom, sister and I went in and looked around for The Chipmunk Adventure, a favorite of my sister’s, and couldn’t find it anywhere. Thank you Blockbuster for providing just another way to spend precious time with my wonderful son.” — S. Law, Clearwater, Florida, “My husband had passed and I drowned myself in movies, so I spent a lot of time at the corner Blockbuster. It was a good 21 years.I hope all of your staff find employment soon. Sometimes we would find ‘personal’ videos returned within the rented box. The rise of video games and computer software led to the founding of a number of specialty brick-and-mortar retailers in the late 20th century. I can’t explain why we loved him so much, except that he was eternally pleasant and patient with every customer, so it was impossible to not be equally courteous and pleasant to him. So it was Blockbuster to the rescue when they began renting video games! Click & Collect is not currently available in our Welsh stores. I feel sorry for all the #graingergames employees who lost their jobs. We still miss him, he was a sweet young man, no matter now inept he was!” — Laura Hemly, Tampa, Florida, “I worked there in high school, Clerks-style. Here’s a look at a few video game stores that glitched out for good: Source: The Washington Post, The Register. Claimed. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. I just remember shining inside with delight as we walked around picking out my own movies, and candies in the rectangular boxes. There was a little room in the back where the owner used to let her baby nap, but I was famous (and popular) in high school because I let lots of the skater kids who hung out in the parking lot watch R-rated movies back there. They were the perfect escape for me growing up, and there really isn’t anything like it today.” — Nic Schweitzer, Boston, Massachusetts, “My 32-year-old daughter sent me a text a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I know the film was recently released because there was a store display of Prancer, the reindeer itself, in life-size blow-up toy form. 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Our business specializes in video games old and new, trading card games, comics old and new, and other collectibles such as old coins and old books. So, anyway, I’m browsing some stupid aisle—dawdling, one might say—and all of a sudden I hear a CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP. Video, Turkmenistan leader unveils giant gold dog statue, New Yorker fires Jeffrey Toobin for exposing himself on Zoom, TripAdvisor warns users over Thai hotel that legally pursued reviewer. Please queue at the designated points at the store and respect social distancing, keeping at least 2 metres from other shoppers. We absolutely loved to be waited on by him because we knew he would take so long to complete even the simplest transaction, confusing himself (and us) multiple times during the transaction, that it made each trip to the video store a brand new adventure. Consider supporting our work by becoming a member for as little as $5 a month. We knew all the lines and we thought it would be fun to act it out as we watched. Richard Stanton, editor of Kotaku UK, said the chain was "of an era that is now slowly disappearing". He said: "This has come as shock to us all and presents a significant operating challenge driven by factors outside our control.". So nearly every day after I got home from school and finished making my afternoon snack, I would go downstairs and wander through the video store aisles. I was so embarrassed. “One time I was with my brother, my uncle, and my two rowdy cousins. My favorite was a mix of Madonna videos and interviews mashed on to one video. She was surprised when I wasn’t enthusiastic. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. What we got were surprisingly emotional stories of warm family times, cruddy jobs, and cultural awakenings in the VHS age. My mom still has a couple of the ones made of me, and it’s somewhat hilarious watching me flub the interview. I know this because the film’s theatrical release was November of ‘89 and those movies took AT LEAST three to six months to make it to video, which sounds insane now. )” — Herbert Holler, Bronx, New York, “My first job was at Hollywood Video and my favorite part was going through returned video cassettes to see if any needed to be rewound in our quick rewind machine. Feathered death garlands, a pierced bull's heart, and more. I tried to individualise the uniform by wearing it with embroidered shirts, ribbons, or bright nail polish, and later I dyed my hair black and had a Louise Brooks bob. Helping people decide what to watch, learning about what they liked and disliked, and of course getting to see all of the movies before they were available to rent. The BBC has contacted Grainger Games' solicitors DWF LLP for a response. It had to have been spring of 1990 (so myself, my brother, and the cousins were all like ages 10 to 13), because the film Prancer had just come out on video recently. About the Business. I would enthusiastically chat to the customers about their movie choices, while he