On my first impression I didn't like it, I found it a bit harsh and dry. ooh my this is good! clementine. Gorgeous, dark, alluring scent. like it but on some days find it too sweet on drydown. Both use citrus and spice in the opening but Tauer grounds his version with a little orris in the heart and uses his signature resinous amber base to soften the edges. The top notes are utterly unique. My first time with a Tauer fragrance. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. The scent is hard for me to describe. First, a warning: this stuff lasts a LONG time. Air du desert Marocain is my favorite of Tauer's scents so far, but this one reminds me of it - it makes a statement. Incense Rosé is a shared / unisex perfume by Tauer. :-), I used this perfume for years. Wow this is potent beyond believe , like most , or all of Andys creations. My favorite perfume ever, by a longshot. Baby soft rose petals rain in smelling like they just bloomed to life. Was a present. However, this is a very sophisticated perfume with an effervescent feel. 4.10 The nose behind this fragrance is Andy Tauer. I have many fragrances that I love wearing but there are some that I connect with on a deep emotional level. It’s like the soapy balsamic base had a restless dream. in the end it turns to a patchouli-resin on me. “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious”, said Einstein. Pity, because this is just when it starts to get interesting. Number 6 passes all the important tests: Great longevity, good sillage, and all year wearability....and oh yeah, this is unisex too! Tauer Perfumes - No. i wasn't expecting that! It is a work with a composition in sustained tension with itself. Apply too much and it's a horrendously loud cedar/incense. "Qu'est que c'est?" This is a must try perfume. Not awful, but not my style. Smells like a Fizzy Lemonade with floating rose petals. Maybe with a bit of lemon squeezed in. The rose in particular comes across as red and juicy, just how I like it. One of the most unisex fragrances I've encountered and would be just as devastatingly sexy on either a man or woman. It was a mix of pharmaceuticals, , the soda fountain and rose scented soaps. I feel beautiful when I wear this, thank you Andy Tauer. After about 20 minutes though, the most beautiful soft rose began to emerge while maintaining a very masculine woody edge. I liked the scent, it gave me quite some joy, thinking about buying it sometime. I get very, very little rose, no citrus at all, but tons and tons of frankincense. There's nothing I love more than rose/incense fragrances. -Sweet, peppery oil and fresh cut wood. However, I think this is just a case of my body chemistry being wrong for this particular scent, because this is by all means an objectively nice scent - it just doesn't work on me. Perfumes: 62480 At first I didn't even register the Rose - I mean, yes it's rose, but so many other touches: everything from cardamon/spices to clementine gives the rose a VERY dark, sensual feel. (I do not mean to demean Tea Rose or anyone who loves it—it’s a classic for a very good reason.) The first impression of top notes: Oh my goodness no, no no, the clementine is the worst... makes me worse than sick, such a clash of notes, no way, not good at all. But unfortunately this fragrance goes straight "barnyard" on me. As soon as I put it on, it turns into an oddly sweet baby powder-esque scent. This is true ART! i tried it today and this MIGHT beat my galliano from my list, this is better,more incense stays on for long indeed. I do, however, get a lot of the cedar (almost hamster cage) note. Nor does it scream rose. This sparkling and natural rose so well balanced with the incense-frankincense-cardamom core is an exception. Andy Tauer's new creation, Incense Rose, brings that feeling of awe and wonder into our lives. Available from these sellers. smart. I mean you would not wear this with a T-shirt and blue jeans, rather with more formal outfit. Semi-Sweet and very smokey. There are a number of rose fragrances i enjoy, but very few I actually like to wear. The base introduces cedar from Texas, vetiver, balsamic and dark Myrrh, patchouli, natural frankincense (extrait of CO2 Boswellia Serrata, already mentioned in description of Incense Extreme fragrance), labdanum and ambrein. The cedar (Love!) L'Air du desert marocain by Tauer Perfumes, PHI Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer Perfumes. All in all it pays hommage to roses. After so much anticipation, I am very surprised at how this smells. The rose is subtle and sweet, and the incense is bright, fiery and dry. Although marketed for women, this I feel can easily be unisex leaning towards masculine side due to the presence of incense. Starts with a strong blast of sparkle with cardamon. 