And as you'll see, pomegranate molasses can be used in as many ways you can imagine. The sweetness of this dip nicely counters the garlicky saltiness of the others. Molasses! Now I have other uses for my bottle of Pom. Add to favourites Add to list. How do you like to put pomegranate molasses to use? Gluten-free . Pomegranate molasses is used in Middle Eastern, African and Mediterranean cooking, usually to add a sweet and sour note to dishes. Flamboyant, enigmatic, and comfortable in my own skin. Subscription offer: save 44% and receive a brand-new cookbook, Miso burgers with mint & pomegranate slaw, Turkey schnitzel with rocket & pomegranate salad, Lemon roast vegetables with yogurt tahini & pomegranate, Halloumi with tomatoes & pomegranate molasses, Harissa lamb cutlets with pomegranate couscous. ;o). I make a reduction of this and use it as a glaze, in a wonderful cake, and as a syrup for pancakes blended with maple syrup. 15 ways to use up that pomegranate molasses. Thinking of developing a pomegranate caramel myself! You can use this molasses when cooking, or for therapeutic solutions of various medical conditions. Use the same way? Add to favourites Add to list. My carrots are still young in the garden buy I will roast some with the molasses when ICan. Works great with the grape tomatoes that are currently the only decent tomatoes in the market these days! But don't stop there! I'm a little pomegranate syrup obsessed these days! The chicken Fesenjoon sent me scampering to the internets to find a suitable substitution (tofu just doesn't seem right). I could tell it would go great with dark chocolate and I made a dark chocolate truffle with it. . I made an easy dessert with pom and chocolate! Walnut-stuffed eggplant rolls. delicious! Hello Fresh special offer: Get 50% off your first recipe box, then 35% off the next three. 3. with top-notch recipes, expert tips, and more. 1. You can use pomegranate molasses as you would a cordial depending on how viscous it is (brands differ in consistency). 6 ratings 4.7 out of 5 star rating. You can use pomegranate molasses in baking as well! . Drink. I just posted a recipe for pomegranate molasses ginger cookies on my blog: Fesenjoon is an Iranian stew of ground walnuts, pomegranate molasses, dried plums and chicken, served over rice. Therefore, you can get the same health benefits from pomegranate molasses as you can from pomegranate juice. Extract the juicy jewel-like seeds and liven up salads, couscous dishes, drinks and desserts. Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. It’s lovely stirred through sparkling water, or try with bubbles or a G+T. My mom does the same thing with balsamic vinegar! I like it on top of pancakes..seriously...and another way I have always used it in mouhamara dip and then used the dip as a sauce for pasta...and finally into ricotta crostini with a drizzle of molasses. by Cooking Sutra. Drink it up: We stirred some into a glass of sparkling water for a bright and refreshing soda. Therefore, you can get the same health benefits from pomegranate molasses as you can from pomegranate juice. Has anyone poured it over meat and baked it? Marinate chicken in ginger, lime and pomegranate molasses and serve on slices of grilled aubergine for a mouthwatering main 1 hr and 20 mins . Topped with pomegranate seeds, green chutney and yogurt, it makes a stunning side dish, If you're after some healthy vegetarian burgers look no further than these, made with chickpeas plus a delicious mint and pomegranate slaw on the side, Look after all of your party guests, including the ones who aren't drinking with this simple, non-alcoholic Christmas-spiced fruit juice served warm, Using lean turkey and fragrant almonds in the crust makes this great-tasting, speedy schnitzel an easy midweek meal for one that's a little bit more virtuous, Apple juice soaked oats with warming cinnamon spice, a scattering of pomegranate seeds and clementine segments - a low-fat festive breakfast, Christmassy spices and tender pork combined with the tart flavours of pomegranate and lemon make this a fabulously warming winter main course, Make a stand-out yogurt dressing by adding a dollop of tahini. I forgot to add that the rice in the above pic looks so perfectly done..i loved it.. Top with creamy yogurt, pistachios and citrus, Jazz up a storecupboard grain with bright fruit and herbs and serve with lamb and a harissa yogurt dressing, Non-alcoholic cocktails can still be packed with plenty of cheer. It has an intense sweet-and-sour flavor that is often compared to balsamic, and like balsamic, a little goes a long way. Mouhamara, a dip of red bell peppers, ground walnuts and pomegranate molasses, deserves a spot alongside hummus and baba ghanoush on your next meze platter. Pomegranate Molasses CARAMELISE ROAST CHICKEN DRESS UP A DRESSING DRIZZLE ON SORBET. I've never bought a bottle from the store.. roasting carrots with a pomegranate glaze. Pomegranate molasses is a syrup of boiled pomegranate juice, most commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine. Mix it with meat: Pomegranate molasses is a great complement for smoky rich flavors -- grilled meats come to mind. If you're looking for a slightly more doctored dressing, check out this