Check out our list of 20 cybersecurity KPIs you should track. Threat indicators are threat data, pulled from many different internal and external sources, which have been validated as malicious or known to be malicious. To ensure proper network Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to separate the good intelligence from the signal noise, especially when cybersecurity teams are trying to do so manually. Because there’s so much data generated by so many sources, automated threat intelligence is an important part of a security strategy. However, the increasing use of open–source tools among defenders has complicated malware attribution and clustering due to the fact that adversaries are using these same open–source tools to understand and adjust their attack methods. The sheer volume of information threat researchers must sift through makes it difficult to collect, analyze, and research that data in a timely manner. organized or state-sponsored groups that have access to tools and resources that rival that of major security These behaviors are just a few of dozens associated with Winnti. vulnerability that needs to be patched. These tasks may include the daily extraction of threat indicators from dozens of vendor or government reports, alerts, articles/blogs, and social media. It’s nice to have, but it doesn’t do anything. Without that aim, intelligence is merely information. Gartner defines threat intelligence as “evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and actionable advice, about an existing or emerging menace or hazard to assets that can be used to inform decisions regarding the subject's response to that menace or hazard.”In plain language, threat intelligence is any information that lets an organization prevent or mitigate cyberattacks. It could come in the form of anything from chatter on the dark web to knowledge of a new kind of attack that’s been targeting an organization. Hello! These are the tools that threat actors can (and do) change frequently and quite easily, often using automation themselves. We also utilize commercial and open source threat intelligence feeds, so that we’re delivering the best possible information to your team. Terms of Use Good threat intelligence is critical to a company’s cybersecurity strategy. In fact, it has been estimated that it would take 8,774 analysts working full time for a year to process the same amount of security event data that machine analytics can process in that same time frame. mechanisms isn’t going to get the job done. firms. This includes the ongoing collection, normalization, research and analysis, and correlation of threat data to drive the appropriate and most effective response. We collect diverse threat data for analysis, interpretation, and enrichment from our global sensor network, AT&T proprietary data sources, and AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange (OTX). harvesting information about the threats, including the actors behind them, in order to discover potential United States: (800) 682-1707 How does it work? By automating threat intelligence collection, you can reduce the number of mistakes in your threat intelligence collection. One of the reasons human beings aren’t good at repetitive manual tasks is because, at a certain point, our eyes glaze over. Threat intelligence only benefits security if its primary thrust is action. incidents and leveraging them to gain a better understanding of the enemy. Learn more. This includes any piece of information that objectively describes an intrusion. Winnti can then move laterally using common network admin tools and can exfiltrate data through the business’ trusted email services. Metrics are important, no matter how far up the corporate ladder you are. The essential guide to secure web gateway. Manual processes — especially boring ones — take time. Read more. on your network. They also help us understand how our site is being used. Check out these infosec metrics for executives and board members. Threat actors are continually changing their methods of attack, and so the threat intelligence that supports detection must take new forms all the time to remain up-to-date. Some examples of threat indicators that can be automatically identified and extracted from reports, analysis, and unstructured data include: Simple threat indicators are a useful starting place as a first line of defense and in building malware and threat actor profiles. MD5, SHA1, SHA256, PEHASH, and IMPHASH), File paths: The file system paths of known files and devices (i.e. Often security teams are most concerned with external threats. tools, you can gain evidence-based knowledge of the details of a threat including its Using threat intelligence Researchers have developed a catalogue of attacks performed by this adversary group (or groups), including the common tools and techniques they use and relationships between attacks. Performing cybersecurity risk assessments is a key part of any organization’s information security management program. International: +1 (646) 809-2166, © 2020 SecurityScorecard can improve our product. SecurityScorecard’s platform helps your team identify both external threats and vulnerabilities in your own infrastructure. Automated processes, however, are much faster, and ensure your team will get the information they need as soon as possible. When it comes to identifying atomic threat indicators, research teams can use various forms of analysis to perform a variety of actions that would otherwise require manual work by a researcher. In addition, cloud technology, 5G, edge computing, and the explosion of IoT devices is fundamentally changing the nature of threats and how defenders protect enterprises against them. The Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain® model for attack analysis accepts threat indicators as the fundamental building blocks of intelligence. An automated platform serves relevant security information to team members across an entire company. For a quick response, please select the request type that best suits your needs. This is especially important during an attack, when you may need to coordinate with team members quickly in order to repel or mitigate a breach. them. The cybersecurity industry