Additionally, his multitude of buffs, which improve him at a quality-of-life level, have not patched up his significant disadvantage state, and thus have not made enough impact to shift Mac from being considered the worst character overall. Sort by. However, Straight Lunge's considerable ending lag limits its offensive utility as it can be easily intercepted or punished, while it's defensive utility depends on the character and the attack. Boomstick:one question wiz what is Little Mac Real name? Additionally, Little Mac makes an appearance as a Primary Spirit as Giga Mac. Nearby opponents will be launched at a near-perfect vertical trajectory. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hell, even Fulgore would be a better rapper than you are! In addition, despite some of the universal changes improving Little Mac, other indirect changes have harmed him just as much. Sign up He also has the 2nd fastest initial dash, which has a long duration of 15 frames, giving him a long pivot and an excellent dash dance that is surpassed only by Zero Suit Samus'. These traits make Mac extremely prone to momentum shifts; his lacking air game and overall frailty allows opponents to easily combo or even zero-to-death him after one mistake, even if Mac was otherwise dominating the match. to create shortcuts to your favorite games! Forward tilt connects much better against airborne opponents, which was a notorious flaw that remained unaddressed throughout SSB4's lifespan. It is chargeable, grants 8% (9.6% on 1v1), A right-handed, jumping corkscrew uppercut, followed immediately by a left-handed uppercut. Little Mac's biggest buff involves his notoriously poor recovery: it has been extended and has greater mixup potential due to readdition of directional air dodges, Jolt Haymaker no longer causing helplessness while traveling more distance, and KO Uppercut granting recovery distance in midair. Little Mac (リトル・マック, RitoruMakku) is the main protagonist in the Punch-Out!! Credits roll after completing Classic Mode. Allrounda). because you're facing Little Mac, the notorious C-C-Combo Breaker. Could also possibly reference Piston Hondo, one of Little Mac's recurring opponents. Very fast, coming out on frame 4 and has low ending lag. As a result, he is considered to be nerfed overall, and he also is mostly harmed by the universal engine changes, compared to most of the cast who benefit from said changes. share. This makes it great defensively against characters with low damage output or with reliance on multihits, such as Sheik or Meta Knight, but it won't help against opponents with high damage output or on single-hit aerials. The scars are from when T.J. ripped theses enhancements out of himself. This leaves Mac incredibly vulnerable in the air, as he has no means of properly defending himself beyond point-blank range without exhausting any of his special moves. It's Little Mac's second most damaging throw and can be used to set up an edgeguard. The changes to jostle mechanics, while making his moveset more consistent, make it easier to corner Little Mac and read his fairly linear approach. His arms eventually healed. It comes out on frame 10 and has a low damage output, but hits at a semi-spike angle, allowing it to act as a. break yo' like Glass Joe fo' sho', THEN you won't be talking smack! If either of his sweatsuit alternate costumes is being used, he will still perform the tossing animation while keeping his sweatsuit on. Holding the attack button will have Little Mac repeat the first hit rapidly. In update 7.0.0, Little Mac was among the numerous characters whose shields were enlarged, which decreased his vulnerability to shield stabbing. I knocked down Donkey Kong, was on the newspaper along with Mario. Due to its hitting on frame 2 and having almost no ending lag, it is the fastest aerial of any kind in the game. To understand the lyrics better, please visit my Rap Meanings page. I'm not sure how easy it would be (I've only ever made sound mods) with all the porting and stuff, and the fact that it's a bit tricky to find the models for the game online. Its hits connect better thanks to improved ranges and, more notably, its first and second hits had their ending lag reduced to the point that it and Mr. Game & Watch's neutral attack are currently the only ones in Ultimate that are capable of jab canceling reliably. 100% Upvoted. Boomstick:one question wiz what is Little Mac Real name? Aside from his great air speed (tied with Mario, Donkey Kong, Sonic and Inkling's for the 12th fastest) and his wall jump, which is the 4th highest, the rest of Little Mac's aerial attributes are notoriously poor: his jump is tied with Ryu and Ken's for the 5th lowest, his double jump is the 3rd lowest, his air acceleration is tied with Ganondorf for the 6th lowest, and his directional air dodge travels the least amount of distance. His sidestep and rolls are tied with Fox, Sheik and Zero Suit Samus' for the fastest in the game, with the latter also being long-distanced, making it easy for Little Mac to punish grounded attacks and giving him excellent defensive options. Little Mac's perception within the competitive community has been negative since the game's release, in spite of dedicated mains (including Kwaz and Tarakotori) who consistently meet respectable results with him at regional tournaments and some outstanding placements in nationals, but his representation is virtually non-existent in comparison to almost all other characters. While this hasn't stopped Little Mac from gaining some impressive results thanks to the works of Kwaz, Tarakotori, and Mr.Newport, his cons are generally agreed to be too detrimental for him to be viable in the current metagame. While Mac is very effective