arugula and pear salad.Add depth to your dessert: Yes, pomegranate molasses goes well with savory foods, but what about dessert? Divine! I drizzle pomegranate molasses on bacon-wrapped dates. Does it burn easily due to high sugar content? Pomegranate molasses is a key ingredient in kisir, a Turkish bulgar salad. It is a syrup made by boiling and reducing pomegranate juice. I first used pomegranate molasses in a Bobby Flay barbecued turkey recipe. Pomegranate works well in sweet and savoury dishes. I recently bought grape molasses from a Lebanese market. Grab a whole pomegranate and a bottle of its molasses for this one. Pomegranate molasses + Manzilla or other off-dry sherry + tamari + red wine vinegar stirred into black bean soup where the only other ingredients (beside a light vegetable stock) are onions and garlic, and a garnish of pumpkin seeds. Lowering bad cholesterol levels and preventing its accumulation in the arteries. A GOOD couveture dark chocolate, heavy cream and pomegranate molasses for filling then milk chocolate on the outside. (Save us a piece, if you can.) I'm flattered -- I'm no expert rice maker, despite being Iranian! 4. Fennel, pomegranate & broad bean salad. Glazed quail with chickpea fritters. Been meaning to post that recipe now that the we're officially into fall . This spin on the mint-and-lime classic contains delicious pomegranate seeds and juice, A deep green side salad of parsley, dill and mint scattered with sweet fruit and crunchy cucumber, Spice up your chicken with a ras-al-hanout or Moroccan tagine spice mix then serve with good-for-you grains and light, fresh flavours. 0 in trolley. I happened upon this recipe which uses butternut squash--bingo! £3.25 (£1.55/100g) 3.25. I think I'm like an eggplant. I have an abundance of organic mulberry juice. We're here to encourage you to make the most of this unsung ingredient. Pomegranates are a sweet fruit with a hint of tartness that originally grew in tropical Asia. I would imagine it's best to use it the last 10 minutes.?? Easy . Pomegranate molasses is a simple concoction of pomegranate juice, sugar and lemon juice. Brush it onto chicken or steak before grilling or roasting. Pomegranate molasses has been used in Georgian, Armenian, Iranian, Syrian (specifically in Aleppo), Lebanese, and Turkish cooking for hundreds of years. And as you'll see, pomegranate molasses can be used in as many ways you can imagine. Give your vinegar a break: Mix some olive oil with pomegranate molasses for a dead-simple new salad dressing. The quail is glazed using molasses, giving ... 2. If you're looking for new ways to use the mostly-full bottle in your kitchen, or if you're just curious about a new ingredient, we've got you covered. The holiday might look a little different this year—but we’ll be right by your side (as always!) Health Benefits of Pomegranate Molasses | Just finished my Red Wine and Port Reduction Sauce with 1/4 cup pomegranate molasses and served it with crispy duck and pureed parsnips and a good glass of red wine! You could use a really good quality white chocolate, I'm just not a big fan of white chocolate; not really chocolate, cocoa butter and vanilla, which is why some are great and others are just sweet. Pomegranate molasses sauce is a thick, dark red syrup with a very tart flavor. As a vegetarian, I can sometimes find it difficult to find adaptations of some Persian dishes. I've been making Melissa Clark's pom-roasted carrots since I read the book. You can always glaze a ham with it. Pomegranate Molasses is an easy way to add quick flavour to desserts and Cooking Sutra did just that… I prefer using it in place of tamarind concentrate (when the recipe calls for it, similar consistency, ball park range of tartness with that bonus of that tinge of sweet). This easy veggie salad with chickpeas, aubergine, peppers and pomegranate is rich in omega-3, vitamin c, fibre, folate and calcium, plus…, This rich dark chocolate sponge makes a great alternative Christmas cake, or dinner party dessert, With fluffy meringue on top and zesty Seville oranges underneath, this sumptuous pie with pomegranate topping is a spectacular seasonal dessert, Add a deliciously different side dish to your Christmas dinner spread with these pan-fried Brussels sprouts and juicy pomegranate seeds, drizzled with pomegranate molasses, This deep pink Prosecco cocktail with savoury herbal notes is a really simple way to add sparkle to your dinner party drinks, Brussels sprouts make a great alternative to cabbage or kale in slaws and salads - let them soak up this zesty dressing for a side dish packed with fresh flavours and texture, Salty halloumi cheese, sweet pomegranate molasses and fresh mint make a delicious combination in this quick Lebanese meze dish, Add an extra fruity twist to this classic summer drink with pomegranate juice and seeds - double up the quantities to please a crowd, Marinate chicken in ginger, lime and pomegranate molasses and serve on slices of grilled aubergine for a mouthwatering main, This bulgur wheat and chopped herb salad makes a scrumptious side to take to a picnic - drizzle the dressing over before serving, Clever nibbles that are ideal for sharing.


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