phoned up the people on the Overdue List and told them off. Hero Video Games & Collectables 2 reviews. They got to know me by name and when I would call they knew my voice and say ‘Hello, Mrs Staman, I was just going to call you. I also enjoyed the excellent selection of B-movie horror films of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s that seem to have been lost somewhere in time like Ghoulies, Troll, The Gate, Terror Train, and many more.” — David Henry, Los Angeles, California, “After my son received his first video game console for his birthday, I quickly realized that buying video games was an expensive venture. In the company's latest financial report in March 2017, it employed 390 people and made an operating loss of £1.3m. At the time, the video store world was transitioning from VHS to DVD. Stores dedicated entirely to selling video games and computer software might be relatively new, compared with, say, department stores or grocers. But there was just no making that fire-engine-red polo shirt stylish! It was a fun family outing filled with the anticipation and excitement of an evening ‘at the movies,’ complete with popcorn, of course!” — J. McQueen, Vancouver, British Columbia, “There was a brief time period where video stores and cell phones existed concurrently so instead of everyone going to the store to argue only one member of the household could go to the store to search for a movie and report back to the other on new releases and debate which movie they’d select for the night. Civic Video held on with the VHS tapes (while getting the DVDs also) long after everyone else did, so we had an excellent cult collection of films that you couldn’t get on DVD yet. For many, the video store was a communal space where they could have their horizons broadened by little more than some shocking box art, or reliably find that favorite movie they’d seen a thousand times. Follow Business Insider Australia on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They scratch, they get lost, they’re easily damaged… no way they’ll ever replace VHS.’ Before long, it was all we carried!” — Stephanie Huntzinger, Kansas, “My village had a couple of video stores, but by far the most useful was the selection in the local branch of the Spar grocery chain. We had for our uniform garish, red Civic Video–branded polo shirts, with yellow and blue accents. You know, to let the customers know that the magical reindeer movie had arrived or whatever. They were chock full of nudity and sex, which of course I knew about—that’s why I rented the f*cking things! My poor friend just cringed and smiled. I love my streaming media nowadays, but I have such a soft spot for video stores and VHS tapes that will never go away!” — Christina Wert, Atlanta, Georgia. Grainger Games were some of the best places to pick up good deals and some of the best ways to find some rare games. Calling each Video Game Exchange, he approaches them like a reality show — he finds a location, fixes it up, stocks it with games… Since 1985, Joel Riplie has opened 45 video game stores. When asked about my favorite show, I answered Muppet Babies. Customers lamented the loss of the chain on social media. Write a Review. My mom worked nights and my dad, well, he was never really around. My dad and I had purchased the film a few days earlier as a surprise birthday gift for my sister. We reached out to our readers and asked them to recall their favorite moments from the rental days gone by. His collection of scary-looking headgear from the past is sure to get into your head. It’s less one specific thing or time that I was there, and more the fact that they were there, period. VideoDiwali with a difference under Covid-19, .css-orcmk8-HeadlineContainer{display:-webkit-box;display:-webkit-flex;display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;-webkit-box-pack:justify;-webkit-justify-content:space-between;-ms-flex-pack:justify;justify-content:space-between;}Turkmenistan leader unveils giant gold dog statue.css-1dedj2h-Rank{-webkit-align-self:center;-ms-flex-item-align:center;align-self:center;color:#B80000;margin-left:3.125rem;}1, New Yorker fires Jeffrey Toobin for exposing himself on Zoom2, TripAdvisor warns users over Thai hotel that legally pursued reviewer3, US results: How will this endless election end?4, Joe Biden picks Ron Klain as White House chief of staff5, France honours six-year-old WW2 Resistance agent6, Eight Sinai peacekeepers killed in helicopter crash7, Coronavirus: New York imposes measures in 'last chance' against new wave8, Black people 'twice as likely to catch coronavirus'9, Alexa to start second-guessing what users want10. Follow us on social media to add even more wonder to your day. The business began as a stall in Newcastle's Grainger Market in 1997, mainly selling second-hand video games. My mother brought me into the store, by my neck, videos in hand, raging. © 2020 Atlas Obscura. Details $$ Video Game Stores Edit. Last week managing director Stephen Bowyer told Chronicle Live that the company's credit limits had been cut or removed by some suppliers.


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