One big problem that the gaming world faces at the moment is the idea of having too many remakes. We had our doubts that it would work out the way we hoped but obviously it did.". For this game, it could be adding a new car, a character, or simply the fact that technology has developed so much the game can be a new experience. In the entertainment world, everything old is becoming new again. There's a lot more things that could be done and that would be fascinating for sure.". Having started way back in 1989, the show is still going strong and is set to air its 700th episode in the near future. A simple concept video, very short, hope you guys somewhat like it. The truth is no matter how many games are remastered, fans will always question why others haven't received the same treatment. Speaking exclusively to LADbible , Ceraldi said: "I could see it on multiple different types of platforms as a remake or remaster. RELATED: 20 Times Real-Life Cars Showed Up On The Simpsons. Therefore bringing back yet another game for a rehash might not be the smartest move for any company. The original producer of The Simpsons Hit & Run recently admitted that the iconic early 2000s game could be remastered and maybe even remade for modern consoles.. There were a lot of references put into the game but we didn't get everything. If you know who that is, maybe drop them a message. Welcome to our Xbox Achievements 2.0 Rollout: Wave 1, Xbox Game Pass Adds Planet Coaster, FF VIII, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Disney+ Trial, Borderlands 3 Custom Claptrap Xbox Series X Up For Grabs in UK-only Competition, The Simpsons: Hit & Run Could One Day Get a Remaster or Remake. "There's masters out there like Nintendo and other companies who have nailed it time and time again, so it would be wonderful to reinvest in how you can control the characters, how you can control the world, how much of the world you can explore in detail. NEXT: Adidas SPEZIALS Are Currently Seeling On Ebay For Thousands Of Dollars. I still have my copy for PS2, but I'd love a remaster of that. "How much joy they had when they opened it up on Christmas morning and put it in and they ended up playing it all Christmas. They're telling this story and then say they were six-years-old. NEXT: 10 Fan Remakes Of Nintendo Games You Have To See. They were going on about one of their favourite games of all time and ended up saying at the end that it was The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Not right now, but it's entirely possible that one day, the game could make a comeback. And now the original producer, Vlad Ceraldi, has stated that he believes the now close to 16 years old cult classic could be due a remaster or full-scale remake. The Simpsons: Hit & Run is a bit of a cult classic for a lot of gamers. Sometimes, gamers often draw the wrong conclusion that a remake is a nice cheap option to be made to just throw out a game. Seriously, where is our Hit & Run remaster already! There are seven levels; Bart and Homer have two, everyone else has only one. I would love a remake of this game. While Simpsons: Hit & Run has always been a popular game, it's not the only game involving the popular yellow television stars. Just add the achievements to it. Nobody wants to see just the same old games being brought back to life consistently, no matter how popular they once were. Whoever owns the rights to the game would need to be on board for starters. And now the original producer, Vlad Ceraldi, has stated that he believes the now close to 16 years old cult classic could be due a remaster … Like #13 said, I'd buy a copy & paste version. We're not complaining, we love it! But absolutely, it would be fun to explore those characters and that universe again, that work again. This was one of the ones that we knew we hit the mark. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. For those unfamiliar with Hit & Run, it was released in 2003 across multiple platforms and was effectively a crossover between The Simpsons and Grand Theft Auto. Just as the decision to remaster Crash Bandicoot was, seeing this classic video game brought back to life with modern graphics would make a lot of people very happy. Back in 2003, The Simpsons: Hit & Run swept the world being released on PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox. We had our doubts that it would work out the way we hoped but obviously it did," Ceraldi added. ", The Simpsons Hit & Run could be remastered for PS4 and Xbox One. That is what makes this the perfect game to remake as it is one that would provide something totally fresh and any slight addition could really take it to a new level. Because of that, the anticipation has only grown for the possibility. The beauty of remaking The Simpsons: Hit & Run is that while the show has obviously developed in terms of animation and added new characters, it's also very similar. Fans just want to jump back into this world in the same way they did previously, and creating something totally fresh and unique could be far more interesting and compelling. Would love to get Simpsons: Road Rage as well (Crazy Taxi clone). The Simpsons: Hit and Run is one of those classic games which seemingly managed to cross the great divide of turning a fantastic TV Show into a fantastic game.


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