Does it have to be equipped in a particular way, or placed in a specifica part of the inventory? I was ready to give up, but as one last ditch attempt, I uninstalled and reinstalled the whole game. Is the prompt missing when you attempt to fill the harvester in the house the quests directs you to? By Thanks for replying, but I just tried it and it worked doesn't work. Sometinmes it glitches and you need to drop it and pick it back up to get the objective complete. No (Story)Yes (Survival) Furthermore, Motilene is represented as a liquid saturated with electrical energy, which can be bottled into Empty Power Cells, which can be found throughout Wellington Wells.. I bribed them with alcohol to get into the shelter where the spill is and to my delight, after sucking some up, it gave me an option to press Y and fill the bucket!! Where is the Faraday Workshop? It's used to collect Motilene. I have a small Motiline Spill. Ok, I tried everything, crouching, standing in the puddle, trying different motilene sources, etc. I have the bucket of motilene, and I'm onto the next mission. I hold X, and the harvester works until about 80%, then it just stops. I'll be so upset if I have to give up on it. Motilene Harvester Ive been to multiple motilene sources, including the one indicated by the yellow circle, but it just wont do it. We Happy Few Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Hope you have a nice weekend. That's rubbish ? What is the exact mechanic needed to fill the empty power cell? I assume if I hadn't gotten the honey bridge this generation I'd have gotten the pump repair recipe but since I collected honey instead I never did so I can't repair the pump. Powered by Invision Community, By using this site you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Information There's a known issue that the prompt range is a bit small and you may need to crouch or stand on top of the puddle to see it. Quest Items It might not be the same problem, but I filled the harvester from the house I was directed to, then spend ages wondering why the hell it wasn't filling the bucket. I can't find a bucket anywhere. I had this problem on my Xbox One yesterday and it confused me so much. The Motilene Harvester can be used anywhere where there is a motilene spill, any empty power cells the player has in their inventory will be filled, creating a power cell. I've been to multiple motilene sources, including the one indicated by the yellow circle, but it just won't do it. I can use the vaccum with neither. Motilene is a purplish fluid, the primary purpose of which is to provide power for most objects and devices within the world of We Happy Few. I've seen people suggesting things for the PC version of the game, but is there anything that can be done on the Xbox? I have the bucket of motilene, and I'm onto the next mission. I have the Motiline Harvester. Can anyone help with the location? Posted August 2, 2016 So the motilene harvester does not work it pretty much has no use as of now. is it the pipe that 2 police man are guarding that you can repair ?


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