Maintaining and monitoring running hours goes beyond simply keeping the machine running smoothly. “The Ultimate Guide to Operating Procedures for Engine Room Machinery” by Marine Insight is an extremely helpful digital guide to assist in such situations. Only a marine engineer working on ship can understand what is it like to make a blunder and face the aftermath while operating a major machinery or handling an important operation. Surely, I can enjoy this. Needless to say, there are high chances of missing a step or making a silly error. These data would help to plan out and schedule the next maintenance operation. Bilge water is passed through the OWS where the oil particles in it are removed. When the stern tube lube oil high gravity tank is overflown then that lube is taken to the stern tube lube oil low gravity tank via a pipe by completely gravitational flow of lube oil. How to synchronize and start the auxiliary engine? For handling waste oil (sludge oil) from the various sludge tanks. From the bottom of the stern tube, a small pipe takes the lube oil to the drain tank. During engine room flooding to throw the water overboard. The engine room is generally the largest physical compartment of the machinery space. It has one steam heater. It takes the suction from the main engine camshaft lube oil drain tank. To increase a vessel's safety and chances of surviving damage, the machinery necessary for the ship's operation may be segregated into various spaces. Each ship and system are different, so here’s is some advice to help a budding engineer understand their ship in a better way. MAK. Some VLCC/ULCC have even four sea suction chests. It is mainly a reciprocating type of the pump. The oil from the mixture will stick to the underside of the catch plates and slowly move outwards to rise at the top of the mixture and gets collected in an oil collecting space. The Marine Whales started from the comforts of room number E-413 of MANET Hostel with the sole purpose of helping the cadets with their exams of Marine Auxiliary Machine. This oil can be reused in case of emergency. Some systems could shut down completely without proper maintenance. RELATED READ:- Starting and Stopping Procedure of Incinerator. Your email address will not be published. Track the running hours. 2. Cdt. Thanks to this guide – we now always have a pocket book, which is not only easy to carry but also serves as a great quick reference. 2. There are two sea suction chests provided on board ship. Cummins. So, in that case, ballast stripping eductor is used to empty the DB tank completely. 10 Things Marine Engineers Must Know About Engine Room Machinery, How Shipping Disasters Have Improved Maritime Safety, Top Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Hydraulic…, Run A Safer System With Emergency Repair…, high sea suction chest or low sea suction chest) depends upon the under-keel clearance of the ship. It is purely for preventing marine growth in sea chest and sea suction pipe. A typical system is shown in the sketch below. If the air side of the air cooler gets fouled then less amount of scavenging air will enter the scavenge manifold and that is why cleaning is required at regular intervals. During overhauling, open the crankcase doors of all the units so that an adequate amount of air can go inside and the person inside will not feel suffocated. 1. Our eBooks are used by Maritime Professionals from: How would you ensure that the ship’s machinery system would start effectively? This block is used to absorb the thrust which is producing by the propeller shaft and linearly distributes the thrust to ship’s hull. How to start and stop purifier, incinerator, and oil water separator? Machinery on Engine Room Arrangement – Deck 3 . Marine engineers must study the maintenance reports not only to understand the past problems but also to learn how the machinery will behave under different conditions. Main engine lube oil pump is provided on deck 4 of engine room arrangement of ships. 10 Things Marine Engineers Must Know About Engine Room Machinery December 27, 2013 December 16, 2013 Marissa 4 Comments Experienced marine engineers know that there is a massive difference between the knowledge learned from books and what you know from getting down and dirty with the machinery in a ship’s engine room. Therefore, when the level of fuel oil decreases in fuel oil settling tank then the fuel oil transfer pump cuts in automatically and starts supplying the fuel oil to the settling tank. There are also fire pumps provided on the ship which can be used to throw the water out of the ship in case of engine room flooding. Verify that the valve is gas/airtight after an explosion. Experienced marine engineers know that there is a massive difference between the knowledge learned from books and what you know from getting down and dirty with the machinery in a ship’s engine room. RELATED READ:-  Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger. An oil level monitor (OLM) probe senses the oily-water interface and triggers a signal for the valve to open. And that chemical is then taken out from the drain. The chemical named ACC9 is used for this purpose. This is the best pocket guide you can have to handle engine room machinery and operations. 3. Salinometer -How to determine water purity ? Go through the records of the past few months to find out when and how did your machinery got stuck or confronted a problem. How to operate different types of pumps on ships? About this page. Main engine lower crankcase area is on deck 4 of engine room arrangement of ships. Volvo Penta. Machinery on Deck 4 of Engine Room Arrangement of Ships. Know Your Ship gives you the ship and its machinery details like make and type of Main Engine, Auxiliary Engine, Aux Boiler, Main Air Compressor, Purifiers etc. Also I think that this blog will be useful for all mechanicians because many of the described machines and mechanisms are widely used ashore. