Born Angelo Roncalli (1881–1963), he rose from humble beginnings to become a passionate advocate for social justice and world peace. “The next pope must be, above all, a radically converted disciple: a man formed in the depth of his being by the conviction that Jesus Christ is the incarnate Son of God, who reveals to the world the face of the merciful Father and the truth about humanity, its dignity, and its destiny. He is a Senior Research Fellow of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Even among good men this gift is rare. As papal envoy to Turkey during World War II, he saved thousands of Jewish lives by helping arrange their escape to Palestine. John XXIII did not imagine Vatican II to be a Council of deconstruction. He does it by safeguarding and explaining the truths of Catholic faith, so that the Church’s bishops, priests, religious, and laity are challenged to live the adventure of Catholicism in full. That conviction is the beginning of any authentic evangelization, any authentically Catholic development of doctrine, and any proper implementation of Vatican II. Pope John XXIII died in June 1963, but the council continued under his successor, Paul VI, until 1965. When Pope John XXIII announced the creation of the Second Vatican Council (also known as Vatican II) in January 1959, it shocked the world. You may unsubscribe at any time. It was a delicate post; Roncalli’s predecessor had collaborated with France’s Vichy government, leading to a post-occupation backlash against the Catholic leadership in France. 2) The back of your program package also contains a copy of this link. Other voices claim that the Council was a terrible mistake and that its teaching should be quietly forgotten, consigned to the dustbin of history. Because Jesus Christ – “the same yesterday and today and forever” [Hebrews 13.8] – is always the center of the Church. He is renowned for his lectures and writings throughout the English-speaking world and beyond.” – Dr. Kevin T. Kelly, Catholic priest and theologian. A true shepherd for the people, he united cultures across the globe and championed interreligious dialogue. When you order this course, we will send you a free electronic study guide that you can access in 3 convenient ways: 1) You can check your order confirmation email. In 2000, Pope John Paul II beatified John XXIII, bringing him a step closer to sainthood. Pope John XXIII: The Saint Who Launched Vatican II and Inspired the Modern World. The pope’s opening address to Vatican II on October 11, 1962, made his intention clear: The Church, he said, must re-focus on Jesus Christ, from whom she “takes her name, her grace, and her total meaning.” Physical product orders can take up to 4 weeks to be delivered. And It is a mistaken reading of the Council’s texts. The pope’s opening address to Vatican II on October 11, 1962, made his intention clear: The Church, he said, must refocus on Jesus Christ, from whom she “takes her name, her grace, and her total meaning.” That recognition must set the context for the next pope’s response to the Lord’s instruction to Peter at the Last Supper:  that Peter’s unique role among the apostles would be to “strengthen your brethren” (Luke 22:32). Stephen M. from Derbyshire, England – April 6, 2018. He sought reconciliation for the world’s divided Christianity and invited Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Protestant observers to attend the proceedings. So perhaps the fictional cardinal’s words had some indirect influence on the ending of this small book’s reflection on Peter’s Chair and its role in the 21st-century Church –. And during that time, I’ve also been privileged to be in close contact with Catholics in many circumstances throughout the world. Or must the documents of Vatican II be read in continuity with revelation and tradition? Polemics about the Second Vatican Council continue to bedevil the global Catholic conversation. The three popes I have known personally have all recognized this, each in his own fashion. Though the cds can be a little expensive. Stucky QOTD: Increasing Hatred For 40 Years. Curiously, the “progressive” Catholic Lite Brigade and the ultra-traditionalist Forget Vatican II Platoon promote the same answer: Vatican II was indeed a Council of discontinuity.


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