Care tips: their large pseudobulbs mean that they must be in free-draining orchid mix and they should be away from drafts. The different types of orchids vary in height and color. As an indoor houseplant, Cymbidium orchids are extremely easy to care for. Most terrestrial orchids prefer a half shaded position. The petals of some orchids are oval and ruffled whereas other hybrids have large triangular petals that make the orchid look like a star. Lycaste is a genus of orchids that contains around 30 species that grow from pseudobulbs. They sprout new ones in the spring. The Odontoglossum crispum hybrid has pure white petals with blood-red blotches on it and a yellow center. is native to South America and Central America as well as southern Mexico. Spathoglottis – Picture by flickruser Swardeepak. You propagate them in much the same way as you would any other plant that grows in a similar fashion. Supplemental artificial light or summers outdoors help meet its needs. The flowers of these orchids look like a lady in a large ball gown with outstretched arms. Photo Source: They are orchids that grows on the ground rather then clinging to stones or trees. These orchids often have very striking and unusual flowers as a result of creative man-made combinations.Intergeneric orchid care and background can be generalized as similar to Oncidiums. Lycaste prefer a seedling grade mix. You can use this guide when repotting an orchid that has no label and if you are unsure which genera it is. An identifying feature of these orchids is their long grassy green leaves that are often longer than the flower stems. Colder/drafty areas can cause these flower buds to fall off, Water them once a week and don’t leave them left to stand in water. For a precise guide to their care one must research the parents. The exotic Vanda orchids come in a variety of colors. Dendrobium orchids are another popular type of houseplant that is easy to care for. Miniature Oncidiums, the most popular being Oncidium Twinkle, have a remarkable number of flowers for such a small plant.Miniature Oncidiums prefer to be in a small, tight pot and will dry out very quickly. The triangular flower of Lycaste dowiana orchid is quite large and waxy. We think that orchids are some of the most beautiful flowers out there. A pretty feature of Lycaste orchids is their medium to large-sized flowers. These little orchids freely grow new clumps and bloom profusely in the spring. Many but far from all terrestrial orchids are suitable to be kept as ornamental plats. The care for these wonderful orchids is similar to Catasetum including a dry winter rest. It is not unusual to have purple and almost black petals making up one flower. Sep 14, 2014 - Explore Bernie Galang's board "Ground Orchids", followed by 304 people on Pinterest. Most people think about Epiphytic orchids when they think about orchids. Watering is an important concern when considering care for Spathoglottis. They bloom early in the fall, basically in late summer, when not much else is happening. It has large tall growths called pseudobulbs that are topped with a leaf growing one after another to produce the next season's bloom. You are usually not allowed to move any orchids from the wild into your garden.


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