at tech chasing due to his high ground speed, forward throw and wide, semi-spiking down smash, his combo potential is otherwise underwhelming, which combined with his linear neutral can sometimes make it difficult to safely rack up damage despite his attacks' high damage output. Jolt Haymaker does not cause helplessness, allowing Mac to follow up with a wall jump, directional air dodge or Rising Uppercut; however, it travels a mediocre distance and can only be used once before landing or grabbing the edge, leaving Mac one of the most vulnerable characters to edgeguarding as he is unable to use it again if he gets hit. You are indeed where you belong. Rears his arm back and throws an overhand. Little Mac (リトル・マック, Little Mac) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Coincidentally, this battle is #47. Sol has notably viewed the buffs as sufficient enough to render Mac better than he was in SSB4,[1] although he made this statement before the Dreamland Express was removed. just like the outfit you're wearing, I'll smack you Red, Black, and Blue; you'll need more than an eye patch to hide your loss when I'm done with you. His air attacks have some perks; neutral aerial is the fastest aerial attack in the game, making it a decent combo breaker, and it can combo into itself; forward and back aerials are semi-spikes, with the former being decent for combos or edgeguarding; up aerial is a fast anti-air, and down aerial is an extremely fast meteor smash. Close. series of games. As a whole, Little Mac's poor combo game and lack of true KO confirms require him to win neutral exchanges more often in order to succeed, especially when trying to close out a stock since his most reliable KO options cannot be comboed into effectively at higher percentages outside of Jolt Haymaker or Rising Uppercut. It can edgeguard, but it has a poor range and a short hitbox duration. However, how these buffs will affect him the long run remains to be seen. Not a member yet? 1.4 Punch-Out!! Little Mac can be found near a city area blocked through a door. Additionally, the super armor granted by Mac's smash attacks still causes him to take full damage and must be timed carefully to avoid being punished. KO Uppercut, Slip Counter and uncharged Straight Lunge had their ending lag noticeably reduced by varying amounts. A bruised Little Mac with Dr. Mario on Tomodachi Life. —Move List Description for the Power Meter. Uppercut this muscle-brained jock, make you never again able to walk! With the exception of the third method, Little Mac must then be defeated on Boxing Ring. Little Mac's greatest strength is his potent ground game. Compared toSmash 4, he is considered to be one of the most nerfed characters in the transition. Patch 4.0.0, however, reverted Little Mac's biggest buff: as a result of the fixing of an unintentional mechanic, his manual gentleman jab no longer combos into itself or any KO moves, hindering his combo ability. Despite being a lower mid-tier character in Smash 4, Little Mac has received a mix of buffs and nerfs in the transition to Ultimate. He previously fought Balrog in the 81st episode of Death Battle. It has a small hitbox on Mac's back. best top new controversial old … The sheer effectiveness of this mechanic even resulted in Sol, a pioneer of Little Mac's metagame in SSB4, christening it the "Dreamland Express" as proposed by his Twitch chat. Might as well call me Big Mac, I pack quite the flavor when I spit. This thread is archived. Players must learn to utilize Little Mac's long rolls, fast air and fall speed, and super armor on smash attacks to approach projectile-based opponents, and take advantage of his powerful ground tools to condition opponents to make mistakes. Ultimate. Despite the name, however, it is not a true one-hit KO, but instead, KOs at low to mid percentages (KOs the lightest character starting at 12% and the heaviest starting at 36%), while also granting super armor on frames 8-9. During the battles, every item except the Sandbag is disabled. Boomstick:You have to be a real man to punch a velociraptor! It is extremely fast for an up aerial (frame 5), though this is significantly offset by its short-range, short hitbox duration, and noticeable ending lag. Inflicting damage or receiving damage will charge the meter; when full, Little Mac's neutral special (Straight Lunge) is replaced by the KO Uppercut. Unlocking Little Mac in World of Light allows the player to preview the first spirit below in the Spirit List under the name "???". Wiz: These two are the most iconic boxers in gaming history! Some of his attacks also no longer have a sour spot on Little Mac's arm, causing them to deal consistent damage and knockback. Of note is that the meter is also charged if Little Mac hits a shield or invincibility and if he is hit while in shield or invincibility. Little Mac's Fighter Spirit can be obtained by completing Classic Mode. This makes it useful for tech-chasing, repositioning, and escaping or punishing laggy moves or projectiles, and making it Mac's only useful KO option while in the air and off-stage. Wiz:TJ isn't it a regular boxer he even defeated riptor. TJ Combo after defeating Fulgore in Season 2 Trailer Little Mac . Besides their speed and strength, Little Mac's grounded moves are also difficult to interrupt, which combined with his high dashing speed gives him an excellent punish game. If I'm the amateur here, what does that make you who just got beat, bro? Shown over the damage meter, the Power Meter charges by dealing 333% or receiving 100%. Can be used as a last-resort recovery option, but this is ill-advised as KO punches high endlag does not let little mac snap to ledge.


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