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of the important aspects of the machinery which engineers must be aware of are the different types of clearances. machinery details beforehand. CLICK HERE TO GET ADVANCED MARINE ENGINEERING INTERVIEW E-BOOK. Well, I personally don’t think that we require any specific format to grab a job from a recruiter but our. Pielstck. Due to this process, the surface tension between the oil molecules in the mixture breaks down which makes them stick together to form larger molecules. Checklists, procedure manuals, and company’s suggestions – are some of the many things a ship’s engineer has to keep in mind while handling ship’s machinery. Verify the effectiveness of the flame arrester. There are tooths present on the flywheel and tooths are engaged with turning gear motor in order to rotate the flywheel in case of overhauling of the engine or at the starting of the main engine. A must-have guide for all seagoing professionals. Three main seawater pumps are provided out of which two pumps are running and one is kept on standby. Log book is one such reference on board that marine engineers have to refer every single day. Hydraulic. we can transfer this oil back to the main engine after purification otherwise this oil is subjected to waste oil service tank. An automatically controlled valve releases the separated oil to a storage tank. Read everything about emergency escape trunking here: Emergency Escape Trunking in Steering Gear Room. engine . The primary purpose of this blog is to help them in their daily hard work. Go through the manuals to know what all parts will be required to carry out maintenance and repair work. Engine Room and machinery spaces must be kept clean, tidy and as free as possible from oil/fuel stains or sources, all of which must be identified and eliminated. i.e. The valve disc is of aluminum alloy, which reduces its mass and the inertia to be overcome when opening or closing rapidly. They would also help to plan any major maintenance of the machinery in the next scheduled dry dock. Engine room arrangement of ships consists of a lot of important machinery. “The Ultimate Guide to Operating Procedures for Engine Room Machinery” by Marine Insight is an extremely helpful digital guide to assist in such situations. The water that comes out of the separating unit generally has a PPM level of 100 or less. VESSELS. Wow. It is imperative for a ship’s engineer to understand the starting and stopping procedures of his machinery extremely well before doing everything else. How to start and stop the main engine without running into any kind of trouble? MAN B&W. Marine engineers must properly maintain and monitor the running hours as stated by the manufacturer or the company to ensure smooth running of their machinery systems. This projects into the crankcase where it will become wet by splashing oil. Based on these records, a marine engineer will also be able to plan his routine maintenance procedures and prepare the troubleshooting approach with utmost ease. We always have to be extremely careful while handling them. It’s a very useful information for engine room machinery controller. One sea suction chest is located on the port side and other is located on the starboard side because even if the ships run aground then also, we can take suction from another side. RELATED READ:- Basics of Fire Fighting on Ships. Deck seal is on the main deck, near the pump room. This pump is provided on deck 4 of engine room arrangement of ships. To prevent fires, any possible source of uncontrollable heat must be protected and any fuel leakage must be cleaned up and the source identified and eliminated. The marine engineer is responsible for the various systems which propel and operate the ship. Alterations will change adjoining parts. Since FWG is used only in the deep sea, we require only Low Sea Suction Chest. If you are a marine engineer, this ebook would definitely help you in trying times on board. In this article the reader will be able to visualize the bottom platform and the central machinery installed in this platform. More specifically, this means the machinery required for propulsion, steering, anchoring and ship securing, cargo handling, air conditioning, power generation and its distribution. For e.g. this is awesome. It is manually operated because diesel oil is expensive. The purpose of type testing crankcase explosion relief valves is to: 1. If you are a marine engineer working on ships, you would know that there is a massive difference between the theoretical knowledge provided in the maritime books and the practical skills that are acquired by getting one’s hands dirty in the engine room. Type of Pump – It is a gear pump placed horizontally. Fire pump has the ability to pump out the water at 175 ton/hr. Function – It transfers diesel oil from the diesel oil double bottom storage tank to diesel oil settling tank. The recorded values and information are used as a reference, to compare and record data that can be used for insurance claim if some accidents take place. This pump supplies that seawater to the eductor of scrubber tower. If the oil is filling, then go to the control panel and then put on auto. A flywheel is a rotating mechanical device that is used to store rotational energy. Some of the oil molecules due to their lower density will separate and rise to the top of the mixture into an oil collecting compartment.


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