I have been looking for additional revenue streams (I love my job, and make enough to have a good living, but more money is more money! As you say, probably a slight premium for requiring more skill and work. This book has the same lovable, sassy tone as Money Honey, but the content is geared towards people who are already serious about their financial future and looking for the next step to optimize their life plan. frauds, financial abuse of the elderly, fiduciary standards, investigation of financial advisor backgrounds and professional designations for advisors and insurance agents. -Kim B. About Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement by Rachel Richards *eBook discounted to $0.99 during first week of launch! After such an event your portfolio would be down 34% plus the interest costs on the margin account which are usually around 5% annually. Great to hear. Grow Your Child's Library with Top Young Reader Series, Knock Knock Gifts, Books & Office Supplies, Buy One, Get One 50% Off Holiday Boxed Cards, Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser, Awaken the financial genius in you Rebuilt, Brokers, Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents: An, Manifest Your Money: Book of Financial Affirmations, Minimalism Decluttering and Minimalist Budget 2-in-1 Book: The, Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide For Getting, Newlywed Financial Bliss E-Book: A Financial Guide for. Or, go the real estate route, which would be unpaid, other than the (hopefully!) I was not disappointed! Get it for yourself, for a Christmas gift, or to jumpstart a New … Rachel is the bestselling author of “Money Honey” and “Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement.” She is a former financial advisor and a real estate investor with almost 40 rental units. 2. He now makes six figures per month from his blog, online courses, and recurring revenue! That's how much money anyone under age 40 will need to accumulate to retire. -Shawnee O. Passive income is real and attainable for everyone, even you. Also, I work in marketing for a publishing company, and I learned things I can use on the job, so that was an unexpected bonus! I’m just looking for the best strategy. I published my first book, Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide For Getting Your Financial $hit Together, which also produced passive royalties. If you mean something that you’d be most interested in, then I think you answered your own question. That said, she does a decent job of backing up her argument by noting how frequently someone actually reaches $2 million. 3. Applicable in 2019, 2020, and beyond, Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement is the gift that keeps on giving. For RSS updates, visit this link. **Adulting is hard, But, now that I’m approaching retirement, if rental properties really do have a significantly better risk/reward ratio than the markets, then I could become very interested, even if I have to put more effort in myself, which I would then have the spare time to do. Facts are facts. I am so excited to start implementing some of Rachel's suggestions. I have never heard a story of a long term investor who just put his money in index funds as a long term hold continuing to use margin for years on end who came out ahead. 3. We live in a world where our life is ephemeral so why not do things you love? Or, stated differently, why is a real estate portfolio better than a well-balanced stocks/bonds portfolio an as ‘income-based method of funding retirement’? You don’t have to worry about money. Wow. What is passive income?

1. For savvy investors and people with a decent business sense I think it is hard to beat.

Mark your calendars as you don’t want miss the launch. "Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement: The Secret to Freedom, Flexibility, and Financial Independence" gives hope to those of us who feel like we're living paycheck to paycheck. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. If their goal was to get higher passive income with much lower appreciation and they were happy with that, I would say go for it. Rachel is a wealth of knowledge and I’m so thankful for this book and her expertise! More on this later. Money Honey spoke to a generation of young people who needed approachable financial advice. And she really stresses how passive income DOES take work up front.

. At the same time, I fully acknowledge that this is a symptom of my having read several articles and books on the topics of passive income and early retirement. "I ate it up and finished it in one day. Since reading PIAR, I look at money a completely different way.

It would be a coin flip. I will admit to being a baby boomer and having many advantages that allow us to pursue this strategy. I have no doubt this book will be a game changer for you in how you view and create a strategy for building passive income! Margin is for short term traders. It’s mostly about ideas for generating additional income (which is what I like about it). Rachel gives down-to-Earth, practical advice for so many different income opportunities that there's surely something for everyone. Ability to find value others miss – I agree the real estate markets are less transparent, but your ‘con’ #3 is the counter-argument – as you say, to get good returns, you have to ‘beat the (real estate) market’ and many (most?)

No matter your age, grab this book if you want to set a better financial course for your future ... and your kids' future! Finance guru, former financial advisor, and Amazon bestselling author of Money Honey, Rachel Richards has one goal in mind: teaching you everything you need to know to become financially free earlier than you ever thought possible. A bit more semi-passive than passive though. How else could you save a cool $2 mil. This is so useful. Passive income is earned with little to no ongoing work. Rachel went into SO MUCH detail in this book about passive income streams.
BTW, while I recommend the hybrid option for most people (because I think it’s the most viable choice for the greatest number of people), I actually use and prefer the income-based method of funding retirement. No debt and mortgage-free by the time my wife retires. It’s just too easy to screw it up if you aren’t good at it, and aren’t willing to put in some time. In my free email course, Creating a Great Retirement, I talk about the three ways to fund retirement: Richards starts the book by addressing what she calls the “Nest Egg Theory”, which is the same as my “Asset Withdrawal Method”. Get a free copy of "Three Steps to Financial Independence. A 2015 study found that fifty-something workers have a total household savings of $117,000 and most plan to work past age 65 or not retire at all. Initially, I read books like the 4-hour workweek, but it didn't really give me any actionable steps on how to build passive income streams. at any age, not just when you are “older” like your parents. Queue dead horse, begin beating … Leverage! She teaches the You Must Write a Book Live Coaching Course and is an executive book coach! If you’d like to read more on this book, check out Five Categories of Passive Income and How to Evaluate Them. As an aspiring small business owner, I’m always looking for new ways to generate passive income. This is one of them. My husband and I have rental properties, but over the last few years, I learned about … The second post will cover the five categories of passive income (including an honest discussion that there’s actually a lot of work and/or money involved in creating “passive” income), how the author evaluates passive income opportunities, and how I evaluate them.

Most people don’t live exclusively on their savings. if (document.getElementById("af-header-1925292122")) { You can view Barnes & Noble’s Privacy Policy. This book was so good! THIS IS THE BIG ONE. Her first book helped us reach our financial goals so I was excited for the second. What’s the better total yield over the long term – rental properties or the markets? Some we own outright, as we’ve had them for a significant periods, and some leveraged for greater ROI. Not that it requires genius level skill but it requires some. It’s a great review of several vital money ideas — which I think makes it a must-read for those wanting a solid all-around personal finance education. And the best part? This fantastic book will be available in 9 days and if it’s anything like her first book it will be nothing less than amazing. This person had done something I wish I had early in my life as well as something I think many ESI Money readers (and their friends and family) would like to read about. I’m 27 years old, retired, and living off $10,000+ per month in passive income.


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