06 - Incense Rosé | Reviews and Rating If Karl Lagerfeld's Floreintal got a makeover, this is what it would smell like(no disrespect to Floriental because i like that one too). I tried to love it. I wear it in the spring, when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. I take great pleasure in wearing it during autumn and winter, at the office as well as in the evening. The opening is traumatizing. I almost liked this fragrance. The fact that the dusty aspect of rose has been replaced by a subtle clementine note only adds balance to this fragrance and makes it more unforgettable. It is regal, pure, clean and beautiful. I think for comparison that this one just can't be. It smells precious. The most ravishing perfume I own. https://www.luckyscent.com/product/31408/incense-rose-by-tauer-perfumes The trick is to apply VERY little - then it will be possible to feel all the notes. This is the first Tauer I'm testing and I have to say that I'm loving it so far. Longevity is great. I wanted to badly for this scent to work out for me, but alas, it smells really strange on my skin. In order to describe Incense Rose by Andy Tauer, I find it easiest to compare it other incense-rose fragrances, particularly Eau d’Italie’s Paestum Rose, because Tauer’s version is nothing like them. Anyway.... this is a knock-down, drag-out killer of an aptly named "incense/rose"! Clementine, bergamot, castor, Bulgarian rose, orris, Texan cedarwood, incense, labdanum, myrrh, patchouli, ambergris. I did not know as smells Incense Rose, however, after your description in which You cites poem by Yeats, I know . Just gorgeous and exotic. It makes feel joyful and elegant. Both have an eau de cologne charm, fresh and citrusy. You need to be logged in (or register here) to use Private Notes. The combination of the Texan cedarwood, Bulgarian rose and incense gives this perfume a cinnamon/tea like vibe or maybe it's frankincense that im smelling. Incense rosé is an elegant oriental fragrance, imagine a flying oriental carpet with floating rose petals, passing through smoking frankincense, sprinkled rose and citrus notes, and landing on dark balsamic resins. I think Tauer might be my new favourite. Opens with a fascinating, powerful accord that smells like monstrous Coca-Cola - this gourmand-incense aspect is its most interesting phase, and is probably best enjoyed on paper. Beautiful artisanal fragrance, that's my first impression. Perfectly balanced. To me, this is reminiscent of Caron's Parfum Sacre. His Bulgarian rose is matched with incense more like Nag Champa. perfect for men. He really is a mad scientist at its best!!! Basenotes is an online guide to perfume and fragrance, featuring news, features, a database of fragrances, , fragrance forums, user reviews and more. In a "no perfume" zone ? I kept trying it and I have to say I finally get it. Bravo! We simply aren’t meant to be. I much prefer it to L'Air du desert Morocain which just sits and disappears. But, I acknowledge its amazing composition and beauty and would love it as a piece of art to be viewed (or smelled) from time to time. Definitely get the citrus, incense and balsam at first application. Had my husband rank the 9 scents, smelling coffee beans in between each sample. Citrus notes and a hint of cardamom lend the rose a ripe, spicy quality, whereas orris gives the scent an effervescent, sparkling feel. Incense Rose is a stunner...Quality ingredients, masterly blending. rose, citrus incense -- all beautifully blended. This perfume is multi-layered and deep. That said, I love this rose. Unfortunately, I am less a fan of resin notes than many others so this one doesn't appeal to me as much as I had hoped. I get absolutely nothing but the beaver's butt and burning wood chips. Since it's so outspoken and strong, you will either love it or hate it. It's a great perfume to lift the spirits and brighten the day. Not the best association since as I child, I was terrified to go to the doctor. I have a full bottle if anyone would care to propose a swap. Full bottle worthy indeed! I just received my long awaited sample of Incense Rose. And it is so long lasting - almost day and a half and it's still possible to feel the fraigrance. It grew on me. love love love. It's that first flash of coke. We both really like rose scents - but this one turned both of us off. I'll need to give this two or three wearings before I decide. Incense Rosé isn’t hard to like, but its ease is not a fault. I expected to at least like Incense Rose, since I love rose and incense. Good projection and excellent longevity (10+ hours). Maybe the orris root? I will definitely have to try more of Andy's creations. I toughed it out. On the plus side Incense Rose' does not lead with the pharmaceutical notes as does LADDM! As a lover of incense generally, as well as in fragrance, this was a must try for me. I find it ultrafeminine, but maybe that's just because I love it so much and I'm female. It's engaging and has a good presence; however, there's also something extremely sharp, shrill and abrasive in this that persists throughout. When I stepped into heaven, ahem, I mean The Scent Bar, this was the first scent I requested for sampling. 06 Incense Rose by Tauer Perfumes is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women.06 Incense Rose was launched in 2008. Otherworldly.


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