is increasingly producing enormous amounts of raw threat data. The benefits of automated threat intelligence. As a technology professional, you understand the need to keep your company protected from cyber-attacks. Reactive Distributed Denial of Service Defense, Managed Threat Detection and Response service, Online purchase scams spike since the start of COVID-19, reports BBB, AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response, AT&T Infrastructure and Application Protection, CIDR Rules: Classless Inter-Domain Routing, a set of IP standards that are used to create unique identifiers for networks and individual devices, CVE Number: The Common Vulnerability Enumeration identifier of a vulnerability• Domains: The domain name for a  website or server, Email: An email description, content, or headers, File hashes: Strings of numbers and letters assigned to electronic data by a computer algorithm that provide a unique “digital fingerprint” of a file (e.g. Tawnya joined AlienVault as a Senior Product Marketing Manager in 2018. That can be a problem during an attack, when your team will need to move quickly to contain a breach. However, most security measures that are implemented are based on blanket strategies that only hope to catch We work hard to improve our services for you. Get your free scorecard and learn how you stack up across 10 risk categories. threats before they arrive and decreasing their chances of success. AT&T Alien Labs delivers breakthrough visibility across your business via our unrivaled vantage point of the threat landscape. The perpetrators behind cyber-security threats are more sophisticated than ever. An automated threat intelligence platform can scan for vulnerabilities and alert your team to weaknesses in your own IT infrastructure and third-party ecosystem, helping you to proactively to eliminate the weakness and harden your infrastructure to attackers. By automating the tedious parts of your threat intelligence, you can free up analysts to look at the information your automated solution is serving up and decide which threats are most relevant to your organization. In today’s environment, you must be proactive in Check logs after a security incident to determine if it was isolated or due to a continued network Answer a few simple questions and we'll instantly send your score to your business email. To put it simply, it is having the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about an organization’s the complete location or name of where a computer, file, device, or web page is located), Hostnames: The subdomains for a website or server• MUTEX name: A mutual exclusion object (a program object that allows multiple program threads to share the same resource, but not simultaneously), IP addresses: An IPv4 or IPv6 address that identifies each machine/device using the Internet Protocol (IP) to communicate over a network, URI: The Uniform Resource Indicator (URI) describing the path to a file hosted online, URL: The Uniform Resource Location (URL) summarizing the online location of a file or resource. One of our key brand promises is to deliver our customers the tactical threat intelligence needed for timely and resilient detection and response to threats against their organization. Please let us know your thoughts and feelings, and any way in which you think we Threat intelligence can come from disparate sources — various places on the web, from a series of attacks your organization is experiencing, or from other sources — and there’s often a lot of data. [email protected] This means that your entire team is getting the information they need at the same time, ensuring that your security strategy and processes will be consistent across an entire organization. Co-founder and CEO, Alex Yampolskiy, speaks about the importance of measuring and acting on key indicators of cybersecurity risk. The more you know about your enemy, the better you can defend yourself against Templates and vendor evaluations are needed to level that playing field, in a time efficient and fair way, so that the best vendors are chosen. Threat intelligence also provides insight into the overarching behaviors of adversaries, including their motivations, intent, and techniques. The problem is, CSOs and cybersecurity folks often struggle to understand threat intelligence's benefits. Over the years, discussions on the most appropriate types of threat intelligence to use in detection and response have evolved. Privacy Policy Security Intelligence News Series Topics Threat … You’ve invested in cybersecurity, but are you tracking your efforts? As part of that, we welcome your feedback, questions Maintain a list of blacklisted and whitelisted applications to prevent malicious applications from executing 1. incidents, comparing them to each other to identify any patterns. this isn’t a complete solution, it’s a good place to start. Some have declared the death of atomic threat indicators (such as IP address, file hashes, and domains) as detection tools, instead turning to behavioral-based approaches that identify and categorize the patterns and behaviors of malware and adversaries. With the threat of a security breach being ever-present, threat Our threat intelligence capabilities and attribution engine deliver actionable security intelligence to your team that enables security and risk management teams to reduce vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. New York, NY 10001 Threat intelligence includes more than atomic indicators (the tools threat actors are using, such as malicious IP addresses, URLs, or hash values). Also, keeping track of information from historical It just sits there, looking pretty. As a result, using traditional, disparate security In addition, the emergence of commercialized cybercrime and crime syndicates has significantly impacted the level at which threat intelligence must be delivered due to malware families being modularized and sold on the black market as individual components that can be easily purchased and quickly used in an attack. This tactical threat intelligence is integrated into our Unified Security Management (USM) platform and our Managed Threat Detection and Response service.


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